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The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits

The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits–Ghosts Who Are Allegedly Lost Between Worlds, Don’t Know They’re Dead, Or Are Afraid To Go Into The Light

Too many of the bereaved are suffering in their fear that their deceased loved ones are lost or stuck between worlds–commonly known as earthbound spirits. To me, this is a sad and unfortunate tragedy for the grieving because I have not seen any evidence of this belief in over 13 years of investigating the afterlife. Yet these beliefs that the recently deceased can get lost and not find their way to the light, or don’t know they’re dead, or don’t trust their loved ones in spirit who are calling them to the light, have been passed down through the generations, and I don’t know anyone who has ever questioned these ideas. If you have been worried that your loved one who passed might be an earthbound spirit–or if you’ve been blindly spreading these ideas around to others–consider the multiple arguments I make in this video to dispell these fear-creating myths so you can make a conscious decision about this subject after seeing both sides of it.””  ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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Hey everybody, Bob Olson here with Afterlife TV. You can find us at This is where we talk about the afterlife. Today we’re going to be talking about earthbound spirits, ghosts, specifically the question of whether or not you have loved ones who might be stuck between worlds. Maybe they’re lost; they are afraid to go into the light, what have you. That’s the subject of today’s video report.

Now remember, video reports are about me sharing with you the conclusions that I have come up with based on all my investigations of the afterlife since 1999. Video conversations or video experiences are where I have guests on and we talk to them about various subjects around the afterlife.

Today’s subject is really important, and I’m going to tell you why. I was at a workshop where I was sitting in the back watching a practitioner give a workshop, and I saw this couple sitting in the back near me. They were concerned, like they were really concerned; they were deeply disturbed that their son had passed a year prior due to an automobile accident, and because they hadn’t heard from him they were worried that he might be lost or stuck between worlds and had not yet gone into the light.

This bothered me to no end to the point where I knew that this was a subject of great importance, one that I needed to talk about and get people thinking in new directions. One of the first things I want to say before I really get started, and I say this with most of my video reports, is that Afterlife TV and all of my work is really about trying to inspire you to investigate the afterlife for yourself. I’m not here to force feed any answers down your throat.

I really do just want to open your mind to the possibilities, to get you thinking in new ways and new directions. So hopefully, rather than take my word for any of this, and I encourage you not to—I encourage you not to take anybody’s word when it comes down to the afterlife and what people have to say as far as answers about the afterlife—but take their answers, take my answers as a launching off point, as a way to sort of wrap your mind around some of these questions and get you thinking so that you can go out and investigate for yourself.

The best way to investigate is to go out and have your own experiences, have your own experiences with different mediums, spirit artists, past life regressionists, life between lives regressionists, do your own meditations, try your own inspired or automatic writing. There are all sorts of ways to go about investigating the afterlife on your own, so I hope that’s what these video reports encourage and motivate you to do.

Today’s subject is one of great controversy because there are a lot of people who are not going to agree with me. I know that because there are answers to these questions that I have brought up about people being stuck between worlds that have been passed down for generations, and they’re answers that I don’t agree with. So those people who keep passing that information along therefore are not going to agree with what I have to say today. That’s okay with me. Someone needs to say it, so I’m going to stick my neck out here so you can hear at least a different version of it.

Why does this happen? Well, the reality is somewhere along the line, and this probably happens 100, 200 years ago—I don’t even know— somebody comes up with an answer to one of these questions about the afterlife. Other people believe that answer. They don’t investigate it for themselves, but they just take it on faith that that answer is correct. Then they start to pass it along to other people.

When we live in a society where right now there are so many psychics and mediums, and people will look up to psychics and mediums as though they have some kind of better insight than the rest of us. In some ways they do, but they can be wrong a lot of times. They too are making interpretations based on their own experiences, and interpretations can be mistaken.

So what will happen is we’ll have maybe a well-known medium who is giving classes to other psychics and mediums, and this question, we’ll say, here about earthbound spirits gets talked about. The information that was taught to this well-known medium then gets passed along to all these student mediums. It just continues on and on and on, and nobody ever knows where these answers originated.

So here’s some of the answers that are commonly said and believed around this idea of earthbound spirits is, one, that some people will die and for whatever reason, maybe some say it’s because if it’s a sudden death. Some people say if it’s like a traumatic death where perhaps it’s a car accident and they weren’t expecting it. It’s not like a slow death where you can sort of transition your way and get ready for going back home to the spirit world.

