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The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits

The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits–Ghosts Who Are Allegedly Lost Between Worlds, Don’t Know They’re Dead, Or Are Afraid To Go Into The Light

Too many of the bereaved are suffering in their fear that their deceased loved ones are lost or stuck between worlds–commonly known as earthbound spirits. To me, this is a sad and unfortunate tragedy for the grieving because I have not seen any evidence of this belief in over 13 years of investigating the afterlife. Yet these beliefs that the recently deceased can get lost and not find their way to the light, or don’t know they’re dead, or don’t trust their loved ones in spirit who are calling them to the light, have been passed down through the generations, and I don’t know anyone who has ever questioned these ideas. If you have been worried that your loved one who passed might be an earthbound spirit–or if you’ve been blindly spreading these ideas around to others–consider the multiple arguments I make in this video to dispell these fear-creating myths so you can make a conscious decision about this subject after seeing both sides of it.””  ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


Bob Olson talks about the myth of earthbound spirits. 

Afterlife TV is presented by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson, who is the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death.

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  1. Hi Bob, Excellent topic and love Afterlifetv! I’ve just completed my 4th paranormal investigation and worked with 3 different teams. When it comes down to the moment of truth if we captured paranormal activity – I always find myself wondering is it’s only just a spirit? I started out of the mind that there was a distinction between ghosts and spirits, and now I’m not so sure. The types of paranormal activity that registers on our devices during an investigation could easily be from the energy of Spirit.

    I have limited experience with the paranormal compared to my psychic and mediumistic experience. Ghost hunting seems to attract different folks than mediumship. There is a technical science orientation that goes beyond what I experience when I’m around a lot of psychics and mediums.

    During a circle, one of our beloved medium teachers came through, as she said she would before she died. She was able to make the device flash like I’ve seen happen during paranormal investigations.
    That’s what first got me thinking about this and you’re definitely onto something. I’ll be thinking more about your report now when I go into future investigations.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks MaryLee,

      I love your open-mindedness. Many people who are apparently attached to the old paradigm have had their buttons pushed by this video, which I expected. But I’m just suggesting another possibility that I’ve adopted myself. So I appreciate your comments and that you’re at least willing to consider new possibilities. Keep me updated on your thoughts over time. And if you find evidence that is contrary to anything I’ve said in this video, please share it with me.


  2. ANA MCGRATH says:

    Thank’s for your approach Bob, I still belive , we have to adjust to our new way of existence, once we pass on, it takes time, specialy if we died in ways , we are not expecting to die.Our new way of existence still has free will. We still have our minds, the only thing that is lost is our body.
    What is what mediums belive? Aren’t they in constant comunication with the other side?
    I would like to hear more about about this topic.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Ana,

      Taking time to adjust is an interesting subject since time doesn’t exist on the other side. It’s also humans projecting human qualities onto spirits once again. I talk about this in my video on suicide, if you haven’t seen that one yet, you can watch it at But this is a great subject for another video. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the idea.

      Mediums so have some insight, but it’s not the last word, as they can misinterpret things too (especially if they are interpreting things based on erroneous ideas they’ve learned from other people). Also, we can ask 10 mediums and get a few different answers. The best we can do is piece together all the evidence before us and draw our own conclusions, which is what I did in this video. But these conclusions are mine and not intended for anyone else to adopt. They are intended to inspire others to investigate for themselves and draw their own conclusions. And the truth is that no one ever really knows the full picture until we have passed and gone home to the other side.

      Thanks for your comments and great questions.


  3. Christy Forkenbrock, M.A. says:

    Thank you for addressing these myths. I have often shared this view myself.
    I and some family members have always been ‘sensitive’ to the otherworldly…….
    I have told others who act as though I am talking about evil entities, etc. that it is just our ability to pick up on the spiritual….whether the spirit is here or has passed on. I don’t believe in demons or evil entities that stalk us either…….but it seems to make for interresting televisioin.

    The idea that the ghost of a little girl being trapped in a home because she was killed there does not make any sense. Where’s God in this process? Doesn’t He notice she’s missing? I’m being sarcastic, but why would she seem to experience an eternal punishment because she was murdered?

    P.S. Why is it, when watching these ghost hunter shows do they always flip off the lights and walk around in the dark………..then talk about seeing shadows…………..come on!

    When I pick up on spirits and/or their activity, it can be on a sunny day…………

    Again, thank you for addressing this topic.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Christy,

      Such great points. I totally agree. I too roll my eyes whenever those TV shows turn off all the lights and use their infrared video cameras when they could just film with the lights on (or during the day). But that wouldn’t make for scary TV. Love your sense of humor.


      • Elisa Nicholas says:

        “I too roll my eyes whenever those TV shows turn off all the lights and use their infrared video cameras…”

        Haha, so it’s not just me.

        • Bob Olson says:

          Hi Elisa,

          It’s beginning to seem like there’s a lot of us who feel this way. Thanks for your comment.


  4. Grace Cheung Izquierdo says:

    Hi Bob,

    First just want to say that I am truly enjoying your site. I landed on here a few days ago and have been glued since. I just love all the videos you have and the incredible guests, especially James Van Praagh… Those videos have given me great comfort as I’m grieving from the loss of my younger and only sister to breast cancer on Feb 3 this year, she was 35. I am finally in the acceptance stage of my grieve, I think.

