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A Fascinating Near Death Experience During A Coma & A Powerful Message That Could Change Your Life

ANITA MOORJANI: “You won’t want to miss this life-changing conversation with Anita Moorjani. First, this is the closest I’ll ever get to interviewing an actual spirit, because Anita is able to share with us what it was like to be out of her body and in that other realm, including her ability to see the past and future, experience timelessness, know her life’s purpose, feel the emotions of others, and even know what caused her life-threatening illness in the first place.

“Second, Anita Moorjani’s story will blow your mind and get you pondering what she teaches for weeks after watching this conversation. In a nutshell, Anita fell into a coma due to late-stage cancer. Her husband was told by doctors that she had less than 36 hours to live (her organs were shutting down). All the while, Anita was having a near death experience, was given the choice to return to her body or not, chose to finish out her life, then had the most remarkable healing ever documented. Today, Anita Moorjani shares her experience and her important message about love and joy.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


Bob Olson talks with Anita Moorjani about her near death experience


Anita Moorjani talks about love, joy, healing & our core essence of love.

Initially, Part Two was going to be posted at a later date until I recognized that this information needs to be shared now. Rather than make you wait, I decided to post both Part One & Part Two together.

Soon to make an appearance on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s upcoming PBS Special, Anita Moorjani is the upcoming author of Dying To Be Me (Hay House) to be released in March, 2012. Anita Moorjani is the embodiment of the truth that we all have the inner power and wisdom to overcome even life’s most adverse situations, as she is the living proof of this possibility. You can visit her website at


Afterlife TV is presented by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson, who is the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death.

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  1. Laurie Thiboutot says:

    This 2 part video kept me riveted to my screen! I learned about Anita from Wayne Dyer’s show and heard her voice for the first time on that call she made and Wayne was so happy to talk to her! You could feel his affection for her through the audio! It was nice to hear her side of that whole exchange on this second part of the show.
    Bob did a WONDERFUL job in the questions he asked! I thoroughly enjoyed this! And when I heard him say about the pink license plates up here in Maine, I was astounded because I am from Maine and think this way! I thought I was the ONLY one in Maine to be thinking this way! I get rejection every where I go when I voice my opinion of how I even saw a PINK oil truck in Brunswick!!!!! Constant reminders every where I go!!! It was total validation for me to hear you two talk about this!!
    I just wanted you to know just how much I thoroughly enjoyed these two videos! I can not thank you enough!!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thank you, Laurie,

      I understand why Wayne Dyer has such affection for her. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this. Part Two is amazing. More people have watched Part One than Part Two, which is a shame, since Part Two is so valuable in itself. But I knew that would happen when I posted them both at the same time. Hopefully people will return later to watch it. And, regarding the pink oil truck, I’ve seen it. How crazy is that?

      Best wishes,

    • marcel christman says:

      i have to agree. i clicked this because of the title. i have heard alot of stories, but i will tell you what. Anita has struck a chord with me through EVERYTHING she brought up. She says things in a way that totally makes sense. it’s not like, well, i seen this person or the light or anything like that. She has really made a difference in my life for the better. I have been dealing with the issue about life after death for my own personal reason and she explained in a way that made sense and helped me when i couldn’t even get that feeling from my paster. She talked about the cancer , which i had Thyroid cancer with the Lymph nodes, and when she said about too much talking about it makes u scared, she was right on with my own feelings about that, and lastly she talked on how she made herself come after everything and everyone before herself and how we do alot of things based on being scared and that again is me. She nailed 3 instances that i am actually dealing with and have been for a long time. I am NOT really a reader, but i will buy her book and i will keep watching you because i really enjoy your perspective and attitude. Very positive. And again, i thank u for having this site and having people like Anita Moorjani with you. Sincerely, Marcel C.

    • Paul Lapointe says:

      Anita Moorjani’s story complements many others heard on the near death experience.

      At on point in this interview, Bob says: – “So once again, we use the phrase past lives. That’s really because we live on the physical plane. We see everything in linear time. In the other realm, as you say, the word “past” doesn’t really exist. It was other lives. You were aware of these other lives and how they affected you even at that very moment about wanting to protect your brother. That’s amazing.”