Some people think that when it happens in this way, whether it be a murder or a suicide or a car accident, what have you, that people get confused when they leave their body and go to spirit. Now, some people believe that there is this sort of transitionary point where they’ve left their body, but because they’re confused they don’t know that they are dead. That’s one belief out there.

Another one is that they are confused. Oh my God, where am I? I’m confused. They don’t know where they are. Maybe they still don’t know that they’re dead. But even if they do, they don’t know how to get back home, so they become what some will describe as lost.

The last one is that they’re sort of paranoid. They become paranoid. They see that their loved ones are calling them. Like in a deathbed vision where people see their loved ones coming to welcome them home, these people who have left their body see these spirits welcoming them, their loved ones who have passed before them, yet they’re skeptical of them. They think that perhaps some evil spirit, maybe if they believe in Satan, the devil, that these people are trying to trick this person into going into the light, but the light is not the light of the spirit world. It’s a bad, horrible place that some people might call hell.

The only other version that I’ve sort of seen with this is that some people don’t go into the light because they have unfinished business. They have something that they want to do. Of course, the movies will play with this idea that they want their murder solved or somehow they want somebody else to find the money that they’ve hidden, whatever it may be. They have unfinished business to resolve before they will go into the light of the spirit world.

I guess I don’t have to say that I don’t believe in any of it. I believe it’s all hogwash and for good reason. I have never seen any evidence of it. As of right now, it’s been over 13 years, and not one iota of evidence has come my way for me to be able to conclude that any of these things are true.

Let’s break it down, and I’ll explain why. I want you to also understand that this is where hauntings get involved, so if a house is haunted or something, this is all related to this. Because really when people think that a house is haunted, they think it’s haunted by a ghost.

From my own terminology, a ghost in that sense would be an earthbound spirit, someone who was hanging around that house or that dwelling and either is somehow unusually attached to it for some reason, again, doesn’t know they’re dead so they’re still living there, or for whatever reason wants to keep everyone else out, especially humans. So again, if you’re talking about hauntings, we’re talking about the same subject matter here about earthbound spirits.

My conclusions since 1999, they have not wavered, and I don’t expect them to waver—but if I were to find evidence otherwise, I’d be the first one to tell you about it—is that spirits and ghosts are the same. In other words, what I’m trying to say is if there was a ghost sighting, then really all that person is seeing is someone in spirit.

It’s not an earthbound spirit. It’s just someone in spirit, someone who died, left their body, went into the spirit world, went into the light, as they say, and is living a life of eternal inner peace and joy and just good old fun there in the spirit world, which some people call heaven, whatever your word for it is. Ghosts and spirits are the same. So I do believe that these ghost sightings are just spirit sightings. I’m going to get back to that in a moment, but I don’t believe in earthbound spirits.

Let’s talk a little bit more about this and explain why. First of all, if you think about the infinite power you might call God or source or creative intelligence or the universe with a capital U, if you think about the infinite power that created everything, including us, including everything on earth, including everything in our universe with a small u, including everything that is beyond that, you recognize the power, the infinite wisdom and intelligence that’s behind all that.

So to me it’s just human arrogance to suggest that God—I’ll use the word God—is unable to get his children home, can create all this, can get a spirit to go into a body and have a lifetime, but when that body ceases to exist the spirit leaves the body but God is unable to get that person back home. If you realize the ridiculousness of that statement, and you understand if you’ve watched any of my other reports, I’m a very practical guy. I look at things very logically. I come from a practical standpoint with everything.

If you think about this source, this infinite intelligence that created everything, creates miracles, etcetera, etcetera, and yet made this mistake where spirits are unable to find their way back home, first of all, that just seems kind of silly, doesn’t it? Second of all, it’s shortsighted in that it doesn’t take into account the fact that we are always connected to our soul.

So it’s interesting because if you listen to some of the people who will teach this idea of earthbound spirits, you’ll hear a lot of conflicts in the things that they teach. I don’t blame them because again it was just passed down to them. They trusted in their teachers, and so they took it upon faith that it was true. Now is their opportunity to maybe think about it for themselves, think it through, and maybe start to teach differently.