    With this Report, I total agree with you and love the way you just so simply explain it. I already had same thoughts about this subject because of all the NDEs I’ve been reading about but thank you for this.

    I am also really interested in life between lives regression and loved your interview with Robert Schwartz, do you think you can have more videos on this topic in the future? Also, would you consider the Spirit World, Heaven? Or if you can investigate on where soul’s go after they’ve had millions of lives, already an “old” soul per se, and have mastered all divine virtures, what happens after? Robert touched on this but didn’t go into it because he said that’s not what he studies.

    THANK YOU so much for all your work. I can’t wait to have a LBL regression to find out about my soul’s plan and possibly be with my sister again.

    All the best,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Grace,

      What a beautiful name. You have my sympathy regarding your sister. Wow, that was just weeks ago. Good for you for investigating this information for yourself. I think it will serve you well. It’s the difference between being stuck in your grief and growing from your grief, and in this way it attaches a meaningful outcome to your loss.

      I’m sure I’ll have more videos on that subject. I might even have Robert Schwartz back, as he just sent me his new book. Yes, I consider the spirit world and heaven to be the same thing. I grew up Catholic, so heaven is a word that seems natural to me. Regarding your question about the soul, you might enjoy an article I wrote years ago about that subject that you can read here:

      My very best wishes to you,

  5. Jim Toler says:

    Hi Bob,

    Great presentation. I am in very much agreement with you. Since we choose are lessons for the next physical experience, why should we hang around here when we pass? You never graduate that way.

    Earth bound is for physical bodies. Enjoy life, Love everyone, don’t judge and move on.

    You are getting some good grades during your time here.

    Love to you and all

  6. Bob,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just in case you don’t get enough positive feed back on this video. I appreciate your evidence based approached. It gives what we do so much more credibility.
    I also love that this was posted on Friday the 13th. Glad I don’t attach negative energy to that day.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Mitchell,

      I appreciate your positive comment. There’s a lot of people who are oddly attached to the idea of earthbound spirits (and the fearful messages this belief sends) who made sure to announce their opposition to my video (most of them without watching it), so your comment is most welcome. Good thing I’m here to open minds and seek truths rather than make myself popular. I hadn’t even realized it was Friday the 13th (that’s funny), but it now seems right. Thanks for you comment.

      Best wishes to you,

  7. Robyn Vaughn says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your videos over the last months. I, like yourself, lean towards the evidence and science angle of our universe. But that little part of my mind always reminds me that our knowledge and science is but a drop in the bucket towards understanding the reality of the afterlife.

    Regarding the ghost hunting shows, I have seen instances of people being scratched. Do you think this is ‘television’ or have you encountered situations where harm was done? Posession is another subject of interest. Have your investigations led you to believe or understand this event? I’m very interested to your approach in these matters and want to thank you for your work!


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Robyn,

      I know people who have been guests on a few of these TV shows and was told that a lot of what we see is just sensationalized television. No big surprises there, as all reality TV has gone that route. And I don’t believe in possession myself (where an evil spirit allegedly takes over someone’s body and mind), nor do I believe in exorcism. I’ve seen no reason to believe that the allegedly possessed are anything more than people looking for an excuse to act negatively and claim “The Devil made me do it!” That said, I don’t think it’s always quite so conscious, as sometimes there is mental illness and/or addiction involved.


  8. Jack O'Ryan says:

    Thanks Bob….

    I too have studied life after death since I was 8yo…I was so happy to watch your video because you have said everything I have felt on the subject of earth bound spirits…
    Excellent video!



    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Jack,

      So nice to hear. You studied life after death since you were 8 years old? That’s amazing and cool.

      Thanks Jack,

  9. Evelina says:

    Hey Bob, what a lovely site. I am so grateful for your channel, all the information that you provide and your energy are real gift from heaven. Thank you so so much. Lots of love to you and your family.:)

    Ps. I saw John Holland and Brian Weiss on April 28th in Boston, and there are no words that can express how wonderful they are. I learned about them from your channel so thank you again for you precious work.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Evelina,

      Brian and John invited me to attend, which I had planned to do, but something came up and I missed it. I heard from others too that it was wonderful. I’ve seen them a couple times before and they always rock the house. Lots of fun and they’re both such great teachers. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Thanks for you comment,

      • Evelina says:

        Yes they were great and funny it was like having stand up comedy with past life traveling and talking to loved ones on another side all together. What can be better than that:)?

        I just want to tell you one more thing. Your work is changing many people’ lives, I share your channel with all my friends. Even though i don’t have any recent loss in my life your message healed me in a little different way.
        I was abused in my childhood for many many years and never talked about it, because that’s what we do where I come from. The pain however doesn’t go away only because you don’t talk about it, no instead it grows within you, hurts every cell of your physical body, comes back to you when you sad and when you happy, when you dream and when you are awake. And if there are no ways to let it go it becomes an illness of your body and your mind. That’s exactly what happened to me.
        To have the understanding that we all one, and we are all love and that what we experience on the Earth plane are lessons which help our soul to grow, and that people who hurt us really love us unconditionally, changed my life forever. I read many books recommended by you, ii watched all your videos more than ones and I am better than I have ever been in my life before.

        I dont mean to spam your website so i will and at that:)
        Much love to you and your loved ones.