      So I wonder why new “other lives” occur at all and assuming they’re nor sequentially related (linear time mode), the causal factor factor for a new life surely implies a “before” and “after”. Or else they would be simultaneous. Which is hard to conceive of as, there again, why should all these lives occur at all? What is the purpose? The question seems fubdamental to me as they all involve not only joy and rewards, but pain and cruelty. It’s reassuring to be greeted by infinite, inconditional love, but many of us go through very cruel suffering along the way. Whose play is this and what is it trying to achieve?

      • Bob Olson says:

        Hi Paul,

        This is a wonderful question and one that many people have asked. I could write a book on this question alone, but I’ll do my best in this comment reply. I wrote this a long time ago as an article—-tweaking it a bit as my wisdom grew—-but it fits perfectly here as my answer to your question. So here it is.

        As individual souls, we are all energy beams that reach out from the Source, the light and love of the Universe, like rays of light that reach out from the sun. We are never really separate from Source, but we have our own distinct energy signature.

        When we are born as new souls, we are blank slates, eager to have experiences that will teach us all there is to know. And, in this way, Source benefits from our experiences because we are always connected to Source and Source is always connected to us. At first our energy is low and dense because we are new and inexperienced. But as we have experiences that teach us universal wisdom, our energy vibration (our frequency) increases.

        I believe that we (as souls) increase our energy and our knowledge by experiencing the polar aspects of all there is to know. Our knowledge gives us an appreciation and understanding that makes us ever more complete with each new experience. In other words, we learn from experiencing both sides of every possibility. And, ultimately, what we’re learning is love.

        Hence, in order to fully understand and appreciate kindness, we must also experience cruelty. In order to fully understand and appreciate joy, we must experience depression. In order to fully understand and appreciate health, we must experience sickness. In order to fully understand and appreciate comfort, we must experience discomfort. And so it goes for every possible experience that exists, our souls experience both sides of the spectrum in order to understand and appreciate the opposite.

        We also experience varying levels of particular experiences that most interest us. So you might learn about loneliness by being isolated with no family and friends in one lifetime, then learn what it means to be lonely while surrounded by family and friends who don’t understand you in another.

        As we reincarnate from one lifetime to another, we can only take on so many experiences in each life. Thus, in one life, we might learn about forgiveness and poverty. In another, we might grow to understand addiction and codependency. In another, fame. In another, companionship. In another, being needed and taking care of someone in need. In another, mental illness. In another, unconditional love.

        Sometimes we can handle two or three or maybe several lessons in one lifetime. Sometimes one major lesson might be all we can take and our life might be very short. And some lives might strictly be for the purpose of helping someone else’s spiritual growth, although we always benefit energetically whenever we help another soul along their journey.

        After many lifetimes, we are vibrating at faster speeds and we have gained an understanding and appreciation for many facets of being. So if someone finds himself passionate about helping the homeless, foster children or the mentally impaired in one life (with no apparent connection to that group), he likely experienced that condition in another life. This is why he has compassion in this area and for these people, because on a subconscious level, he understands and appreciates the circumstances and conditions that these people know. This is why Universal Intelligence has unconditional love, compassion and understanding for each and every one of us—-because Source knows all sides of every experience.

        Some souls may choose not to return to earth for another lifetime because lessons can also be learned in the spirit world. From the spiritual realm, we can help people on earth as spirit guides ourselves, assist in helping other spirits return to the spirit world after a physical life, comfort pets re-entering the afterlife, or any number of possible “jobs.” However, from what I have learned, we often reincarnate to experience new human lifetimes because spiritual growth is much faster here on earth. As humans, we are able to know experiences that cannot be known in the spiritual dimension. And, similar to the “No Pain, No Gain” philosophy regarding physical fitness, the struggles we endure on earth are like going to the health club to exercise. With each grueling work out (each lifetime), we return to the spirit world with new and rapid growth.

        Every time our human life has ended, our spirit leaves our physical body and returns home to the afterlife to rejoin our soul. And each time we return, we are instantly freed of all physical pain and sickness, all fear and earthly concerns. We are instantaneously bathed in the comfort, joy and love of the Ultimate Light. Regardless of how difficult our last lifetime was, we sigh in our emancipation and think to ourselves, “Wow, what a relief!” And as we discover the immense growth we gained from that lifetime, we think, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad. I can do that again.” And before we know it, our soul is planning its next human journey.

