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Your Soul’s Gift To You: Understanding The Life Your Soul Planned For You

ROBERT SCHWARTZ: “In this ‘new’ insightful conversation with Robert Schwartz (my second interview with him), we discuss pre-birth planning, specifically the healing power of the life our souls planned before our birth. We discuss the relationship between you and your soul, how understanding pre-birth planning leads to healing, if pre-birth planning interferes with free will, the people in our lives who are part of our soul’s plan, and even when our souls plan a spiritual awakening for us. In my last interview with Rob, we discussed the challenges our souls plan for us; so I took this conversation to a new place entirely. There’s too many gems in here to even list. Rob is such an articulate, graceful speaker with incredible wisdom that I just know you’ll love this interview.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Gift, teaches about pre-birth planning. 

Your Soul’s Plan: The Healing Power Of The Life You Planned Before You Were Born discusses the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage, abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness. There’s even a chapter about the planning we do with our future pets and other beloved animal companions.

Your Soul's Gift by Robert Schwartz

Purchase Robert Schwartz’s latest book,
Your Soul’s Gift at (affiliate).

FIRST BOOK: You can also purchase a copy of Robert Schwartz’s first book, Your Soul’s Plan at (affiliate).

EVENTS: Robert Schwartz can be seen for lectures and workshops in Taiwan (April 17-21), Highland Park, Illinois (May 11) and at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Massachusetts (Dec. 13-15). For more events featuring Rob, visit his website’s events page:

Robert Schwartz Biography: In a personal session with a medium in 2003, author Robert Schwartz was astonished to speak with nonphysical beings who knew everything about him – not just what he had done in life, but also what he had thought and felt. They told him that he had planned many of his most difficult experiences before he was born. Realizing that a knowledge of pre-birth planning would bring great healing to people and allow them to understand the deeper purpose of their life challenges, he decided to devote his life to the study of pre-birth planning. The extraordinary insights that have emerged from his work speak to our heartfelt, universal yearning to know . . . why.

Robert Schwartz’s first appearance on Afterlife TV. 

ROBERT SCHWARTZ: “In this first interview I did with Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan, we discussed how our souls plan our challenges in life on purpose. If you’ve ever wondered why bad things happen to good people, Robert Schwartz shares with us his conclusions about that topic based on years of research. This video conversation offers hope and understanding about the challenges we meet in life, and it might even leave you with a sense of inner peace and acceptance in the face of your challenges — or at least help you believe there is meaning to your suffering and that you’re not merely a victim of unlucky circumstances.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

Afterlife TV is presented by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson, who is the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death.

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  1. Juith Truett says:

    He must have had some training with Michael Newton’s group.

  2. Linda Kuzyk says:

    As always, Bob, you have tuned into and shared a powerful piece of the puzzle. In fact, this interview pulled many pieces into place. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I LOVE your Afterlife TV Sessions!
    Love, Linda

  3. pat stanek says:

    Mr. Schwartz is absolutely amazing!!

  4. MaryAnn says:

    AfterlifeTV is a great gift to the world. Thank you for sharing with us your insights and also the wonderful guests that are featured here. Robert Schwartz is a such a special guest with so much knowledge and wisdom to share with your audience. I truly enjoyed listening to this interview. Thank you Bob for all your work.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey MaryAnn,

      I really appreciate your kindness. I agree that Rob is filled with wisdom. I realized in my first interview with him that I simply could not stump him with a question, which allowed me to ask anything in this second interview. Once again, his answers were quick, deep and so well presented. I feel so blessed to be able to interview guests like him. Thanks for your comment.


  5. Anupama says:

    Very enlightening indeed. I was atlast able to forgive my Ex husband for all the trauma he caused in my life!!..Thank you very much….am feeling very peaceful.

  6. Nam says:

    Thank you for a wonderful interview. I really love the questions you asked abt the Laws of attraction and free will in relation to the pre-birth plan. When i was listening, i was having the same questions in my mind and immediately u asked them. I really like his answers too, they make so much sense and he is truly full of wisdom, always to the point, very easy to understand and relate too. I have learnt so much through afterlifetv, thank you for doing what ur doing. You have helped us all a lot!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Nam,

      I’m glad you liked that question. I had a feeling lots of people would benefit from it, as the two subjects are so closely related. Thank you.