We are always connected to that part of us that some will call the higher self. It’s our soul. I’ve described this in other videos, but I look at it as our soul is the part of us that’s our higher self that is always in the spirit world. Part of our soul comes to experience a human life, and that part of us that comes into this body to have the human life is what I would call the spirit.

When this human physical life is over, then our spirit will leave our body and reemerge with our soul that has hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. Our soul then will always have those experiences, that lifetime memory of everything that we did, said, thought during this lifetime, will always have that for all eternity, those experiences to learn and grow from.

When you think about the fact that we’re always connected, that we are all one, that we’re always connected to the universe, we’re always connected to our soul. Our soul, along with our spirit guides, is always trying to influence us to carry through the plans that we came into this lifetime with. So like an elastic band you can stretch that elastic as far as you want without breaking it, and if you let go of one side, it’s always going to find itself.

You can’t break the connection between you and your soul, so the elastic band is never going to break. But when you leave your body, it goes back to the soul. It’s still connected to it, but it returns to the soul without effort. It’s automatic. It’s not a process where anything can go wrong. It’s nothing that happens that allows for the possibility of the spirit of a body getting lost or confused or paranoid.

I think everyone agrees and everyone understands that once the spirit leaves the body at the time of death that that spirit is no longer influenced by the human ego. So when you think of it that way, you take away this ability to get lost or paranoid. You’re not going to get a concussion. These are all human traits that people are giving the spirits in order to describe them as an earthbound spirit.

Even when we talk about this idea that these spirits are somehow unusually attached to something here on the earth, have maybe some unfinished business or are unusually attached to their home, it doesn’t really make any sense because again you’re giving human qualities to someone who’s in spirit. If you’ve done any investigation at all into the afterlife, you recognize that once we leave our bodies we also leave behind our attachment to all things physical, to those things that are part of our human makeup, those things that our ego wants.

Now, we’re still attached in a spiritual way to our loved ones we left behind, but that’s because they’re part of our soul group. We came into this lifetime together. We’re going to leave and all go back to the same place, what I would describe as home, the spirit world. So yes, our loved ones in spirit are still attached to each one of us because they love us and they care about us and they want us to have a successful life, to achieve all that we hoped to achieve and learn and grow from while having this lifetime.

They also have compassion for us if we’re going through challenges such as grieving their loss. They are concerned about that, but they know, because they have a higher perspective, that everything’s going to be okay. I’ve done a few videos with people who have had near-death experiences. Just listen to a couple of those and you’ll recognize that in the spirit world state all of the sudden they really don’t have a care in the world.

Worrying about who gets their car or whether the washing machine is fixed or what happens to the house because the kids are fighting over it, they care; they don’t want the kids fighting over it because they don’t want the kids to suffer in that way. But who actually gets the house, whether the house is sold or not sold, even what happens to their body, I know a lot of people have all these concerns about whether they’re buried in one state or another state, these are concerns of humans. These are concerns of humans, not concerns of people in spirit.

I’ve got some notes here because this is such a complicated matter, such a complicated subject, that I don’t want to forget anything. This idea about being lost, let’s just go back to that for a moment because in addition to the elastic analogy that I gave and returning to your soul, it’s also the idea of the universe, universe with a capital U, the idea of all that is, it’s one of those deals where everywhere you go, there you are. You’re still in the universe, with a capital U. You’re still there.

One of the wonderful things that we learn if you investigate the afterlife—and we learn with near-death experience, people who have near-death experiences, we learn in communicating with loved ones in spirit through mediums—is that when you’re in spirit you can just think of a place and be there. It’s like that, instantaneously.

You want to be with your son? Bam, think of your son and you can be there with your son. You think of some beautiful field that you used to hang out in. Bam, think about it, you’re there. You want to think of some other dimension, some other place in the spirit world, whatever it be. Think of it, and you’re there. There are no limitations. There are no limitations spatially. There are no limitations in time.

That said, if you’re in the spirit world, if you’ve left your body, I mean you immediately go into the dimension that we would call the spirit world. Yes, there are different levels of that. So there’s you just leave your body. You’re always able to look. You see your body. You’re greeted by maybe a loved one in spirit or some being of light. They’re described by all sorts. Then quite often you are taken into the light, but you’re still within the universe with a capital U, which means you can’t get lost.