        To answer your question, Paul, this is your play. And this is what I believe you’re trying to achieve. I hope this is helpful.


  2. Fascinating and so insightful interview(s) with Anita. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing and bring this to light. Some of what Anita talks about in her experience I can so relate from an old dream (1986) I had in my sleep once, where I died from falling etc.

    All the best*

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Serge,

      That sounds like an interesting dream. I didn’t know we could die in a dream. I’ll have to do some research on that phenomena. Thanks for your comments.


      • You’re welcome Bob,

        I did not know either. I heard it said a few times before that one does not wake up from a ‘dying dream’… well I know now it’s not always true. My memories of it has lost some of its fine details I know that much but I bet I can dig out old notes I wrote about it. It’s certainly not something I’d talk about it in an interview since there is no way of proving it etc. But it was fascinating how much it was real and I dare say surreal in my experience.

        I wonder to what degree one could make a conscious choice to leave his/her life out of Love and Joy, in that sense of going peacefully leaving the body while dreaming. I don’t know but I like the idea of making a conscious and healthy choice with a lot less pain in the process.

        All the best*

  3. Monnie Adams says:

    I heard about this Anita’s most amazing NDE story and her sweet presence on a Wayne Dyer interview. A small part of her experience reminded me of some of my NDE’s.

    Do you have any information on Light Beings from your investigations? Has Anita or anyone else had, or is having the following experience as a NDE or otherwise? So far the only legitimate information that I have been able to find is a book by George G. Ritchie “Return from Tomorrow” that mentions actual Light Beings on the other side.

    I saw my inner “Light-Being”. Although her substance was white light and she looked just like the Sun in midday, the shape of her form and hair was just like mine so I knew who she was. She had a multitude of light beings standing behind her.

    I had never been able to find someone to explain just who or what the “Light Beings” were that are with them during an NDE experience until I met my Light Being.

    I see her while I am in this physical body. I also I see the sun angels that are generated from her/me with my thoughts that go out to love, help, protect and surround me and my family members.

    I do not believe we have extra powers because we have had these NDE experiences. I believe this Being of Light is our Born Identity by natural inheritance, we just do not know it until we have a phenomenon happen in our life.

    I loved this interview with Anita. Her Beauty, Love and Light is a profound witness revealing the truth of who we are, and the fearless power that we each have.

    Your expertise in making your guest feel free and comfortable with you is wonderful to watch!

    Much blessings to you and your family!

    • Laurie Thiboutot says:

      Monnie, you are so right when you say, Bob makes his guest feel free and comfortable with him! I felt or had that exact thought when I watched it the first time! ANd I love what you said about the beings of light that are with us….makes me want to have an NDE to have the experience! Not really, but it sounds awesome!

  4. Maryanne says:


    I’m completely fascinated with your interviews and congratulate you on your style and willingness to keep an open mind. I feel you exemplify a quality of science that many scientists lack, especially the hard-nosed rationalists.

    Have you ever considered putting your videos up in iTunes? This is a lazy person’s question, of course, because I would love to upload them to my iPod Touch. Is it expensive to upload videos for download at a later time, or for transferring to a portable device?

    Thanks for all you do to bring clarity and genuine curiosity and searching to a topic our society has a lot of difficulty addressing.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hello Maryanne,

      It is comments like yours that remind me why I’m doing this. Thank you for that. And, yes, I do plan to make these available as audio MP3s (podcasts) soon. That’s next on my list.

      Warm wishes,

  5. Nedra says:

    I have had the same experience it is nice to hear i am not alone. This has motivated me to start my volgs on this as well as my art and music.

  6. Tina says:

    Thank you so much for this fascinating interview. I would also love to see further research,,,an interview with her oncologist and or hospital personnel. Definitely look forward to the book.

  7. Maryanne says:

    I had similar experiences when visiting a medium who for all intents and purposes brought my recently deceased mom into the same room with us. I was so shocked it felt like the roof of my mouth hit the top of my skull. It is life changing to have a perfect stranger share intimate details of the life of someone only you would know about. And, it’s also incredible to hear very similar tales of the experiences of people “existing” within a liminal space that science can’t possibly explain, especially if your paradigm is totally linear and based on reason. It’s difficult not to be excited.