  7. Linda says:

    Hi Bob,

    I was inspired by this to leave my first online comment.

    This conversation unfolded as a beautiful story of truth.

    I’m grateful for the healing powers of all of the interviews on this site. Words cannot describe how much this has helped me.

    As I listened to a previous interview with Dave Kane who honored the life of his son Nicholas O’Neill I felt as he was telling our story.

    Our creatively gifted 20 year old son Sam passed away in 2011. His soul left prophetic messages through art which have illuminated a path of spiritual growth for us. We have had many profound synchronistic and symbolic experiences which we are grateful for. These avenues of communication are so affirming for us and we believe they are supporting Sam in his eternal existence.

    Many thanks Bob and Robert


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Linda,

      First, I’m sincerely sorry for your loss. It seems that Sam has sent you on an amazing journey that will probably continue for the rest of your life. As for the benefits you’ve gained from watching these videos, my fulfillment is expanded whenever someone tells me that. I appreciate you taking the time to share your story. And thanks to Sam for likely leading you here.


  8. Andrea says:

    Hello Bob, I listened to the clip and found it interesting. I find it a bit silly that we get together in spirit and set up an entire lifetime. Example: I want to experience robbing a bank and living the life of a gangster. I will rob and shoot people. Of course, the other participants agree to this for soul growth. I believe life was meant to be good. We were meant to make things great on the planet not hurt it or others. Why would anyone need to be injured emotionally or physically to learn? I know a family who has lost seven members. I find this sad and not a happy learning experience. They are beyond sad and discouraged. They are some of the kindest people I know. There has to be a better way. I really enjoy your show and would like your insight on the above statement. All the best, Andrea

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Andrea,

      A lot of people wonder this same thing, so you’re not alone. The first advice I would give you is to read Robert Schwartz’s books. I wouldn’t expect everyone to fully understand what he’s saying without at least reading his first book, Your Soul’s Plan. And I definitely can’t give this question justice in a comment reply, especially if two hours of interviews with Robert weren’t sufficient to offer an answer.

      That said, the brief answer from my perspective is this: My investigation into the afterlife has taught me that life is meant to be a series of experiences and our free will gives us the choice to view each experience as positive or negative. There’s an old adage that says, “It’s not what happens to us that matters as much as how we respond to what happens to us.” And our free will allows us to respond as we choose.

      The fact of life is that bad things happen to people all the time. One needs only to turn on the TV news or pick up a newspaper for evidence of this. It’s one of the reasons our souls choose to have a physical life, because nothing challenging happens in the spirit world–that is where everything is love, joy and peace.

      In my first interview with Natalie Sudman, we talk about this incredibly revealing aspect of her near-death experience that begins when she’s in a vehicle that is hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Towards the end of her NDE, Natalie was half conscious (in the physical realm) and half unconscious (in the spiritual realm) when it occurred to her that she might end up blind in one eye, upon which she recognized that her soul was oddly enthusiastic about the possibility. Why? Because it was an experience that her soul had not yet experienced, said Natalie. There was no feeling of this experience being good or bad, positive or negative; it was just a new experience from the perspective of her soul.

      What that story teaches us, which is the reason I mention it, is that our souls view the experiences in our human life from an eternal perspective. Our souls know that on an eternal level, we are going to be all right and we are going to learn and grow from every experience–positive or negative. It’s like the perspective of parents of a young girl who is crying because the head to her doll broke off. To the young girl, the broken doll is a horrible experience–she immediately grieves the loss. But from her parents’ perspective, while they have deep compassion for their daughter and will gently help her with her grief, they also know that she is going to be okay and will get through the loss. Even more, they know that she’ll learn and grow from the experience. While it’s impossible to compare a human example to a spiritual one, I think this example works pretty well.

