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Healing Your Relationships With Your Loved Ones In Spirit

DR. TRISH WHYNOT: “I SO love tackling new, life-changing topics. And this interview promises to help you heal your relationships both living and passed. Here I chat with one of my favorite spiritual counselors, Dr. Trish Whynot (yes, her real name), about how to deal with those unresolved issues we still have with our deceased loved ones. Did you have an argument just before they died and feel horrible about it? Do you seek forgiveness for something? Were you hurt by them and want them to know it? Did you not realize how much you appreciate them until after they passed, never having the opportunity to express it? Trish’s wisdom is both deep and meaningful, and she gives us all the tools necessary for communicating with our loved ones in spirit without needing a practitioner to assist us. This is a transformational video you’ll want to share with your friends and family, and your loved ones in spirit will benefit from it, too.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


Dr. Trish Whynot explains how to heal our relationships with people in spirit. 

As promised in the interview, the article I wrote about my very first session with Trish Whynot is…
The Secret To Eliminating The Root Of Your Problems.

It’s important that you know that this book is not focused on the subject of this interview. Yet  Why Me? Why Now? WHY NOT?: Finding Opportunity In Obstacles is about so much more. Trish Whynot’s book illustrates the opportunities present in some of life’s more interesting scenarios. Depending on your approach to living, an encounter that could ruin your day could also positively change the course of your life. This practical wisdom enlightens the heart while inviting the reader to go deeper into his or her own experiences in search of personal treasure and a richer connection with God.

Why Me? Why Now? Why Not? by Dr. Trish WhynotWhile this book is not about the subject of this interview,
it’s 156 pages packed with meaningful, life-changing wisdom.

PAPERBACK: You can purchase of copy of the paperback version of Why Me? Why Now? Why Not? at (affiliate).

KINDLE (ebook) EDITION: You can purchase of copy of the Kindle edition of Why Me? Why Now? Why Not? at Your Soul’s Plan at (affiliate).

DR. TRISH WHYNOT’S BIOGRAPHY: Trish Whynot, D.C.Ed. is a Holistic Counselor, Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education, and author with a practice in Middleton, MA. She utilizes ASAT™ C.O.R.E. Counseling methods, meditation and the Mineral Kingdom in her alternative approach to eliminating the root cause of physical, social, and financial problems.

Her career was born of her pursuit for health and balance. In her counseling and in her personal life she models the joy of embracing the truth, love and beauty that are ever-present yet sometimes obscure.

“Problems are messengers with information significant to the fulfillment of our life purpose,” says Trish. On deciphering the message, the problem can be used as the fuel for growth that it was meant to be and more easily released. Her training as an ASAT™ C.O.R.E. counselor coupled with other metaphysical studies and personal experience, bring clarity and transformation to the root of problems quickly.

Her clients are those desiring to learn, heal and grow from their experiences—those desiring to live more meaningfully, more deliberately, more abundantly, and more extraordinarily.

Private appointments with Dr. Trish are available via phone, Skype, or in person at her Middleton, Massachusetts office. She can be reached at 978.314.4545 & via email at [email protected] — or visit her website at


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  1. Goldie Ramos says:

    Very interesting topic. I enjoyed it.
    But, I was wondering, how do you forgive or move on when you find out after the deceased spirit has betrayed you with infidelity? You have so many unanswered questions and anger bottled up & you can’t release it to them because they’re gone.
    How does one move on & heal from that?

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Goldie,

      I think Trish covered this in the interview, but she’d be the one to ask if that wasn’t enough for you. Her contact info is below the video. Forgiveness is certainly one of the most difficult challenges in regards to what Trish was discussing, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. My very best wishes to you.


    • Trish Whynot says:

      Hi Goldie,

      Forgiveness is a gift to the one who forgives so fortunately you don’t need your ‘friend’ in order to forgive. You would need them to reconcile. The greater the challenge the greater the liberation so there is buried treasure in there for you. Your feelings have roots in other places as well. I do have a chapter explaining forgiveness in my book. Let me know if I can be of assistance with your process.

      My best,

  2. Lynne Sullivan says:

    Hi Bob…I just had to let you know that after listening to Trish Whynot I did take out a letter that I had written to my 2 Son’s who have been estranged from me for about 3 years now…and I went out back of my house wth this letter in hand and a lighter and burned this letter out to the Universe just like Trish said letting this go into the Universe to free myself of all the thoughts and tears I put into this letter many years ago. As I watched it burned I looked up into the sky with my arms held out wide and said a prayer…and when I opened my eyes I looked up to the sky it was an over cast winter’s day but, there was the sun trying to come out but, to my amazement there was a rainbow around the sun is that cool or what!!…did the Universe hear me? and was this an answer to come? totally amazing!…there is a higher power!!…just wanted to share this with you and your readers. I am in toal amazement I have had many things come to me from the spirit world but, wonders never cease to amaze me this is truly an extrodinary sign. Please let me know what you think of this.

