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Glimpse Into The Afterlife – Life Between Lives Journey Recorded

This week’s episode is an extraordinary one! In it, you’ll get to journey with Melissa during her Life Between Lives regression. This is a special, longer episode, so I encourage you to make time for it. Break it into parts if necessary because it’s packed with fascinating and enlightening information.

In a Life Between Lives regression, aka Spiritual Regression, not only do you experience a past life but also what happens after you die. In Melissa’s experience, you’ll get to hear her describe what happens at the moment of death and beyond. This includes the life review process, the lessons from that lifetime, as well as what one is meant to learn and experience in this lifetime. You don’t want to miss this memorable glimpse into the afterlife!

I can’t wait to hear your comments after you go through this experience with Melissa. If you have questions for Melissa or me, we’ll address those in a future episode – so please submit your questions using the contact form on

As always, leave your comments on, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. And if you’re watching via YouTube, I hope you enjoy Melissa’s photography. Until next time, shine on!

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  1. Jane Schappell says:

    Thank you so much Melissa for sharing that experience! What an amazing show! Sounds like you are really far on your soul’s journey!

  2. Conny Nicolao says:

    Hi Bob, this episode is really fascinating! It feels as if I have been there with Melissa. I am still in a very quiet mood witch is rare for me. I am not able to say more right now but I wanted to let you know how impressing this was for me! Love Conny

  3. Ornella says:

    Wow Unbelievable, & yet 100% believable to me. The incredible lives we have lived with the lessons we set ourselves up for! I am so grateful that Melissa & Bob have shared this with us. There are so many parts of it that were overwhelming & so unique in the expression of it all, I will just throw some examples like the loneliness that is experienced, the feeling of being an outsider is okay, the lesson of Love, of giving & receiving, the connection to her younger sister, & Bob of Course. AWESOME

  4. Ray says:

    Very amazing! I was interested in her discussion of ‘soul groups’ and ‘spirit guides’ and who ‘she hangs out with and what they do’. I expected a few different responses. I will be listening to this again to try to understand more.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Ray,

      What’s interesting is that I, too, expected her to say one thing (knowing Melissa for nearly 40 years) and she said another. If you have a question, submit it on the Contact page so we can discuss it in an upcoming show. Thanks for writing!


  5. Vaughn Riffle says:

    This was just amazing. My boyfriend had a very rough childhood and when I have discussed in the past, that we choose our lives. He doesn’t understand why he would have chosen it. I believe this will help him understand as I have tried to tell him, it is all to grow and evolve. Please thank Melissa for sharing this very personal experience. I can’t wait to hear her thoughts on the regression. Have you been regressed Bob? BTW my son is a 12 cancer survivor, I understand the worry… Love, MsVaughn

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Ms. Vaughn,

      I appreciate your comments, and hope it does in fact click for your boyfriend. Yes, I had this experience in the year 2000. It was life-changing for me. I’m setting another one up with Nancy soon. The recording is on cassette, believe it or not. Thanks for writing.


  6. john mchale says:

    Thank you Melissa and Bob for sharing these Enlightened Pearls of Wisdom. I now know where I will be going when I make my transition from this Earth. With my dear wife who is waiting for me on the other side Kindest Regards

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey John,

      Very sorry that your wife passed. Yes, she’ll be there waiting for you. She’s also with you now, although I know that is only vaguely comforting unless you recognize the signs she sends you. Thank you for your comment.


  7. william lesieur says:

    This hit a home run for me Bob and Melissa. I have struggled with several losses these past years and have slowly been coming to the understanding of soul group and between life agreements etc. Listening to this audio came at precisely the right time (no coincidence) and propelled me out of a funk I’d settled into. I was deeply moved. It all spoke to my own life. Well,my “consciousness” has opened up to why these losses occurred and my need to stay focused on just living one day at a time. I simply can’t thank you both enough. Will

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Will,

      That’s the kind of comment I hope to hear when I do a new episode. I’m most pleased it had that effect on you. Thank you for letting us know. And we have a lot of other shows, so keep that smile on.

      You might want to read Michael Newton’s book, Journey Of Souls, which is all about this LBL regression experience. He’s the man who basically invented it. I think you’ll love it.


  8. Mythili says:

    Thank you Bob for this excellent regression episode.
    It just took away my grief of me loosing my loved ones .
    Thank you

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Mythili,

      Happy to hear it comforted your grief. Thank you. Very sorry for your losses.


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