  8. labelledominique says:

    Dear Bob,
    Thanks so much for featuring Anita’s interview. I have heard of her story through Dr. Wayne Dyer on Hayhouse Radio. Her story is just as compelling as that of Mellen Thomas Benedict, who had a similar near death experience where his body was riddled with cancer and awaiting death. It is yet another piece of evidence that we are more than our bodies, that we are in essence eternal and spiritual. Thanks so much for this work. I wish you all the best.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thank you Labelle Dominique,

      Anita’s story really is so inspiring, and it has such a powerful message. I’m pleased that you enjoyed it. And I will check out Mellen Thomas Benedict online.


  9. janice power says:

    you do not have to suffer nor come close to death to realize your true nature, for myself it was pure physical suffering that lead me to surrender, after this surrender three years later all I can say is a big boom happened, your whole body and consciousness is lite up, you are unware of this body, I was walking outside and the peace went from within myself out and as dep into the sky, it was unlimited and everywhere, no one else was seen, everything seen in the world was just there, there was no meaning for anything, there was only seeing and movement, it is the outmost divine being that is living, who we are is this one, only one in all life forms, it became so clear to me, this bliss was for an entire day, then four motnhs after that my center heart opened, and this love comes from a tiny warm inverted pin prick of a rain drop, when it opened the love that comes put is indescriable, you are pure divine love, everyone is this…why is it not known? because everyones subconscious was downloaded with so much false knowledge from birth on, we had a belief that my Aunt Patty was my Aunt, so everyone that had a label and description was just that, and they were divided from me, and none of this is true, it is all false knowledge, the mind is so conditioned that everyone will become what they think, and when nyou live with fear of something that too stays in your mind and what ever is in your mind will manifest eventually, the absolute truth in who we are needs to be known, it is so simple because we are this which is beyond labels, definitionand descriptions…we we are has no name, it comes from beyond all names, it is the entire universla intelligence living and experiencing life in all forms, and it is only one and it is immense love, nothing is divided, nothing, as this whole world is one so is everything in it, and it is coming back slowly, people live in so much fear and misery and greif when a loved ones passes away, they belive in separation, they belive to be this body and mind only, they forgot that they were the one aware living in the body experiencing life, and the one aware is the real you, yet people say I need a peace of mind, you were on my mind, everyone lives by this mind and your not the mind, the mind makes everything manifest, everything!! when people can just stop and just be for a moment and turn their awareness on themselves life will open up, no one needs to suffer, no one needs to almost die, what is here now is this, and this is so pure that no words can touch it, every single person and animal that looks out the eyes, it is one massive all pervading being who is looking, we are one, we have always been one, we perceive everyone by their looks and names, we overlooked out own divine self….all my love ~janice

  10. brian says:

    A link to your interview was posted on The Suicide Project. I watched both videos and have had a huge shift in the way I think about life and especially the life that is certainly after this physical experience.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Brian,

      I didn’t know it was posted on that site. Thanks for letting me know and for sharing your experience. Glad to hear the interview was so beneficial. Anita has an incredible message for us all.


  11. Lisa says:

    My mouth dropped when Anita touched on some things she felt that I had said, almost verbatum, when I was about to die in a dream. I was all at once made out of love….I loved everyone and all of a sudden I knew why we were here….to love everyone. All at once, I saw it, knew it and couldn’t believe I didn’t see this before. I thought “it’s so easy…why don’t we see it?” I started shouting to everyone….”love everyone…it’s the only reason we are here…it’s the only thing we take with us.” Everyone stared straight ahead and did not acknowledge what I was saying. I was euphoric for weeks after having this dream. My sadness after this experience was that people make it so hard for you to continue that feeling.
    I also dreamed I died when I was a child…I drowned….while I was drowning, as the water was entering my lungs, I thought “this is not so bad”. Then, I was in spirit and I was like eyes only…no body…and I saw my mother grieving me. I was trying to comfort her, to tell her I was there but she could not see me or hear me.
    Ever since my dream, I have known WHY we are here.
    Can’t wait for Anita’s book!

  12. Gayle Kirk says:

    LOVED IT!!