      One can, of course, argue about the impossibility of seeing even the slightest soul-benefit to many of life’s tragedies. And while in the midst of the tragedy and suffering, this is expected and natural. But there are many people who have experienced unfathomable tragedies and sufferings and come out the other side recognizing benefit and growth from their challenge. And many people have even found happiness after such loss, disability, and even crime. Immaculee Ilibagiza (author of Left To Tell) comes to mind. The book recounts Immaculee’s experience during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. She hid for 91 days in a small bathroom with 7 other women. The bathroom was about 3 feet long and 4 feet wide. Most of her family was killed by Hutu soldiers during the genoside: her mother, her father, and two of her brothers. Besides herself, the only other survivor in her family was her brother Aimable, who was studying out of the country in Senegal. In Left to Tell, Immaculee shares how her faith guided her through her terrible ordeal, and describes her eventual forgiveness and compassion toward her family’s killers. She is now a mother and wife who spreads love and, yes, joy to millions of people because she used her free will to choose meaning over victimhood in response to her terribly tragic experience.

      The idea that such people’s souls planned their challenging or tragic experiences doesn’t lessen the hardships of those people; but it certainly gives those hardships meaning (in hindsight), which is what Robert Schwartz’s work is all about.

      Robert’s message does not negate anyone’s suffering; it helps them to understand that their suffering has meaning and that they are not being punished or ignored by God or The Universe. And if you read either of Robert’s books, he offers many examples of this concept in action. His real-life stories, which exemplify the concept of pre-birth planning, are really the best way to understand it, from my perspective.

      Again, I can’t even touch upon this subject properly in a comment reply, but I hope this has helped in some small way. The truth is that Robert’s message is advanced spirituality (not a beginner’s course), much like embracing forgiveness for many seemingly unforgivable acts. Just the fact that you are questioning it and trying to understand it at all speaks wonders about you. Thanks so much for your comment and question.


  9. Merry Simpson says:

    Hi Bob,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do to bring such meaningful and enlightening interviews to us. The ones with Robert Schwartz have been so uplifting to me, particularly this one. Many years ago in a dream I was told that I had planned a very intense lifetime which would be as if it were 6 lifetimes in one. I indeed have dealt with and am still dealing with many challenges. After seeing this interview, I am thinking that was my soul’s way of letting me know that I have chosen to work on more than the normal number of divine attributes in this lifetime.

    It is such a pleasure to watch your interviews. You are so gracious and positive. You truly bring a healing service to this world.

    In love & light,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Merry,

      Thank you for your kind-hearted comment. I hope that you are on the far end of your challenges for this lifetime so that you can move forward to simply help others and enjoy life. Either way, I love your attitude and am happy to hear that these videos have benefited you.

      My warmest regards,

  10. Michael says:

    Hi Bob. Thanks for these wonderfully informative videos. Love them.

    At about the 2:30 mark on Rob Schwartz’s second video, he says that the soul creates a personality to incarnate in physical. Then he says that after the Soul and guides go over the pre-birth plan with the personality, the personality has the opportunity to consider the plan and express concerns over the degree of difficulty and possibly make changes to lighten the load if he/she so chooses.

    My first question is where does the newly created personality get the experience, or intelligent perspective, to consider and understand the nature of life incarnate and how difficult various conditions might be?

    My next question is what happens to this created personality once the incarnation is over? Is it simply reabsorbed by the Soul? Does it become eternal and be to the Soul what the Soul is to All That Is?

    On a side note, I look forward to your third interview with Natalie Sudman. Both Schwartz and Sudman have been a sea change in my perspective on life. Thanks again for your contributions to this very important subject.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Michael,

      I’ll do my best. First question: The newly created personality (NCP), what I might call the upcoming human’s spirit, is at one with its soul; so the NCP gets the experience from all the other lifetimes that soul has experienced, as well as the lifetimes of other souls in the soul group (though in a much lesser degree). There are also spiritual advisors who are assisting that NCP and can show him/her what to expect.

      Second question: I believe the spirit of that NCP always exists, though not separate from the soul–as part of the whole. I, personally, don’t believe that the same spirit reincarnates into another life; but rather, that the soul (the whole self) creates a new spirit (NCP) that will experience another lifetime, which is why mediums can forever communicate with the spirits of people–they always remain in the spirit world. So many people worry that their loved one might reincarnate before they return home to the spirit world. But I believe that while the soul might have another life, the spirit of that particular NCP of the previous life remains in spirit for eternity, though as part of the whole/soul. So my father, for instance, will always be there to greet me when I pass regardless of whether or not his soul has incarnated again.

      Therefore–to take this one step further–when I experience a past-life regression, I’m experiencing lives that my soul has had–which is still me, because I am my soul; but my soul is not just me. I hope that makes sense to you.