  10. Lidia Ivanovna says:

    Thank you for sharing with us. I really like the way the info is presented. Afterlife TV rocks!!
    Blessed be,

  11. Ginny May says:

    Thanks for a wonderful video – a very complex discussion but so important because these terms elicit a fear that, unfortunately, crosses over into our concern for our loved ones passed. No one wants Aunt Edna stuck! So it’s unfortunate that when people have experiences with spirit phenomena, their interpretations are influenced by whatever information they’ve read, seen, or heard. More importantly, how the experience made them feel easily becomes the reason for the spirit being there, e.g., the experience was scary, therefore the spirit has a vendetta and meant to terrify them. It’s a reaction that turns into a ‘truth’ for that individual, and that concept continues to be spread as truth. Hopefully this video will give more people food for thought to counteract this.
    I don’t believe we are ever truly stuck, not here on this earth, and not in the afterlife. I do think we are always connected to the Power that is, God, or whatever one wants to call it, and the afterlife gives us a unique perspective that linear thought on the physical plane cannot. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of shifting priorities, in both places. I also think our ego, or our ‘directive’, on a certain level needs to be intact for growth in the afterlife, because I do think there is choice on how one might spend their spirit energy, or ‘time’. Aunt Edna may not be earthbound, but she may want to be present at the wedding. It would certainly explain a lot! There’s help if we want it, and there’s assistance when we need it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to reply, Bob, this is a great website.

    Ginny May

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Ginny May,

      I’m in total agreement with you. One point I probably could have made more clearly in this video is the difference between spirits visiting us on earth and the idea of spirits being earth-bound. There’s a big difference. I certainly believe that our loved ones visit us here, guide us, and are present in our earthly lives in a multitude of ways. But, as I explain in the video, I don’t believe people in spirit are uncontrollably bound to the physical plane. So I agree with you and have no doubt that Aunt Edna and all our loved ones in spirit are present at those important days in our lives, such as weddings, graduations and births.

      While I know from the feedback I’ve received that this video has helped the open-minded, I don’t know how much this video has made a difference with those who are locked into spreading the idea that our loved ones can be stuck or lost between worlds and are not open to seeing it any differently. I’ve got a lot of feedback from people who claim to “know that I’m wrong” and “know that some spirits are earthbound.” Ironically, these people have expressed their sorrow for me not being able to see their truth. Yet whenever anyone tells me that they “know” what is true about the afterlife, they’ve lost some credibility with me. Spiritual knowledge of any sort is subjective, so all that any of us can claim is that we know what is true for us personally (individually), yet we must be open to allowing others to choose their own truth. Until any one of us is back home in the afterlife for good (and this even rules out those who have had near-death experiences, since that is a temporary visit), no one truly “knows” what it’s like universally–not mediums, psychics or people who’ve had NDEs. And even then, I suspect that our experiences in the spiritual world are subjective — no two experiences are completely alike, just like snowflakes.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject, which have inspired me to respond in this way. Your comment on how our beliefs interpret our reality is so true. I wish more people understood that. If more people did, perhaps they would then question their past interpretations and be willing to attempt viewing their experiences from a different paradigm. I think that’s all I’m attempting to do in my work: get people to consider the afterlife from different angles, investigate for themselves, and make up their own minds.


  12. What happens to the ego when one crosses over? If the ego is physical then I would suppose it perishes with the body, the spirit is freed from ego and thus lives a spiritual existence enlightened in oneness. However through my experiences, ego is very much an energy experience. If ego is part of one’s energy, does it not go into spirit with the soul and higher self? Question to ponder….what happens to the ego? If the ego is connected to the soul, and higher self, then I can see where some in spirit chose to stay around the earth plane in its duality ego existence where it is more compatible. Perhaps as the ego matures it will then chose to spend more of its existence in the spiritual plane rather than in the physical plane. Now are these spirits lost? In my years of work as a medium, I have never come across a spirit that is lost. Personalities come through strongly as well as some ego, apologies, and attempts to make amends. Some bring through several messages of evidence that they are around their physical loved ones and other spirits give messages of evidence that they are aware of the physical family’s happenings by a knowing…not saying that they were there.

    You made good points to discredit the “lost spirit” fear. And if one leaves physical with its ego, I can understand why they may hang around this physical plane; at their choosing of course.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      This is a great question. My investigations lead me to conclude that our ego is a physical characteristic of the human psyche, which therefore does not carry over into spirit, meaning it does not control (influence) our thinking in spirit. That said, spirits are fully aware of their human ego and will present themselves to a medium as coming from ego in order to be recognizable as their human self in that lifetime–usually for the sake of family or friends who are getting a reading. This is why a medium would recognize ego in their contact with spirits, because they are always connecting with the spirit of a human being who had an ego.

      Furthermore, our ego influences our personality, which is different in every human lifetime. I’ve had past-life regressions where my ego was unrecognizable from one lifetime to other lifetimes. If we were to continue being influenced by ego as spirits, which ego would we choose from which lifetime? Would I have the ego of George from my lifetime in the 16th century, Pamela from my lifetime in the 19th century, or Bob from this lifetime? So, once again, it makes practical sense to me that we “remember” our ego from each lifetime, but we do not take it with us to the spiritual world.

      Finally, I should comment on ego being energy. I agree that it is. As you know, we are all energy, so even our body is energy. Yet–stating the obvious–we do not take our bodies with us either, although we do take the memory of it. And when I talk about memory in terms of our soul, I’m of course talking about a memory much more profound and detailed than what we know of as memory in humans.