So many people who have had near-death experiences have told me that they were automatically drawn to wherever they were going. They knew where they were going. It wasn’t a question. They didn’t know how they knew. It wasn’t anything that required any thought on their part. They were drawn back home to the spirit world. Some people call it the light, drawn toward the light.

But even in that initial state when we leave our bodies you might not necessarily immediately see the light. But people who have had that experience told me they were immediately drawn to go where they were supposed to go without needing to think about it. It’s an automatic process. Again, would the creator of this universe with a capital U set it up in any other way? No, of course not.

Yet when we talk about this idea that it’s a dimension, that’s the thing. Say we’re a different dimension; we’re just vibrating at a different frequency within certain frequencies so that we’re actually at this lower level frequency of the physical world. But when we think about the spirit world, it’s not up there or over there or some long distance place to get to. It’s all around us.

The spirit world is all around us. This is why our loved ones in spirit are able to be with us, to pay attention to what’s going on in our lives, maybe even to influence us in moving in the right direction toward the plans that we made before we came here. Because we coexist in the same space, of course there’s no space in that dimension, they wouldn’t consider it space, but from human terms they are right here with us. They’re just vibrating at a higher frequency that for most of us we’re unable to see them or hear them. Usually, we can feel them.

It’s kind of like the old dog whistle. Do you remember them? Maybe I’m showing my age here. But dog whistles were more popular at one time, at least when I was a kid. Yet you would blow into this dog whistle, and we couldn’t hear anything. But it would drive the dogs crazy. Again, the dog whistle had a frequency that was beyond our ability to hear, but not beyond the ability for a dog to hear. So it’s sort of on that same idea. What is it I’m trying to say here? I’m trying to say that no matter where we go, whether we’re in our body or out of our body, we’re still in the same place. Everywhere you go, there you are. We can’t get lost.

I’m going to just back up a little bit also about the silliness of earthbound spirits as well because a lot of times they just say they don’t know they’re dead. I know people go through these rituals and everything about letting people knew that they’re dead. It’s great. I mean it comes from a place in their heart, these people that do that, because they believe it.

But let’s just think about it logically. If you leave your body, one of the first things everybody who has a near-death experience talks about is that they looked down at their body or they looked at their body in front of them and they recognized it was their body. There was no confusion about it. It was a little bit of a shock sometimes, but they recognized that it was their body.

In fact, the second thought usually that goes through their mind is they don’t want anything more to do with it. They’re happy to be out of it, but their body is right in front of them. That helps them to know that they’re dead. Then their loved ones are talking to them. Sometimes when people are on their deathbed before they’ve even died, they’re in that process of getting ready to pass and their loved ones have come to welcome them, to greet them, to let them know that they’re going to be there when it’s their time to cross over dimensions.

So you’re looking at your body. You’re recognizing that you don’t have a body. That’s one of the first things a lot of people recognize. They’re just sort of a being of light. They don’t have a body anymore. They’re out of it, and yet they retain the same consciousness. It’s like the mind. Their mind has left the body, their personality even.

Now they’re seeing their loved ones in spirit. Their loved ones can show themselves; we’ll say your loved ones can show themselves to you the way they looked, the way you might remember them. That would just be for the sake of you. Otherwise, they just recognize. They just know, oh, that being of light is dad. That’s dad. I know. I just know. I recognize him. I don’t know how I recognize him, I just do.

You also recognize that other humans don’t see you. They don’t hear you. This happens quite often in near-death experiences. The people who have left their body will start to talk to the surgeons and the nurses. Hey, hey, wait a minute; what are you doing? You don’t need to revive me. I’m right here. They recognize that nobody can hear them. Nobody can see them. Nobody recognizes them except their deceased loved ones who are right over there calling to them, saying hey, don’t worry about it; everything’s okay.

Finally, we can take this on and on and on. I’ll just say they recognize that they can’t touch anything. They can’t feel anything. They can’t move anything. They can’t eat anything. They’re no longer human. It’s kind of hard to fathom that anybody would not know they’re dead. I know we all saw The Sixth Sense where Bruce Willis’s character went through the whole movie and didn’t recognize he was dead. That’s why we didn’t recognize he was dead. But that’s the movies, so we’ve got to be careful to not let our imaginations run wild.