      Thank you for you enthusiasm. I too am looking forward to the third interview with Natalie. I have to wait until she goes to Washington, D.C. again because her Internet connection at her home in Arizona isn’t sufficient for Skype. Hopefully we can do that soon.

      Warmest wishes, Michael,

      • Michael says:

        Thanks for your answer. It was quite helpful. This is what I get: Each created personality (CP) continues after the physical life experience is over as a perspective-life experience of and within the Soul. It exists both uniquely as itself and as one of many composite parts of the Soul’s expanding consciousness of being.

        It further makes sense that the Soul would not just recycle existing CP’s but would be more inclined to create anew bringing ever more experiential perspectives into its Consciousness.

        Here’s to ever growing clarity and expansion of being…


  11. Senlar says:

    Hello Bob,

    I have a few questions stemming from this video.

    First, is it necessary that all of us will live lives in which we are handicapped or mentally ill or have some other disability that cannot be solved by the medical science of the time? Is this some necessary prerequisite in order to finally leave this realm and go onto the next one?

    Second, I have been to a Buddhist country and spoken with a monk. He told me that according to his beliefs (Theravada Buddhism), it is possible to achieve Nirvana in just one lifetime. In contrast, it seems that most human beings live hundreds or thousands of live according to the empirical evidence collected by researchers on reincarnation/pre-birth planning, etc. I have since long given up on believing in any organized religion (including Buddhism) because of the thousands of inconsistencies with reality written into their holy books. So is Nirvana in one life time a falsity? Do we have to go through hundreds/thousands of life times to make it to the next higher plane?

    Third, from this video and many others I have seen repeatedly that there is no judgement in the afterlife about one’s life review except one’s own. How is it that there have been so many NDEs of strippers, gangsters, drug dealers, people who have committed suicide who have seen hell and returned to earth? Is there such a thing as hell? Could it be that hell exists and simply the people you have interviewed are nice and have not seen it? I have done something terribly immoral but not illegal and am terribly remorseful and I would like to know up to what point the consequences will be.

    I am really curious to know about these things.

    Thank you,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Senlar,

      I’ll do my best, but my answer will have to be brief, so you’re not getting the most complete answers.

      One, no I don’t believe that. We each choose different challenges in every lifetime, sometimes more than one. I know a couple who were born into the middle class and became billionaires. Their challenges have nothing to do with physical issues, yet they are having experiences that their souls are benefiting from for all eternity.

      Two, I believe we grow from every experience, never mind every lifetime. I don’t personally think in terms of Nirvana, because to me that means there’s an end to the growth. Spiritual life is eternal, from the evidence I’ve seen; so I believe we are always growing, always increasing our light frequency. We can’t fail, Senlar; we can’t not grow. Every new day, every new experience raises us up because we learn (as souls) regardless of our free-will human choices.

      Three, my take on the hellish NDE experience is that those people experienced what they expected to experience. I do believe it’s possible to have that type of NDE, but I don’t believe there’s a hell. When we leave our bodies, we get to experience whatever it is that we expect or want to experience. But that initial experience is not going to remain. When we ask for help, when we recognize that we are the creator of our experience–and we always do–the false experience disappears. That’s my take on it.

      My advice to you, Senlar, is to learn how to forgive yourself for whatever it was you did. When you recognize that life is a series of events from which we learn and grow, you recognize that you are not the result of one event, but rather many events over all your years on earth AND many, many events over multiple lifetimes. As souls, we have each done good and bad; but we learn from each of those experiences. I recommend that you watch my video on suicide to complete this answer: But my wish for you is for you to forgive yourself. When you are able to forgive and love yourself for poor choices in the past, you will better be able to forgive and love others in the same way.

      Warmest wishes,

      • Michael says:

        Okay I’ve had a bit of an epiphany here. If Bob will allow it I’ll offer something that came to me on living a life as handicapped or mentally ill.

        If what Schwartz and Bob and others have suggested is accurate, and it seems the most clarifying I’ve considered to date, the Soul creates a new personality for each incarnation. That would mean that the personality we each know as ‘me’ is unique to this incarnation that we are currently experiencing.