    Thanks, Bob. Keep the great videos coming.

    All the best,

    Gayle Kirk

  13. Laurie Dunn says:

    I am very thankful to both Anita and you,Bob, for sharing this wonderful message! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I hope everyone can truly hear the message Anita is bringing to us and experience the love.

  14. Hanneke says:

    In an earlier comment it was suggested to upload the interviews on iTunes… I was actually looking if there was a feature to download the interviews as an iPod or mp3 download as part of your own website here. .. Of course the visuals of the vids are beautiful but downloading an mp3 which I can then download on my mp3 player takes so much less of my download limit…. Hopefully this is an possibility to look into… instead of going through iTunes, there must be easier ways of doing that by having that feature within your own website here.

    I can’t get over my fortune to having discovered your website.

    • Bob Olson says:

      HI Hanneke,

      Afterlife TV just began in November, so we haven’t got to offering audio downloads yet, but I plan to in the coming months, maybe sooner. I’ll be sure to make a big announcement when it’s available, plus you’ll see it on every new Afterlife TV episode post (again, once it’s available). But I’m glad you’re interested, so thanks for your comment.


  15. Allison says:

    Dear Bob & Anita

    I have that same caretaking, self effacing personality as Anita so really identified with her NDE.

    Jan 31/12
    Had an awesome experience on Monday morning. Had listened to Anita Moorjani’s interview on her near death experience, and the next morning as I was Meditating and pondering why we have so much trouble feeling our magnificence [M.Williamson’s book on Return to love talks of our Magnificence too]- and the answer came that it is because we see ourselves as the ego, and/or the body – this is me as I know it (wrong)

    And then something shifted, the ego disappeared & so did my body, {kind of like pages of a book opening up } and I was left with my essence [it was solid & it was not, I could pass my hand right through it] it is the part of me that is God – and it was magnificent. I AM magnificent … It lasted at least 10 minutes, and I keep trying to get back there – and I can now just by focusing on my chest/abdomen area (wherein God dwells) the getting back there only lasted for a day or 2 but I can still remember. Have watched the video 5 or 6 times (both parts) and visited Anita’s web site, and have purchased her book online (haven’t got it yet) but it is on its way.

    Feel this was an awakening of the next level of consciousness for me, so I am hugely grateful to both of you.

    Love & Blessings,
    Allison (Canada)

  16. RT says:

    Wow what a story. I could not leave it half way once i started listening to this one. It has a definitely shifted my consciousness. Also a sense of how silly we are, we have the treasure with in us & we look for it outside. Then I read Jon Holland words which say “You are a soul that comes with a body – not a body that comes with a soul. You are a soul first.”

    Cant thank you & Anita enough.


  17. Ann Diaz says:

    I loved these videos! Her story is so awesome. I know a few people who would benefit by watching these! Thank you for contacting her and doing these interviews. I’ll be checking her book out for sure!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thank you Ann,

      It’s a wonderful book with so much more than we could cover in these videos.


  18. veena says:

    Dear Bob,

    I really appreciate this approach for investigating after life.
    I am from India based in US currently and always wondered on the questions like “Why don’t mediums exist in India or Non Christian countries?”
    “Why don’t anyone in India or Non Christian countries claim to see angels like people in USA and UK claim to see?”

    It would be great deal of investigation if this channel can grow beyond to other countries as well.
    Mediums also can go to other Non Christian countries to prove further.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Veena,

      Great suggestions. Luckily the Internet is international, so Afterlife TV can be seen by people in India and countries where there is Internet access. Thanks for your comment.


  19. Lori Sabaugh says:

    This brings me great comfort and has gave me insight on how I’m not living my life the way I should.Thank you for sharing this knowledge and experience.I’m going to do things a lot better than I have!Your testimony is inspiring as well as motivating!Thank you!

  20. Lori Sabaugh says:

    Truly inspiring!Life changing for me!