      I’m not sure if you were referring to this or not, but I mentioned in another comment that I have no doubt the our loved ones in spirit visit us here in this dimension. That’s not even close to the same concept as being earth “bound.” Spirits are connected to the earth because they have had lives here and might still have loved ones here, but that is completely different than the idea of earthbound spirits who are lost, stuck or don’t know their dead. I think some people might have been confused by this, so I wanted to reiterate it.

      Thanks Marilyn for such an insightful question, which allowed me to further explain. Again, I might be wrong about all of this. But these are my conclusions based on all the evidence I’ve seen. People should investigate and then decide for themselves. But these ideas at least show them a different paradigm that they might not have considered, as I don’t know anyone else who is suggesting them.

      Warmest wishes,

  13. Elinor Carlsson says:

    Hi Bob.

    Thanks for a really interesting site! I’ve looked at all the videos and they have been very interesting and has given me much to think about and reflect. Find the subject you are discussing very interesting. It is good to question. It’s easy to just take in what others think and say.

    I do not know what I really think and believe about this and I have no definite opinion. After listening to Anita Morijani and Natalie Sudman when they talk about their NDE has it becomes clear that all the life we ​​live is in a moment, in the Now, that there is’nt anything called “time” in the afterlife (or in the glimpse they had of life after death).

    My thought is then that the spirits who are perceived as “earthbound” perhaps even they live right Now in a physical world in its own Flow of Time and that it has became a “crack” or “interference” between their and our Time-stream so that they happen to be in our time in some way but maybe not fully in our physical space of time. It may be therefore that the so-called ”earth-bound spirits” perceive that they still live in the home that other people in our Time-Flow move into after they in our way to experience time previously have died. Maybe they really live there in their own Time-flow if everything is existing in the Now. Perhaps thats because these ”earthbound spirits” are perceived as aggressive, sad and sick. They might be human also right in the Now.

    What we experience here in our lives now’s an illusion, a reality we have created ourselves, so I do not think it would be quite impossible that such phenomena can occur. The medium, which then helps the “earthbound spirits” to the “light”, may simply get help from spirits and guides on the other side to fix the “crack” or disturbance so that they are in their proper Time Flow again. Then when they finished their physical life in their Time-Flow go to the afterlife, just like everyone else.

    It could also be that we are the ones who end up in their Time-Flow… who knows? 🙂 Will be interesting to get to know how it really is then … in the afterlife …

    Greetings from Elinor Carlsson in Sweden.
    (Sorry if my English is not so good. 🙂

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Elinor from Sweden,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Certainly anything is possible. In many cases, people are talking about the same thing but it becomes a case of semantics. I like that you’re a deep thinker. I have friends who love to throw around these types of ideas and consider the possibilities.

      By the way, your English is great!

      Warmest regards,

  14. Donna Payne says:

    It is sad that people are so frightened by this kind of unfortunate rumor. I have seen spirit since I have been 3 and I have not yet seen an earth bound spirit. I have experienced active spirit but not earth bound. Fear is the basis for all rumors of this sort. God is Love and all knowing. Spirit can lower its vibration in order to communicate with non spirit which is why you can see spirit but they are not earth bound. Also while I am here I would like to say that there is no hell not even for suicides. I have communicaited with a spirit that died by overdose of drugs and he was very chatty after. He spoke not only to me 2 days after his death but with his father.

    There are lower vibrational spirits which would explain poltergist activiity. There are levels of vibrations in spirit but most are higher vibrational…..and that is a discusion for an other day…LOL

    It is sad that when people don’t have an answer that they make something up for fear of losing power instead of saying I don’t know.

    Thanks for letting put in my two cents…LOL

  15. Wow & Bravo Bob!
    As a Psychic medium of 15 years I have never had trouble finding a spirit immediately after passing. But my greatest Wow moment was when I had a father come through who told me he was a Satanic Priest in life (validated by his daughter the client) and he was standing right next to the most beautiful angel light I’d ever seen. He even had a silly grin on his face and said, “Boy was I wrong” …which made us laugh.

    Thank you for your courage to speak up about the Reality of Love.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thank you Martina,

      I’m grateful for your supportive comment and your personal experience. That’s a funny story.


  16. Sharon says:

    Hi Bob,

    First off, I love your show! All my favorite authors, and then some.

    I enjoyed listening to this one as well. These are thoughts that make you wonder, or ponder. Having read so many books about the difference between ghosts and spirits, now you put it into a new light. I really never liked the idea that some poor lost souls would be stuck here for eternity…like it was their very own “hell”. And why should they care to scare people? I much rather think that all souls go directly back to the source. Those who have a NDE mostly talk about how wonderful it is and don’t want to return to their bodies.

    As for evil spirits, that is something I wonder could be addressed in some way. I was raised with a christian background and all the time I hear from my family how I could be fooled by an evil presence, or I could be opening myself up to evil. I even hear that there are angels who are evil. I’m not sure why the religions are so bent on focusing on how God is wrathful, angry and jealous, and how evil lurks around every corner. That was one reason I got away from it.

    I talk to and receive answers and confirmation from spirit more and more these days…my grandmother and my father especially. I love it and there is no fear involved.

    Thanks for these thoughts, and I even had a few laughs! I really think you are on to something here!

    ps. I am really hoping that ego stays behind with the body…I don’t think the ego belongs in the afterlife!


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Sharon,

      You make me smile. What great insights and ideas you have. And I think that a lot of people have come to similar conclusions. I appreciate your sharing these comments.