        For an incarnation as handicapped or mentally ill, a unique personality would be created by the Soul and designed specifically for that purpose. Anyone reading this would not return as the handicapped personality they may fear. They/we were designed for the experience we are having now. It is the Soul that creates within Itself a new personality more suited to living such an experience. When this occurred to me, it lifted a burden of concern that has lurked in my consciousness for some time.

        As to the matter of what we have done in our life, consider that life is about experience both positive and negative. It’s less right and wrong than cause and effect. If there is a feeling of remorse present then there is a recognition that our actions are not in alignment with love and appreciation. That recognition is part of what we come for and is a great benefit to expanding consciousness. Give thanks for the gift of that recognition and allow it to work its magic in your further experience of life.


  12. Michael says:

    More curiosity on newly created personalities (NCP).

    A NCP, of which you and I and everyone else are examples, obviously have a sense of unique identity. It appears that identity is unique from other such NCP’s and from the Soul itself – at least to the extent that the Soul and Guides can have an exchange of information with as unique points of reference – and also has the freedom to choose among whatever options are presented. Wow, I am way above my pay grade here in understanding this, but I can’t deny my curiosity.

    So a Soul can create limitless personalities to experience life possibilities under unique conditions in virtually limitless realms of creation.

    And while each created personality is individualized and unique, it remains a part of the Soul that created it and has access of being to all that the Soul has become in terms of Its total experience and being from all the other CP’s. Tilt… reboot.

    And the Soul itself may well be just such a personality creation of some even greater consciousness in an eternal unfoldment of life creation – ad-infinum. Tilt…fuses blown…reboot.

    Fractals of Divine Conscious Being come to mind.

    Sure puts mowing the lawn in perspective.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Michael,

      That is a mind trip, but I think you got it right. Nice work. And I appreciate the humor, too.


  13. Dear Bob, I just want to thank you Sir for such a wonderful show that we can go to (I found you on facebook)..I’ve always believed in life after life! I’ve been blessed to sing for a living and touch people with the power of music…music speaks what words cannot..The spirit of Our Lord is in us all..I also have always believed we are all spiritual beings having a human experience! I love all of your interviews, I really liked Mavis and her gentle soul…just again, thank you for such a great show! When life gets me down, I just check out AfterlifeTV and I feel better..because I know my heart will not hurt forever and my reward is going to be worth all the pain this life brings.

    God bless’
    Nicky DePaola

  14. nooshin says:

    Hi Bob,

    I would never get tired of thanking you and telling you how much i do appreciate what you are doing here.
    I love the way Rob explains the soul’s plans and agreements before birth. Thanks to you and your wonderful interviews, I got a great deal of comfort and understanding by reading Rob’s first book ( your soul’s plan), months after i had lost my 15 yr old daughter. well, the word “lost” just comes automatically, but i am not using that anymore. I have not lost her. Listening to your powerful and educational interviews for the past year, has made be believe that she hasn’t gone anywhere, she’s right here very close,only in different vibrations.
    Rob’s insight, intuition, wisdom, and the powerful words that he’s choosing, is uplifting, awakening and enlightening.

    As always Bob, you won’t let any questions in listener’s mind, unanswered. That’s really incredible. Thank you.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Nooshin,

      Boy, if I have have a down day, or question the benefit of my work in any way, I will just read this comment from you. I’m glad you never tire of writing to me because I don’t think I can tire of hearing how these interviews help people. You are an amazing individual to have gone through every parents’ worst nightmare and to have gained the awareness that you have, and in such a short time. No doubt that your daughter is extremely proud of you. Thank you for taking the time, once again, to write me. I always love to hear from you.

      Warmest wishes,

  15. Sam says:

    Thank you, Bob for bringing this information to so many. The concepts are explained so well by Mr. Schwartz. This information is also in my book, “Spirit and Truth: Finding clarification of Christian concepts through the words of scientists, scriptures, sages and seers” and I find gratification in the fact that this concept of pre-birth planning is so well explained and confirmed. I have shared this interview with people close to me who, I hope, can profit from the information. I have also shared your facebook page on my own and plan to include your website on mine. Thanks again, Sam

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your support. Robert Schwartz’s work really is so important. My best wishes to you and your work.