    Lynne Sullivan

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Lynne,

      I can’t think of a clearer sign than the sun and a rainbow. How wonderful for you. The key now is to surrender to whatever happens as being in the best interest of everyone, because that’s how the Universe works. It’s only when we have expectations that we get disappointed. That said, your message has gone out as clearly as if you had spoken it to the people involved, yet it is so much more subtle than that. Thanks so much for sharing this story.

      Warmest wishes,

  3. Trish Whynot says:

    I’ve been thinking about your question regarding how we talk nicely about even the ‘nasty’ people after their passing and why we do that. Then I found this passage which says so much!… “Many there are who bring their precious gifts for the dead. As they stand about the cold, silent form, words of love are freely spoken. Tenderness, appreciation, devotion, all are lavished upon one who sees not nor hears. Had these words been spoken when the weary spirit needed them so much, when the ear could hear and the heart could feel, how precious would have been their fragrance!” ~Desire of Ages by Ellen White

    If hurt people hurt people, what a difference reminding them of their goodness (when they are alive to hear it) could make. Why is it often so much easier to point the ‘not good enough’ finger than to point the ‘goodness’ finger? Probably because hurt people hurt people. So wouldn’t it make sense that going this vulnerable way would be healing for us as well? I believe this to be true.

    Thanks again for hosting me, Bob!

    Best and brightest,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Trish,

      This is wonderfully written. I knew you’d think about this and find an insightful answer. Thank you for this perspective. Basically it’s positive reinforcement aimed toward mean people. If we can simply find and express to them their good qualities before they pass (instead of merely after they pass), the possibilities are endless.

      You know, I remember learning in school when I studied Criminology in college, about cities that began to make small efforts to clean up their vandalism. They began fixing broken windows in old buildings, removing graffiti from walls, picking up litter and trash that had built up for years, and making the city a more beautiful place to live. These little changes had such a positive effect on the community that murder, robbery and burglary crime rates went down.

      What you said about reminding hurt people about their goodness reminds me of this effect. I believe that simple acknowledgment of their positive qualities (showing them their inner beauty) could have the same effect as making the city a more beautiful place to live.

      Thanks Trish,

  4. Nooshin says:

    Hi Bob,

    Very interesting interview with Trish. One of my favorite subjects. I’ve started learning and doing meditation recently with the help of a friend / life coach who’s very knowledgeable. I always doubt myself when meditating, thinking, what if all these conversations with my daughter, in the other realm, is only my imaginations and wishful thinking. My instructor says that,whatever comes to my mind,comes and i should let them be and not question them . What’s your advice for me

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Nooshin,

      I agree with your instructor. I learned this from my past-life regressions. When I experienced my first regression, I didn’t know what to expect. The regressionist, Nancy, asked me questions about what I saw, heard, felt, and so on, but for me the answers only popped into my mind (called claircognizance), which was very unsatisfying. I was expecting to see a movie, so I thought I was just imagining the whole thing. Nancy assured me, “Whatever it is that you’re getting, just go with it–even if you think it’s just your imagination.” That was great advice, because it took the pressure off and I just continued without questioning it. As the regression continued, a story began to unfold as I answered her questions, a story that I realized I wasn’t making up. And before I knew it, I went from knowing just the answers to having a multi-sensory experience. I was feeling the moisture in the air. I saw the small stone cottage that was my home from the inside. I smelled the dirt that made up the floor of this home. And, before I knew it, I began feeling the emotions of the man I used to be.

      You can read about my first regression here, which I wrote many years ago:

      So I would follow your instructor’s advice. It makes sense to me.


  5. Nooshin Natanzadeh says:

    Bob, amazing life story. wow !! I’m speechless. It really felt like reading “Many life many masters”. While reading, it was like,I could feel your resistance at the beginning. Because that’s how i feel towards trusting, what comes to me, during meditation. I’ll definitely work on myself on this. Thank you very much. If you “as George” thought that you failed your people, by not saving them all ! You’ve definitely brought a great deal of comfort and joy to many (including myself), in this life as “Bob”, and have proved that you are a true leader. I appreciate your existence.


  6. Senlar says:

    Hello Bob,

    I don’t know where to categorize this question but I would like to ask it.

    This is the metaphysics of Dr. Itzhak Bentov who explored the inner and outer worlds through meditation. A bee has a consciousness. A hive of bees has a consciousness. The ecosystem in which the hive exists has a consciousness. The planet in which the ecoysystem exists has a consciousness. The solar system in which the planet exists has a consciousness and so forth.. until you reach the entire universe and the largest consciousness which some people call God or the divine.