I do think that this is part of the problem that has occurred is that people’s imaginations have run a little bit wild here in order to come up with these ideas, these stories about earthbound spirits. Maybe they’re trying to explain something. Maybe they’re just trying to justify something. I don’t know what it is, but they come up with these ideas and then they get passed down. Because we’re humans and we think like humans and we give spirits human qualities, we end up thinking and believing the same things, and on and on it goes.

Let’s just talk a little bit then about hauntings because I say these things and I know I’ll get the emails: Well, this happened to me; how do you account for that? So far I’ve been doing this for over 13 years. I’ve got a lot of emails. I have expressed many times in the past that I don’t believe in earthbound spirits, and a lot of people want to argue about it. But no one has convinced me with their story to believe otherwise.

We talk about these ghost sightings. So how do I account for some of this paranormal activity? Ghost sightings, many times they’re just spirit sightings. There are many, many people, and it might only happen to them once in their life, but they have visions of spirits. They see spirits. They hear spirits. They feel spirits around them. I’m not saying that spirits don’t exist, don’t coexist with us, that people are not seeing spirits; but they’re not earthbound spirits, not what some people would call ghosts.

The way I see things, spirits and ghosts are the same. So if you see a ghost it’s just probably one of your loved ones who is trying to let you know that they’re there. They’re not trying to scare you, but because you are scared of ghosts, because you fear the unknown, then they scare you. Because imaginations run wild, we put together this scenario in our head that this is a scary haunting. TV and movies are certainly guilty of helping us do that.

I do believe in energy imprints. This is where something happens at a particular place. I’m going to use—it’s a little bit cliché—the murder. Someone’s murdered in a particular place. That’s a very negative energy, a very low energy when someone is murdered. I do believe in energy imprints, meaning there’s a memory of that. There’s an energetic memory of that that can exist in that place. It doesn’t always have to be negative. It can be positive. It really doesn’t matter. It could be a beautiful wedding, a birth. It can be just a joyful moment for people.

Energy imprints exist so that if you’re at an inn that is well-known for its hauntings and you happen to see the lady in white walk through the closet door down the hall, to me that would just be an energy imprint. It’s just something that keeps happening over and over and over. It’s not that it’s happening to any one person. It doesn’t exist. There’s no spirit who is stuck in this inn who just keeps walking the halls all the time.

It’s the memory. It’s the energetic imprint, energetic memory of this person that’s there, and that’s what people are picking up on. Nothing to be fearful of, nothing that’s going to hurt you, nothing that’s even going to happen to you as a result of it. It’s just sort of like almost watching a movie of the past but you’re using different senses that you’re perhaps not used to using. I do believe that some places, some locations, are better, more suitable for this type of energy imprint and people being able to pick up on them than other places for whatever reason. I don’t know the answer as to why that is.

What about the photos and videos that people have where they take a photograph and they see, say, the outline or even the face of someone that they would call a ghost? Once again, I just believe it’s a spirit. I believe that they’ve taken a picture. Perhaps someone in spirit has shown themselves and is saying hello. It’s nothing to be scared of, nothing to fear.

EVP, electronic voice phenomena, same thing; it’s not that I don’t believe in it. I believe it’s true. You have a digital recorder. You can ask a question and then just record dead silence. When you go back and listen to it later, you may actually hear someone saying something. I’m not going to say that we’re definitely hearing anything at all, and it could be picking up other frequencies. There are other explanations for it is what I’m trying to say. But I also believe that it’s possible that we’re picking up the voices of people in spirit, people who have gone into the light.

What I’m going to say about that, I can’t think of an example, but we’ll just say that there’s someone who sometimes you’ll see it on TV. They’ll interpret. You can’t really even tell what it’s saying. They write on the screen in a subtitle what it was that the ghost said. They might say, get out of here. To me, this is all left up to interpretation. Sometimes good TV is just good TV. But it’s all left up to interpretation.

I will tell you, having worked with mediums for as long as I have, having had hundreds of readings myself and witnessed hundreds if not thousands of other people getting readings, that even mediums who have their own ability to hear spirits communicate with them in different ways, a lot is left up to interpretation. A lot of times the interpretation is wrong. See, that’s the whole thing.