  16. Anjali says:

    Hi Bob,
    I really enjoyed this interview with Robert. It answered quite a few of the questions which seem to come up every time there is a crisis situation. I especially liked his explanation about being grateful to the negative people in ones life as they make you grow so much spiritually. I completely agree with him. Thanks so much for this interview.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Anjali,

      Robert and his teachings are quite a gift to this world. I liked that part too. Thanks for your comment.


  17. Peter says:

    Dear Bob,
    watching this interview makes me wonder how is it possible that we, spiritual beings “extensions” of God’s energy coming from place of love and peace, could ever voluntarily and conciously agree to a life plan which often is an obvious act of cruelty to ourselves and our loved ones (?!). I certainly wouldn’t do it!
    That doesn’t make much sense to me, considering all arguments I’ve heard. In fact it sounds pretty naive.

    I am personally convinced of an existence of the “other side” – I’ve been exploring the subject for over 30 years, but I also believe that most things we experience during physical lifetime is random rather than predetermined.
    I would also be very careful regarding the information we get from some mediums on the subject, considering that many of those mediums are not very good at all. From about 15 readings I had in the past 2 years, including some seriously big names and $$$, only 3 turned out to be mind blowing experiences, the rest was waste of time and money.

    I think we do come here because we want to experience it (agree with Nanci Danison here), for the sake of the experience itself, and precisely because of its randomness, which brings all sorts of possibilities with itself.
    That in fact is the beauty of it!

    Thank you so much!
    Kind Regards,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Peter,

      I’m not sure I can reply to all your comments, but I’ll try. Yes, people need to be cautious about mediums, just as they need to be cautious about mechanics, lawyers, doctors, dentists and accountants. I’ve tested hundreds of mediums since 1999, so I have a pretty good handle on this. Therefore, when I speak about the evidence I’ve gained from mediums, I’m referring to the most gifted and reliable mediums of the bunch.

      I do agree that randomness is one of the great aspects of human life. I would add that free will is another. But just because we wouldn’t choose challenges in our life as humans doesn’t mean our souls wouldn’t choose challenges for our human lifetimes. While this answer below doesn’t give the full picture (I need a book for that), I think it might answer your question a bit. I’ve posted it in other areas of this website because this question comes up a lot. So here it is.

      As individual souls, we are all energy beams that reach out from the Source, the light and love of the Universe, like rays of light that reach out from the sun. We are never really separate from Source, but we have our own distinct energy signature.

      When we are born as new souls, we are blank slates, eager to have experiences that will teach us all there is to know. And, in this way, Source benefits from our experiences because we are always connected to Source and Source is always connected to us. At first our energy is low and dense because we are new and inexperienced. But as we have experiences that teach us universal wisdom, our energy vibration (our frequency) increases.

      I believe that we (as souls) increase our energy and our knowledge by experiencing the polar aspects of all there is to know. Our knowledge gives us an appreciation and understanding that makes us ever more complete with each new experience. In other words, we learn from experiencing both sides of every possibility. And, ultimately, what we’re learning is love.

      Hence, in order to fully understand and appreciate kindness, we must also experience cruelty. In order to fully understand and appreciate joy, we must experience depression. In order to fully understand and appreciate health, we must experience sickness. In order to fully understand and appreciate comfort, we must experience discomfort. And so it goes for every possible experience that exists, our souls experience both sides of the spectrum in order to understand and appreciate the opposite.

      We also experience varying levels of particular experiences that most interest us. So you might learn about loneliness by being isolated with no family and friends in one lifetime, then learn what it means to be lonely while surrounded by family and friends who don’t understand you in another.

      As we reincarnate from one lifetime to another, we can only take on so many experiences in each life. Thus, in one life, we might learn about forgiveness and poverty. In another, we might grow to understand addiction and codependency. In another, fame. In another, companionship. In another, being needed and taking care of someone in need. In another, mental illness. In another, unconditional love.

      Sometimes we can handle two or three or maybe several lessons in one lifetime. Sometimes one major lesson might be all we can take and our life might be very short. And some lives might strictly be for the purpose of helping someone else’s spiritual growth, although we always benefit energetically whenever we help another soul along their journey.