    Now my question is this. I come from a computer science background and I work in this field. Would it be effective to create artificial intelligence programs which are constantly praying for someone or something to happen (manifestation)? According to the metaphysics of Dr. Itzhak, these programs would be part of the universe and therefore part of God’s consciousness. Therefore these programs could pray to God as well. According to Dr. Itzhak Bentov’s theory of metaphysics, the answer is yes, computer programs can pray to God.

    Is there any information or experience you have about whether computer programs can pray to God?

    The benefit of having “praying programs” running on a computer would be to increase the frequency of the prayer because the program can pray hundreds of thousands of times per day for a person or event.

    I suppose the best way to find out would be to simply try it and see if I can manifest some desire or help or sign from the divine through “praying programs”.

    But I would be interested to know if there is any information you have which would support this possibility of whether a program can pray?

    If the answer is yes, I think we have just reached the age of “spiritual machines” that pray for people, their health, important issues in their lives, etc. at a much higher frequency than one person praying a few times a day because programs can pray hundreds of thousands of times a day.

    I know this is a strange question but I don’t know who to ask.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Senlar,

      Hey, this is as good a place to ask as anywhere. But I don’t have the answer; I’m sorry.

      This is a stretch for me because the machines you mention don’t have a spirit (life) in the way that people, animals, insects and plants do. I can see your argument for them having a consciousness because all matter is energy, which is connected to the Universe (oneness). But because a machine does not have a spirit that eventually leaves it’s body and returns to its soul, I have skepticism. I also have difficulty believing it has the ability to set true intentions that come from the heart (compassion, love) which to me is the essence of prayer. But I’m sure people much more intelligent than me can make an argument that these computer programs can have true emotions like love and fear. I’m just skeptical that they can do anything more than mimic such emotions based on good programming. Yet I once didn’t believe in the afterlife, so there’s still hope for me.

      I hope you can find your answer. I definitely think that your intention behind it comes from a loving place.


  7. Jamie says:

    I think intention and choice are the big things here.

    A program set to repetitively go through the motions of prayer is about as meaningful an intention as any other mechanical contrapaption with prayers written on it, or playing them repeatedly through speakers, or flapping flags or whatever. There is no thought in the repetition beyond doing it, but the symbols are not without meaning for the mind which has placed them in motion. It’s something, it contains that element of consciousness, it’s just not the same level of creativity.

    It’s just not the same as someone having a deeply personal experience who prays (or does anything else) in conjunction with that experience. The difference is meaning; emotion; the depth of experience.

    This is not to say a machine intelligence cannot have these. I believe it can and will one day.

    A program exhibiting human-level intelligence or higher, if forced by its programming to go through such motions, is not then expressing this through its intelligence and its own deeply personal experience. It has to _decide_ to pray, if it’s to parallel the human experience of conscious choice and intention. From what I’ve read, it is the act of decision which is most creative, and that is where the connection with relationships and life and experience and growth and complexity comes in. If a machine will do something inevitably, even in a complex way, that’s not decision. (But complex but inevitable processes can still be a profound influence in relationship with someone – or even in relationship with the machine’s own creative side!)

    Having said that, I think this is complex in that there are conceivably “beacons of light” which can be created by the application of thought into repetitive systems. Like imbuing one’s spiritual light into something representing prayer. The way people do with rituals and rosary beads and myriad other things. It just needs to be felt and meant and _explored_, is all; mindless repetition isn’t the same.

    There’s a tricky side to this. A “master” has sometimes been described as one who is completely predictable – always loving. You might imagine prayers from such a being to be more energetically meaningful. Despite in some sense being predictable. In a way they are. And this can be imagined in machine intelligence too – the consequence of some deeply felt effort to create a compassionately imaginative and supportive machine-mind would also naturally have such power (just imagine a wise machine-mind helping people in their lives).

    But in another way, it’s not the master, it’s not the automatically-loving – it’s the great leaps made by people who are still finding their way which are most profoundly meaningful in the universe. Isn’t that why we’re here? Nudges from those smarter than us always help of course, if we want them. But we take the steps.

    Hope this gives you some ideas. They’re just ideas, and just for now. And I wish you luck in your creative endeavour to make such prayer systems in whatever way you feel is right!

  8. Ann says:

    I say go ahead and try it and see how it works. In a similar situation, I leave meditation music playing in my house when I am not there. I believe the sound waves help to create a peaceful space for my family and me to return to. I also believe it draws things we need to our home. An interesting thing happened the first time I tried this. I left a CD of Wayne Dyer chanting an OM meditation. My husband, laughingly, said it sounded outside like our house was meditating. Later that afternoon a young man came by the house selling cleaning supplies. We decided the house drew to itself what it needed by chanting the OM meditation! 🙂

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