  17. Mark Anthony Lemoine says:

    Hey Bob! Let me begin by thanking you for the wonderful work you do! Secondly I want to say THANK YOU for this video! I totally agree with you and have been “shot down” myself for expressing this belief, mostly by other mediums! Incredible! So again, thank you for “putting yourself out there” and making this video! It’s always nice to get this kind of validation!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Mark,

      Yes, some people really got quite aggressive in their response to this video. When people get aggressive in this way, it’s often because I’ve touched upon some aspect of their ego. I can only suspect that these people have been teaching others about earthbound spirits and felt threatened by the idea that they might be wrong. My intention was never to make anyone wrong; I just wanted to look at the evidence with logic and question those beliefs that have been passed down over the years without question (especially in the medium community).

      When I see resistance of this sort, it’s usually a signal that I’ve touched upon something important. Having said that, I also feel quite strongly that the idea of earthbound spirits spreads harmful and needless fear among the grieving, which is why I went out on a limb with this video. So I really appreciate your comment, Mark. And I applaud your great insight for thinking for yourself in this way (in the past) and being willing (and courageous enough) to express ideas that go against the current.


  18. Hi Bob,
    This is the first comment I’m posting on, although I’ve watched several videos and will leave my thoughts with them as well. I’ll continue to watch the rest and subscribe as they are very interesting and enlightening. As was mentioned in other comments, what about “evil” presences, demons etc.

    As with most or maybe all organized religions, there is evil all around us as well. I’ve listened to some of John Todds videos talking about the Illuminati and the evil that is going around in the world. As you do, he clearly states to do your own investigation and research since all of the facts can easily be traced and found, although I am guilty of not doing this.

    Is there anything you’d like to share about this with us, I’d be very eager to hear your thoughts.

    I currently run a website […] aimed at helping families and funeral homes with their memorial brochures. Customizing these, doing photo restorations etc. Its not exactly in the same industry, but they do have their similarities. Of course these services are to help the living and not for those who have already passed 🙂


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your comment. In my investigations of the afterlife since 1999, I have not seen any evidence of evil entities. Just as I was skeptical about the afterlife, spirit communication and past lives before I obtained evidence of them, I remain skeptical that evil entities and even hell exists because I’ve seen no evidence of it. Of course I’m referring to evidence in terms of my personal experience, not evidence involving people in our world who claim to have their own experiences – we all know that there are people who have made such claims.

      That’s the investigator in me, Matthew. It would take me an entire book to fully answer your question, so I can’t do it in a comment. But that’s the short of it. Do know, however, that I fully respect people’s religious beliefs. It makes no difference to me if anyone chooses to believe in evil after life; that’s what this is all about – choosing for ourselves.

      Keep in mind that I’m referring to evil after life. There’s no refuting that there is evil among the living. All one needs to do is turn on the daily news to see plenty of that.


  19. Todd says:

    I’ve been going through some very tramatic times caring for my Mom who is dyng from stomach cancer at home. While hospice has been wonderfull for making my Mom as comfortable as possible, the pain of knowing my Mom is dying is too much for me to take.

    While trying to research life after death articles I, very unfortunately, stumbled across some websites that brought me to tears. They were skeptics sites. I cried when I read the stuff they presented as scientific fact completely dismissing the entire premise of life after death and everything spiritual. One of the writers is a doctor/professor of psychiatry by the name of Michael Schermer and another mean spirited elderly man James Randi who does magic acts and are atheists.

    After reading those skeptics’articles, why I tortured myself in reading them is another question, I’m still filled with darkeness and tremendous sadness and a great subtraction of hope has been wicked away from me. I’m thinking: could these mean spirited guys be writing any thruth since they write for science magazines, or are they just writing ungrounded material failing to accept the evidence that’s available?

    Could you please shed some light on this matter? I’m feeling incredibly horrible after reading this skeptic stuff.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Todd,

      Some people refuse to even look at the evidence, but I think it also goes further than that. As a former private investigator, I was trained to see scientific evidence as only one form of evidence. In fact, in most court proceedings with which I was involved, scientific evidence was often the weakest because experts on both sides (prosecution/defense or plaintiff/defense) would often interpret the science differently, thereby arriving at different conclusions. In these cases, the other evidence (witness testimony and physical evidence, for example) would be the most compelling.

      Afterlife TV has a lot of videos for you to watch so you can make up your own mind. And they include interviews with a medical doctor, an ad executive, an anthropologist and more. Check them out and you’ll see intelligent people arriving at very different conclusions than you’ve been reading.

      My warmest regards to you and your mom,

  20. Andrew says:

    Hello Bob,

    I have been enjoying your website for a couple of days now. Let me introduce myself. I am a progressive Christian who has been studying NDE’s for a few months now. I came from a VERY Fundamentalist Christian perspective, so I hope you can humor me for a few moments and maybe point me in the right direction.

    Though I hold some major Christian beliefs, i have essentially dropped several: innerant scriptures and eternal conscious torment in hell for example. I suppose I could believe those again, but It would drive me to a hospital. I don’t know how I did it for so many years.

    A few days ago my BELOVED dog was hit by a car and passed away. I found your site through your interview with Danielle Mackinnon on animal communication. I am very interested in all of this as it seems to follow from my investigation into NDE’s.