  21. Danelle says:

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for photos

  22. Jack Gowen says:

    I’ve been researching NDE’s on my own since I stumbled upon Moody’s “Life After Life” around 1980. For a number of years I read every book there was on the subject, and have since met a number of people who had NDE’s to varying degrees. Anita’s story is the best I’ve ever come across. Her book is absolutely beautiful, I read it in one night. She also comes across as warm, funny, smart and 100% genuine. Your interview here with her has been a joy to watch. Thanks and keep up the great work’

  23. Michael McCall says:

    Everything Mrs.Anita says sounds like the teaching of Abraham (Esther &Jerry Hicks) . I started listening to Dr. Wayne W Dyer many years ago,last year he was in the (HOT SEAT) for those who are familiar with Abraham,became full circle for understanding,of love yourself. Thank you Mr.Bob for your show, and thank you Anita for sharing you incredible story..I truly feel the LOVE.

    Michael McCall

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Michael,

      One of the great things I’ve learned in my investigation of the afterlife is that so many of these experiences cross-over and parallel one another: NDEs, LBL regressions, channeled messages, mediumship, past-life regressions, and after-death communications. The more you study and experience, the more you realize that these experiences compliment one another rather than contradict. I love that. Thanks for your comment.


  24. Bill Tripp says:

    I just recently became aware of your website and After-Life TV and I have enjoyed it very much especially since you are a former skeptic and have no religious agenda to espouse. I have been a student of reincarnation, hypnotic regression, NDE’s, life after death, etc. for over 50 years now but still have moments of skepticism.I have read many, if not most, of the books on the above subjects by various authors. However, I don’t recall any of them saying what we actually do all day, every day(in earth terms) on the other side. Since we are spirit, we don’t need food, clothes, sleep, housing, a job, a mate, etc., are we like Frankie Laine (before your time) sings in his old song,”That Lucky Old Sun”, we just roll around Heaven all day? It seems like all we do is float around waiting to contact a loved one thru some medium and with hundreds of psychics/mediums out there, how do we decide which one to make contact through? I have yet to read why a medium doesn’t ask the spirits what they do all the time when thy are not in contact with them. I read a lot of generalities about learning love, compassion,, next life pre-planning, etc., but what do we do with the rest of our time (although I know that time doesn’t exist on the other side)? I don’t necessarily expect you to have the answer to this, Bob, but maybe you or others can recommend some books that may.
    Thanks for your indulgence and keep up the good work.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your comments and question. I actually wrote an answer to your question about “what we do in the afterlife” not long ago, so I’ll paste it below. But in reference to how our loved ones in spirit choose which medium, I would say that they choose any medium who might be able to get the message through. The biggest obstacle for them is that most people don’t go to mediums–worse, don’t believe in them. So they’ll do what they can influence their loved ones to visit one–likely the medium who is most within access. Perhaps those in spirit will influence their loved one’s friend to invite them to a medium demonstration. My brother-in-law went to a medium for the first time in 1999 because his friend brought him to her private reading. Then he talked me into making an appointment days later, which was my first reading that set me on this course I’ve been on for 14 years now.

      Now about what we do in the afterlife. I could write a book on this, but here’s as brief an answer as I can provide:

      There is no one answer to this question. You’d have to ask individual people in spirit what they do in the afterlife for a definitive answer, but there are some common things that people in spirit have mentioned to give you an idea.

      When you die and cross over to the other side, you’ll initially meet with loved ones in spirit who are there to greet you and welcome you home. It’s basically like having a welcome home party. Then you’ll process the life that you just lived with the assistance of advanced spiritual beings. This is called a life review, and this is where you’ll take away the lessons and growth that you gained from your physical life.

      While all this is happening, you’ll also catch up on what’s happening with your surviving loved ones back on the physical plane. You’ll be fully aware of all that’s going on with them, especially their grief of your loss. So you might try sending them a signal that you still exist, what is called an “after-death communication.” This is where you might fill their room with a fragrance that reminds them of you, perhaps the smell of your cologne or the scent of cigars, banana bread or your favorite flower (whatever might make them think of you). Other forms of after-death communication include the flickering of lights, blowing out of candles, birds or other animals looking into their window, perhaps even showing up in your loved ones’ dreams.

      Once you’ve become reacquainted with the spirit world again, you are likely to want to visit with loved ones in spirit whom you haven’t seen in some time. This might be a family member, friend or even a soul you know from another lifetime. Or you might want to attend classes to learn about fear, forgiveness or emotions that are more generally associated with physical incarnation (human life).

