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Richard Ireland on The Steve Allen Show

Richard Ireland demonstrates his psychic abilities on the Steve Allen Show in 1969. During the show, Steve Allen, an ardent skeptic, even provides commentary to acknowledge the validity of Ireland’s unusual capacity. Biographical information on Richard Ireland can be found in the newly released book, Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go, written by his son Mark Ireland.

Any person seeking to “debunk” this video faces a monumental task, because there are so many aspects to consider. In a typical demonstration, Ireland would provide highly specific messages—similar to those on this video—to approximately 50 people in an audience of 100, eliminating the theory of audience “plants.” Also, on three separate occasions—during live demonstrations, a former employer sent him currency wrapped in aluminum foil, yet Ireland was still able to correctly state the serial number on each bill. In the 1980s, members of the Hawaiian Remote Viewers Guild tested Ireland by applying a flour paste over his face, yet he still demonstrated the same ability to see while blinded.

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Click here to watch Richard’s son, Mark, in an interview here on Afterlife TV


Richard Ireland on Steve Allen Show PART ONE


Richard Ireland on Steve Allen Show PART TWO


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  1. Linda T Kuzyk says:


  2. Judy says:

    And wow again.

  3. Laurie Thiboutot says:

    Totally UNBELIEVABLE!!!! He truly had a gift to say the least!!!! How could anyone think he was not legit?!!!!
    I bet his son wishes he had his Dad’s talent! I know I do!!!

  4. I have always known, that there was life after death. I have had a lot of experiences myself. That was a great show.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thank you Denise,

      Glad you enjoyed it. This is certainly one of the best demonstrations of psychic ability I’ve ever seen. Wish I had seen him in person.


  5. Holy crap!

  6. Sharon says:


    First of all, I love your Afterlife tv show.! You have all my favorite authors on…and I enjoy seeing them and hearing them speak.

    I had read Mark Ireland’s book about the loss of his son, and it helped me deal with the passing of my young nephew… but I had never heard of his father. I guess I’m a tad too young. What a remarkable ability he had!! Amazing! He looks like he’s a really fun guy, too. Another WOW from me!!

    I think your show is really helping people to wake-up! All the best!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Sharon,

      First, thank you. I’m thrilled that this site is helping you. I too had never heard of Mark’s father–a little too young myself. But wow is right. I’ve never seen anything that comes close to that.

      Thanks for your comment.


  7. Corinne says:

    Thanks for sharing these lovely gifts. I have had few episodes when I was grieving the loss of a son in 1992. Somehow rather, others perceived it as having nervous break down. Along with religious beliefs, this phenomena has been treated as personal experience and thankful enough to have something to treasure. Just wishing I could hear the voice of my son again.

    God bless,

  8. tim says:

    Hi, Bob, I just watched the Steve Allan show with Richard Ireland. Can you personally envisage (as a detective yourself) any way that this could have been done with trickery ? It is beyond astonishing…it is mind boggling which automatically starts the alarm bells ringing. Could the audience have been in on this ? I can’t believe that they could have been. I’ve never seen anyhting like it ever. I am dumbfounded but I don’t want to be hoodwinked. best wishes

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Tim,

      Yes, it’s pretty amazing. I think Steve Allen’s reputation is too credible for there to be any deception going on. Plus, they’d have to have set up the whole audience–a lot of people. Add to that the fact that his son, Mark Ireland, is a credible source as well. He’s the one who made these videos with his father available. So I can’t say one way or the other. And I fully understand your questioning it, as the accuracy is almost too good to be true (I’ve never met or personally witnessed a psychic who is this good). But I have no reason to believe that these videos are anything but legitimate. After all, there was a time that I didn’t believe in psychics or mediums at all, yet I have since found an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove to myself (since proof is subjective) that people really do have these abilities.


  9. RT says:

    WOW!!! i haven’t seen anyone being so accurate ..even getting the name’s right to the T. What else so skeptics want?

    Thanks Bob for sharing such insightful information & video’s.


  10. Mark Ireland says:

    Bob, Thanks for posting these videos of my dad on your site. I do understand that some people may be skeptical because my father’s abilities may seem “too good to be true”, even for those who believe in psi phenomena. I would like to address this briefly here, at least to the degree I can without writing a book. The fact is that my father was uniquely gifted. There is not a single person in my family, or any close friend, or any manager who ever worked with him that questions his ability. No one could pull the wool over that many people’s eyes for decades. We all received unique, meaningful messages and also brought friends to see him who received unique validations. Many of these validations extended to things they’d not written on their papers and blew away our friends.

    Additionally, in recent years I’ve been contacted by a number of people who told me stories about specific validations my father shared with them on cases that provide the ultimate “proof”. It would take too long to document all of those here but I’ll share one for now. Following is a cut and paste of what one person shared with me:

    Remembering Dr. Richard Ireland, By Norma Poling

    The first time I had the opportunity to see a presentation by Dr. Richard Ireland was in May of 1963. The spring luncheon of Good Samaritan Hospital Auxiliary had engaged him to be their featured speaker.
    The audience was amazed when he was able to “read” serial numbers from many dollar bills while blindfolded. He offered the audience an opportunity to send questions to him and, without being able to see the questions, he answered them quickly.

    During this session, I actually had two questions and could not decide which one to write. My questions were: 1) Would I receive my Master’s degree? and 2) Would I have a fourth child? I decided to send the one about my degree.

    The program was coming to an end and his blindfolds were being removed, so I thought he would not get to my question. But while this was happening Dr. Ireland said, “Oh, by the way, Norma, you will get that degree.” I was delighted and even though I was not sure it would happen, I left very encouraged.

    [Norma told me that she did receive the degree. Her next experience with my father a number of years later].

    We saw him again while were on vacation in Arizona. We had moved to Ohio from 1965 to 1969. I sent one question to him but do not remember the question. When he started to answer, he said, “Oh, you did have that fourth child.” I nearly fell out of my chair because I had not asked that question. I only thought about asking it at the hospital auxiliary luncheon years earlier. He had answered the question I had thought about asking several years ago, but did not ask.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Mark,

      Thank you for sharing these stories with us. I really wish that I’d had the opportunity to meet your father. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Quite amazing.

      Warm wishes,

    • John Nelson says:

      I spent quite a bit of time with Richard and Jimmy in the early to mid 70’s in Phoenix and Palm Springs. Any idea where Jimmy Gillespie is?

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