    What I guess I’m searching for is a reaction to the common Christian response that this is all demonic. The idea being that all of the warm fuzzies are demons trying to distract people and make them think that the afterlife will be nice… that they end up going to hell. Now I know this perspective will not resonate all with many of your readers, but its how i learned to think….so I wonder if you have any comments about “negative” spirits or evil, or demons…..or a response to the standard Christian response to mediums?

    Now, this logic all falls apart…..Why would a good loving God allow demons to give people the most lovely spiritual experiences they will ever have, and not correct their thinking with an even lovelier one…..instead (as the thinking goes) He will send them to Hell for seeking advice from spirits and not putting their faith in Christ alone…….That falls apart in my mind, but the fear holds on so tight.

    You can probably tell from my rambling that these thoughts and anxieties are hard to put into writing…

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Andrew,

      First of all, I’m really sorry about your dog’s passing. When we consider our pets members of the family, their passing brings us the same grief that we have when our human family members pass. So be gentle with yourself. I’m glad you found my interview with Danielle here. That was the very first interview I did for Afterlife TV. And I know it has helped a lot of people who lost pets.

      I believe religion has its place in people’s spiritual growth, so I am all for whatever religion one chooses. I was raised Catholic. But I see religion as a stepping stone to spiritual knowing. First there is skepticism, where people are fearful to believe anything. Then there is belief, where people accept on faith what other people have told them. Then there is knowing, where people know something is true for them (not for anyone else) on a cellular or soul level based on personal experience.

      We can only get to a knowing from personal experience, which is why I recommend people investigate different spiritual experiences such as having past-life regression, experiencing a mediumship reading, tapping into one’s intuition, experiencing an energy healing, or experiencing other forms of hypnosis or meditation. We can not be knowers of all things, however. For example, I was a believer about past-life regression until I had one. Then I became a knower about that experience. Yet I was still skeptical about other experiences, like energy healing, and I was a believer about other things, like future progressions. Then I had an energy healer heal my knee in two weeks when it would not heal on its own in five months. So I became a knower about that experience. Knowing becomes your truth, no one else’s; so we are all skeptics, believers and knowers about different things.

      Based on my own personal experiences and investigations of the afterlife, I do not believe in hell in the afterlife (though I do believe some people experience a kind of hell on earth), nor do I believe in demons or the idea that demons are trying to trick anyone into going to hell. But I wouldn’t try to convince you of what I believe–or what I know that makes up my truth. It can’t be done even if I did want to try. It appears to me that you are already on the road to wanting to discover your own truth rather than accept what others have taught you. Grief has a way of leading people in that direction.

      My recommendation is that you continue to explore. You can begin with vicarious experiences such as books, documentaries and my video interviews. Then move on to personal experiences like I mentioned above. Before you know it, you’ll have many of the answers you seek without even knowing how you got them all. That’s what knowing is all about. A past-life regression, for instance, teaches us so much more about spirituality than just the facts of the past life itself. We’re not always aware of what those knowings are until one day we realize that we have answers to our questions that we never had before. That’s what I find so exciting about this journey we’re all on.

      I know I didn’t give you the answer you asked for specifically, but I hope it was helpful in some way. I wish you the very best.


  21. Ray Manzanares says:

    Good evening Bob, I just finished your segment on ” earthbound spirits ” and I totally agree with your perspective on this however, I’m confused as when I watch : My Ghost Story” which I do like, I have seen very negative energy sometimes where a person is scratched, pushed, ect…I wonder that if the spirit is just a energetic imprint with no attachment to the physical body as you say, how can a negative energy display such force on someone ? How do so called spirits attach themselves to someone and actually follow them home ? Not that I have personally had this happen to me but the stories are out there. I cannot bring myself to believe these people are lying about this. Is there another type of energy we don’t know about ? I would like to hear what you think about this. I love your show by the way and always look forward to new interviews. I have learned so much watching your show and thank you so much for creating this fascinating format to the world.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Ray,

      I can only go by the evidence I’ve seen since investigating this field beginning January 1999. And I have never seen the evidence that some TV shows depict. I don’t like to believe people are lying either, but I do know (from people I personally know in this business) that some TV producers push their talent hard for good, sensational television.

      As just one example, I have one friend who is a medium and he was invited to be on a very popular ghost-related TV show. They told him what the episode was going to be about, and it was really far fetched. So the medium told the producers that if he didn’t get what they were seeking, he wasn’t going to lie. Well, they called him back and said they chose another medium for the episode. The talent on these TV reality shows know that if you don’t give the producers what they want, you won’t stay on the show. That said, Ray, if I ever see evidence to the contrary, I will create a video around it.

      Finally, I do not believe that an energy imprint can scratch or push someone. It’s just a memory, not a force in itself.

      Thanks so much for this excellent question. I’m sure you’re not the only person who has wondered. But don’t take my word for it. I encourage you and everyone to investigate for yourself. As I always say, personal experience is the only way to go from a belief to a knowing.


  22. yaegerj says:

    I love your web site, and thank you.

  23. Staffan Boquist says:

    Hi Bob! i just loved this report on earthbound spirits that you did! Well done and very very important for all of us! I have always hated the idea of spirits being stuck, it sounds so ridiculous, like a nightmare. Noone gets lost here on earth unless your in the amazon jungle or something but when we die we get lost? What kind of cruel environment has God made for us on the other side? Its not even the amazon jungle on the other side but much worse, we might have to keep flying around in a small house for hundreds of years because we cant let go of it? Or something like that. Are we spirits that stupid when we die? No I agree with you, it just cant be true. Just as hell or santa Claus is not true. Its human fear thats made this stupid idea.
    Keep doing your great work, you warmhearted guy!
    /One of your Swedish fans!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Staffan,

      Thanks for writing–and another viewer from Sweden. So cool! Is it my Olson roots that have drawn you here? 😉 I’m glad that this resonated with you. The idea of earthbound spirits comes from fear, not love. My best wishes to you.