      As odd as it might seem, many people in spirit have communicated this idea that schools exist in the afterlife. But spirits aren’t learning reading, writing and arithmetic; the classes in the spirit world have more to do with lessons that assist with our spiritual growth. For example, I learned during a life-between-lives regression that my soul teaches about fear in the spirit world. Since we don’t feel fear in spirit, it’s something that many people in spirit are interested in understanding.

      We also have the equivalent of jobs in the spirit world, although we don’t work for money, as we don’t need money in spirit. Some people in spirit help the newly crossed over, while others help with specific circumstances, such as sudden deaths, suicides, mass murders or child deaths. There are even people who work with animals that cross over. Although these are sometimes referred to as jobs, they are more like callings that provide us with fulfillment and spiritual growth.

      How we spend our time (for lack of a better word, since time doesn’t exist in the afterlife) has infinite options. We might choose to serve as someone’s spirit guide. We might act as a counselor helping people in spirit process their last life, or plan their next life. We might even coordinate coincidences for people on the physical plane to help guide them toward the experiences they pre-planned for their life. The possibilities are almost as endless as the spirit world itself, which means there is one thing that doesn’t exist in the afterlife—boredom.

      So, Bill, that was something I wrote for another purpose, but I hope it’s helpful to you. There’s so much more to this when you consider that spirits can be doing more than one thing at a time. But that’s another subject altogether. Thanks again for your question.


  25. Steven Graham says:

    What an amazing 2 interviews you did with Anita. You’re a fun interviewer who asks great questions Bob. Here’s one for you: Since time does not exist beyond the physical realm, is it possible once we cross over and have our life review, to plan to reincarnate into 15th century England for instance?

  26. Paul-Émile Lamarche says:

    (French speaker, pardon my style)

    Thank you so much!!! We live in this crazy world, literally based on a food chain, where suffering, competition for resources and killing to survive is at the very core of life itself: To live we must kill, have living creatures killed for us and prevent other creatures from living, if not we die. Life is maintained by extracting life components from other living creatures. No choice and no exit. No living creature can live of love alone. There is the paradox, like a big joke on anyone with a background in biochemistry but who is on a spiritual path.

    We sometimes need to see the other side of the coin that inspires us and says deep inside: “Maybe there is more to it, maybe it will all make sense someday, maybe I even agreed to this, maybe right now I should do something about it… Let’s give life another chance. That`s what Bob Olson and Anita Moorjani are to me, providing selflessly the spiritual nourishment that does not require killing but to the contrary celebrates life and love. Thank you for your generosity and compassion, I feel privileged to be connected to all of you at some level. Thank you for existing.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Paul-Émile,

      Such an interesting comment. Thank you for these insightful and kind words.


  27. ZH says:

    Hi Bob

    These kind of experiences are experienced by many throughout the world and shared with individuals they feel comfortable with.They come from all walks of life, different religions and even atheists experience it (who are completely transformed).

    In this part of the world resources are easily available like the newspapers/magazines, books, television documentaries, and also through the internet sites like this. From reading various articles I believe, that this LIGHT has a direct connection to every creation in the known and unknown universes including as minute thing as an atom and particles of it.

    Great site – Thank you!
    Best Wishes

  28. Stefania Warren says:

    I first saw Anita when she was talking to Dr Wayne Dyer on a public tv channel and so I just had to watch the interviews she had with you. You really know how to ask the right questions. I love the way you do interviews!!

    I was just introduced to your website recently and after viewing a few of your interviews with the different people, I shared your website link to many of my friends. I have a very dear friend who had breast cancer and she is doing fine now but she lives with the fear that it may come back and so I introduced her to this particular interview with Anita with the hopes that it may help her.

    Thank you for this wonderful website and keep those interviews coming because I really enjoy them!! I have read so many books on NDE and ADC and just finished reading Dr Botkin’s book on IADC and found it fascinating. I know a few psychic mediums who are wonderful at what they do and I have also learned so much from them so when I found your website I jumped right into it.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Stefania,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying these interviews. I hope your friend is able to get past her fears.

      There are a lot of interviews, so have fun.


  29. Stefania Warren says:

    Thank you bob 🙂

  30. Lori Sabaugh says:

    Life changing! It made me pause…. And will go in a different direction completely!I felt like you were telling my life story!


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