      After many lifetimes, we are vibrating at faster speeds and we have gained an understanding and appreciation for many facets of being. So if someone finds himself passionate about helping the homeless, foster children or the mentally impaired in one life (with no apparent connection to that group), he likely experienced that condition in another life. This is why he has compassion in this area and for these people, because on a subconscious level, he understands and appreciates the circumstances and conditions that these people know. This is why Universal Intelligence has unconditional love, compassion and understanding for each and every one of us—-because Source knows all sides of every experience.

      Some souls may choose not to return to earth for another lifetime because lessons can also be learned in the spirit world. From the spiritual realm, we can help people on earth as spirit guides ourselves, assist in helping other spirits return to the spirit world after a physical life, comfort pets re-entering the afterlife, or any number of possible “jobs.” However, from what I have learned, we often reincarnate to experience new human lifetimes because spiritual growth is much faster here on earth. As humans, we are able to know experiences that cannot be known in the spiritual dimension. And, similar to the “No Pain, No Gain” philosophy regarding physical fitness, the struggles we endure on earth are like going to the health club to exercise. With each grueling work out (each lifetime), we return to the spirit world with new and rapid growth.

      Every time our human life has ended, our spirit leaves our physical body and returns home to the afterlife to rejoin our soul. And each time we return, we are instantly freed of all physical pain and sickness, all fear and earthly concerns. We are instantaneously bathed in the comfort, joy and love of the Ultimate Light. Regardless of how difficult our last lifetime was, we sigh in our emancipation and think to ourselves, “Wow, what a relief!” And as we discover the immense growth we gained from that lifetime, we think, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad. I can do that again.” And before we know it, our soul is planning its next human journey.

      I hope this is helpful to you, Peter. My best wishes to you.


  18. Guy says:

    Hello Bob, Hi Rob,

    What was the learning purpose leading to the prebirth-planing of Adolf Hitler or Polpot ? (or many others such nice indiviuals, clearly progressing toward unconditional love!).

    All the best


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Guy,

      Who knows? My best guess is that this is a clear example of free will gone bad.


  19. Elia says:

    Hello Bob and Robert.
    Congratulations on this wonderful material! great work. it has help me to understand many situations and I wonder…How many times do we hear ” i don’t want to die, I still need to do more, not fare I am not done”
    My grandparents used to say it!. After watching and reading your material the meaning starts to change. Could it be that they knew that their work has been done or not and what they really wanted to say: “Oh no I have to go and start all aver again!”
    it just makes me wonder.

    thank you, big fan


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Elia,

      The answer probably differs with each person. What we know is that children tend to remember more about our spiritual essence than adults (the older we get, the more we forget). Yet, like so many things in life, I believe that many adults gain some of this wisdom back in their final years, months or days (the ethereal veil thins). It’s the circle of life.

      I’m with you, there’s so much to wonder about, which makes life (and the afterlife) so joyfully intriguing.

      Thank you for your kindness,

  20. Jayne says:

    Hello Bob &Robert,
    What fabulous information here!
    I cannot wait to read his books!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sincerely ~ Jayne

  21. Karin Holl says:

    Dear Bod,

    upon listening to this video and learning that your death is planded, how does that apply to the holocaust or to genocide ingeneral. Thank you for an answer,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Karin,

      That’s a great question, but one too important (and too long) to answer fully in a comment. In brief, the answer is the same for any murder or horrible crime, which is discussed in Robert Schwartz’s books. I agree that it’s difficult as humans to fathom how or why a soul would choose such a horrendous experience, but to the soul our life flashes by in the blink of an eye. And we as souls learn as much from negative experiences as we do from positive experiences–I believe even more. That’s a short answer that is seriously lacking (there’s so much more to say about this subject), but I hope that it at least hints toward the answer you’re seeking.


  22. Chris says:

    Wow , what a great service you are offering everyone Bob.

    Open minded, thought provoked individuals willing to discuss topics like these represent such a small portion of society I sometimes wonder whether we all know each other or not.

    Anyway, my search ( decades long now) has been in relation to both free will and psychics.

    I’m wondering if our free will is only available to us in the prelife phase whilst we are choosing elements of the physical life we are about to lead? Since we choose every little minute detail I wonder if that isn’t the expression of our free will and once we are born we are simply living out those decisions. Another said we only have 1 free will decision every day, to either go in the direction of our destiny or opt out. If we opt out then those decisions have also already been made.

    If so, there really is no conscious life free will as many people understand it to be.