  24. yaegerj says:

    Hello Bob, I love your web site. but I have a question. You said you don’t t believe in earthbound spirits, which I would call ghost. If you know James Van Praagh,s television show was about this very subject, and his story and experience is about this as well. So again you have never experienced in your 13 years any knowledge of this, maybe you need to read some of James’s books.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi J,

      Actually, I know James and have interviewed him four times, and his books and the Ghost Whisperer TV show were using the word ghost synonymously with the word spirit — the same as I describe in this video. Thanks for your question.


  25. Andy says:

    I am not getting the big picture here: “earth bound spirits” as opposed to “spirits” that come to our dimension to contact us. What is the difference? That one type cannot leave this plane and that another chooses to come back for whatever reason? Are you saying we lose free will when we leave our body, that we MUST go into the light? What if one chooses not to go into the light? Not that they are stuck here but simply choose to stay. I have had experience with a spirit that regularly interacted with my family in a rental we lived in, surely not a reoccurring energy memory, but he was not a disembodied loved one letting us know he was around. But he (I say he because he showed himself on several occasions to my children) came and went so I never suspected he was unable to leave.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Andy,

      You actually do seem to understand what I’m saying. Yes, I’m merely saying that everyone who leaves their physical bodies are spirits. And all people who leave their physical body go into the light, but they are able to visit the earth plane as they please.

      Going into the light is not a matter of free will. This is where some people get confused. These people think that the afterlife (the spirit world) is in some other place (like in the sky or in some place far away). The spirit world is all around us. It’s like when we blow a dog whistle and people can’t hear it (but dogs can). Well, the spiritual dimension is merely vibrating at a higher frequency such that we humans can see or hear it.

      So it’s not a matter of choosing to not going into the spirit world. When we leave our physical bodies, we are there because we are now vibrating at a higher frequency. Consequently, of course people in spirit can be in your house. But like you wrote, they are not confined to it. They are merely visiting because they liked it there (and obviously still do). That’s a nice thing. I’ve had this experience too and I simply welcomed them. And we lived in peace and harmony, because we are existing on two different dimensions (vibrating at different frequencies).

      Great observation and question.


  26. Jack Henshaw says:

    Thanks Bob,great common sence. I look forward to your next or I should say your new interviews.

  27. Randy says:

    I have recently discovered your website and I have enjoyed your videos. I do have 1 question. You use comments like “You Have A Soul”. This at times seem like you are saying the soul is a separate entity. Would it not be more correct to say You are a spiritual entity occupying a body (not these exact words but the concept). As a child I use to hear people say that “You have a soul which will go to heaven”. I thought ok but what about me. This may not be the best place for this question but after listening to your video I thought I would pose the question

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Randy,

      It’s a great question, and this is the perfect place for it. There’s a few reasons why I chose to explain the soul as I did, so I’ll explain them all.

      First, because this is a video, and I’m talking not writing, I generally don’t talk quite so precisely. I try to be as authentic in my videos as I can, so that the me you see and hear in my videos is the same guy you’d experience at the grocery store or at the pub. So while I am very careful in my writing to articulate the exact nature of the spirit and the soul, a video is one of those mediums where I’m more apt to speak in general terms.

      Second, I prefer to discuss the soul in the way most people experience it–as separate from ourselves. Because the truth is that we humans are in the physical plane while our souls are in the spiritual plane, so that feels very separate to us. And from a physical perspective, it is. In fact, this is the human challenge, really–to recognize our spiritual nature in spite of our physicality. So when explaining some spiritual concepts, it’s more appropriate to talk about the spirit and the soul as though they are each separate, because as humans that is how we experience them.

      You obviously already understand our true relationship with soul, but not everyone is as advanced as you in their spiritual growth. So I create my videos for the benefit of my “general” audience, some who know the difference and some who are working there way to that insight. If I explained our relationship with the spirit and the soul only in terms of oneness, many people would become confused. So I teach in layers, the same way I would teach someone who is new to computers how to use a computer. If I began explaining that everything is a series of ones and zeros, I’d lose a lot of people. But if I work my way up to the binary code, there’s a proper time and place for that information that doesn’t leave folks scratching their heads wondering what I’m talking about.

      Finally, and this is probably most obvious but still should be mentioned, this video has its own purpose, which is not so much to explain the relationship between souls and humans, but to explain the myth of earthbound spirits. If I had to fully explain the more advanced nature of souls, spirits and humans, that would not only have detracted from my main message but would have resulted in a much longer video.

      So your understanding of the soul is absolutely correct–we are not separate from our soul. And I’m glad that you took the time to ask your question, so that now you can understand why I (and others, too) don’t always get so precise in my explanations.


  28. Randy says:

    Thanks for the answer, it explained a lot. Do you offer a website or place to discuss different experiences or questions on spirtuality

    • Bob Olson says:


      I don’t have the time for that unfortunately, but if you peruse the comments sections of all my videos on this website you’ll see lots of questions and answers, as well as people’s stories and feedback.


  29. Randy says:

    Hi Bob – I have a question. You mention that “All people who leave their physical body go into the light”. I have personally come out of my body with full perception. This was not imagination as I was completely awake. The first thought I had was “I know Now”. It answered so many questions. The one question I do have is how can you exteriorize from the body and not see the light. I was exterior for a few minutes – there was no light. I could see all the physical items in the room but no light. I could explain more of what I experienced but that’s another topic. I am curious about the light.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Randy,

      If that’s what I said, I was referring to leaving the body after physical death. What you’re describing is an out-of-body experience (OBE). You can learn more about OBEs in my interview with Graham Nicholls. I think you’ll enjoy it.


  30. Marcia says:


    Hello Bob,

    This is just a quick note of total enthusiasm and appreciation for this site – I wish I had discovered it years ago but “better late than never”, as they say. I’ve been in total immersion since finding it on my birthday, the 13th of February. How’s that for “synchronicity”? You have instituted an invaluable service here, not only for the breadth and depth of areas covered but also the practical, visceral integrity with which you pursue it. Thank you from me, my own guides, and those to whom I have given your site links for their own studies. You’re the best! Keep up this fine work, please!

    All the best to you,
    Marcia D.

  31. Susan says:

    Greetings Bob, wanting to let you know how much I appreciate your video about earthbound spirits. I had watched it some time ago when I first discovered your site. So today I viewed it again, and I learned even more by doing so. You have such a talent for presenting a clear story, and stick to the subject so well. I now have an even better understanding about the fears and notions so many have, and will be able to talk about the subject thoughtfully, if it comes up in the future. We all have been given false and disturbing stories about the spirit world, afterlife, and ghosts, its no wonder we are afraid of such things. Having had a frightening experience with “demons” a long time ago, I now can put it in a much better perspective. Although they, the “demons” truly upset me, and were quite real at the time, I now understand about the energy imprint. They did not harm me, but it sure seemed like they could. I was so scared at the time, I had to call upon Jesus to assist me , and to make them go away, which they did. Do you think there are some energy imprints “demons”, that are showing up for some reason, maybe to cause us to examine ourselves and the direction we are headed? Maybe to wake us up to the dangers of evil, so we can become a less evil person here in this life? i guess I’m wondering still about these mischievous “spirits” and why people encounter them. So thanks for taking time to read this, if you have any ideas to share, I will be grateful. Many blessings for all you do for others, sincerely, Susan

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your kind words about the video and my communication skills. I don’t believe in spiritual demons, but I do believe in the evil within humans. So if you understand the concept of energy imprints, as explained in the video, the energy we pick up on is the energy of humans and their actions — but all from the past. Said another way, the evil that is experienced from the energy imprint is not a being but rather the energetic memory of a physical being (human) from the past. And humans can certainly be scary. That’s my take on it, but don’t take my word for it. Put it in your file cabinet and decide for yourself.

      Thank you for your comment and question. (And please check for my book coming out in May.)


  32. Kerry Masterson says:

    I appreciate all of your research. I am not sure if those spirits who communicate with living people have went into the tunnel or not. I think if you visited the Queen Mary in long beach you may change your mind. I agree with most of your research; but, you have not got this concept nor the reality of Ghost correct. Please reevaluate you conjectures. 

    First, Ghosts are not just concepts passed from generation to generation, they are real time events today, in the now. If they were only imprints, then, direct two way communications would not be possible.
    Second, some have went into the light and others have not, recall that we are here to make choices.
    Finally, contrary to the myth you profess demons are real and I pray that anyone reading this will never come cross the path of one.

    The advantage you nave is that you investigate first hand accounts which do provide proof; however, you may want to try a hot spot like the Queen Mary in Long Beach and attempt to communicate with they very spirits you describe as only imprints. If you were the primary source you might have reached other conclusions. We can not understand why God leaves some behind to finish the unfinished, but it is exactly what does happen; but, perhaps it is better to let him provide his reasons when our time comes.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Kerry,

      Thanks for sharing your beliefs with me. I have visited the Queen Mary, and I have no issues with you having a different experience than mine. That’s what spirituality is all about, everyone making up their own mind. I hope you can respect my own beliefs as I respect yours. My warmest wishes to you. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.


  33. Yaegerj says:

    There are many souls now that speak about trapped souls, are they all lying, Mr. Olson?

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi J. Yaeger,

      I think you meant to write that people (not souls) have spoken about trapped spirits. And this is exactly why I created this video. To answer your question directly, however, I don’t believe anyone is lying. I believe that people misinterpret their experiences based on their expectations and beliefs. I explain this more fully in my book when talking about negative NDEs, if you’ve read it. Thanks for your question.


  34. Janet says:

    Thanks for breaking it down into categories and using common sense and previous references (like NDE stories) to make your points. I also liked the explanation of hotels or old houses where “ghosts” are seen. I’ve wondered how all of it fit into my view of the afterlife and now I know.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Janet,

      I’m glad that this was helpful to you. I appreciate your comment.


  35. yaegerj says:

    Bob, If you can. Invite all these psychics on your show, who are well known for working with earth bound spirits and entities, and tell them on your show, that what they are doing is all bu– —-, because in your experience there are no earthbound spirits. Thank you for all that your doing.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey J,

      I think my video alone has already sent a strong message. But your idea would certainly be interesting. TV networks would love it. You should be a television producer 😉


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