    I’m also wondering about old age dementia, retardation and all the related mental issues and their impact on ones free will. How can brain damaged people exercise something they don’t have the capacity to engage in for their best benefit? If they exercised it before birth I get that, after birth I’m lost.

    If everything is planned and there is no coincidence then unplanned free will decisions don’t seem to fit the mold. Since every decision comes from a thought that came from the universe then the resulting decision might be the universes will anyway. It will also reverberate to effect others so it must be in line with their destinies wouldn’t it?

    Anyway, still working through these things. Thanks for whatever you can contribute.

    Best regards and blessings


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Chris,

      I just attempted to answer your questions, but realized that the “fate versus free will” question is much too vast to answer in a comment section. I have a book coming out this spring and talk about it there, but it required many sections in the book to provide a somewhat complete answer (it would require a book on that subject alone to cover every question).

      I wish I could lead you toward an answer now, but it took me over a decade to understand this concept. What I can say is that we always have free will as human beings. For example, we can choose to take our own life at any moment and, thereby, interrupt any pre-birth plans. In reference to the mental conditions you mentioned, that of course can alter our ability to make wise choices, but free will still rules. In that situation, what is important to understand is that the mental condition or disorder is an experience, and experience is the reason our soul chooses a physical life. So even if a person with a mental disorder makes what we as humans would consider “bad” choices, that person’s soul doesn’t view the choice or its consequences as good or bad–it’s merely an experience from which the soul will learn and grow. Watch my interviews with Natalie Sudman and you will better understand what I mean by this. I hope that makes some sense. Great questions. I think the more interviews you watch, the more answers you will get on this subject (especially the interviews with near-death experiencers).


  23. Seema says:

    Dear Bob,

    Thank you very much for the soul stirring interviews with Rob.
    You asked him so many profound questions and his views on them were equally WOW!!

    I am honestly very overwhelmed by both of Rob’s interview.

    I also deeply thank you for giving us this platform and helping the people around the globe in their ascension / evolution process.

    Thank you Bob 🙂
    With deep gratitude,
    Seema 🙂

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Seema,

      Wow, Afterlife TV viewers have such cool names. You are so very welcome. I’m equally as grateful for your kind comments. And I agree that Rob is amazing.


  24. Amy Rider says:

    Mind blown! I’ve always believed in reincarnation, and have heard about planning your life out before you are born, but hearing him talk about it, I can see the memories of things coming back, that all make sense now. I’ve dreamed of souls being born to my friends, and told them before they knew they were pregnant, so it all makes sense, that I was supposed to share in their lives. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but seeing with a clearer mind, and actually believing in what I feel is the truth, is huge! I guess the only question I ever had was, “why”. Although I still don’t know why all this, why are we (souls) here, what is the point of it all the learning, where did we come from? But I suppose that is an answer for when I go back. I am a person of science also, so it’s hard to wrap my mind around.
    Thanks for the video, it opened my eyes.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Amy,

      You’re most welcome. I’m glad you liked the interview. Just keep asking why and it will lead you to the answer (that is, it will motivate you to seek it out). Continue your search and one day you’ll wake up and realize you know.


  25. Alina Newson says:

    wow just wow! I had always had a feeling about this, we plan our own lives, all the people, all the situations, the places, they have been all planned before you were born in this world BUT is just hard to understand that my baby brother would want top commit suicide has an experience for his growth… That I still don’t understand. ;(

  26. Arlis says:

    Thank you so very much ,, I love this show ,, I never had a NDE but I knew there was more to life and afterlife then what’s presented by religion,, now I know who i am and where I’m from and why I’m here ,, (again hehe)
    Religion is here to tell us about loving and to strive for it by denying the fleshly desires, but most get caught up in ritual and man made laws,, GOD IS LOVE AND SO ARE WE !!
    Thank you very much

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Arlis,

      I’m glad my interview with Rob was helpful to you. Thank you for writing.


  27. Jan says:

    Loved the interview and thank you for the work you do, Bob!

    Perhaps someone here already suggested it but I would love Robert Schwartz to write a book (or workbook) about the 30 Divine Virtues. Maybe that’s something he will do in the future.


  28. Olga says:

    My very warm Hello from Moscow! Such a relief to hear your voices! And thank God for the medium of English!

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