One of the things is the message is usually always correct. It’s just our interpretation of what we’re hearing or what the metaphor is if a picture is put into our mind or whatever the message is, sometimes the interpretation is wrong. That’s the same for these EVPs.

Meters, same thing; yeah, I do believe that these meters are picking up on something. I don’t believe it’s earthbound spirits. It could be spirits. It could be all kinds of other things. This is where the skeptic comes out in me. This is the funny part about it all is I always start from a place of skepticism, but with all the experiences that I’ve had since 1999, it would be hard to call me a skeptic anymore. Yet there are some things that I just still am unconvinced about, and hauntings and ghosts in terms of calling them earthbound spirits is one of them.

I’m just going to let you know right now, people in spirit are not angry. They’re not violent. They’re not evil. Again, this can be the stuff of people’s imaginations. People have told me many stories about what they thought was this evil ghost, this evil earthbound spirit that came and visited them. They felt it and they felt like it was evil. Then a chair moved or the bed moved or whatever it may be.

Again, it’s not very often that you hear people talking about I was outside in the middle of the day, the sun was shining brightly, and I had this horrible, scary experience. I’m not saying that that can’t happen. What I’m saying is it’s usually at nighttime. It’s usually in the dark, and there’s a reason that when things happen people’s imaginations go to the place of being horrified, being scared, and interpreting it to be some kind of negative, low energy earthbound spirit. I’m not going to beat it to death any more than I have.

I will just say just because someone died in a house, even if they were murdered or if there was a suicide, I know that the TV shows love to do that. They find a house that is allegedly haunted, and one of the first things they like to do is do the history of that. They find out that someone was murdered in that house or on that land. It doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that that person who died there is now or even likely to be haunting that space.

There may be an energy imprint, as I said, an energetic memory, and that may be what is being experienced by the people who live there. That could have a negative quality to it, but not in a way that it would be harmful, not in a way that it would be dangerous to anybody here. It’s just an energetic memory. It’s like watching a movie. That is not going to hurt you any more than a movie is going to hurt you when you go to the theater and watch a horror movie. It’s all food for fearful imaginations. There’s nobody hanging around there.

I’ll even take this to the next level, which is I think cemeteries are a wonderful place for all of us. First of all, we’ve got to do something with the ashes or the body. We have to have a place to bring those things and bury them. But they’re also a great place to serve as a memorial where we can go and we can think about that person, remember that person, honor that person and whatever it may be. You may want to bring flowers or have a toast beside their gravesite.

But nobody’s hanging out; no people in spirit are hanging out at the cemetery. They don’t need to be. They’re not attached to this place. They had nothing to do with it except that their body was buried there. They’re not attached to their body anymore. So if you can’t get to their gravesite, don’t feel guilty. Just remember them wherever you are. That’s all you need to do. Talk to them out loud. Write a letter to them if you want. Pray to them, or just think about them. That’s all you need to do.

If you’re physically unable to get to the cemetery or you’ve moved for some reason and you can’t get there, that’s okay. That’s not where they are. They’re with you. They’re with all your other family members. They are in the spirit world doing their own thing all at the same time. So you don’t have to worry about it and don’t think that when you go by a cemetery there are all kinds of people in spirit hanging out there because they’re not.

I’m not even sure how to finish this up. This is a difficult subject. This is an interesting one for me to even talk about because of the history of these ideas that I’ve been talking about, these ideas of earthbound spirits. It’s been 44 minutes now, and I think I’ve talked enough about it. But like I said, don’t take my word for any of this. Investigate it for yourself, but use these ideas, this new perspective, this new paradigm shift as a way for you to see a different way and just consider it.

Just consider what makes the most sense to you. Does it make sense what the other people are saying? Does anything that I said today in this video report make sense to you? If so, play with it. Play with these ideas. Go out, have a reading of your own. Investigate the way I have. Investigate the afterlife in all the different ways that you can. Then make a decision for yourself. But I just wanted you to be able to see it, think of it in a different way, in the way that I’ve been thinking about it for many years. I know a lot of people don’t.

If you’re a medium and you’ve been passing along the idea of earthbound spirits, the idea that people get lost or stuck between worlds, between the physical world and the spiritual world and you learned it from somebody else, you’re not basing it on some experience that you’ve had on your own, then take the time to rethink that because you might be doing a real disservice to your clients, to people who trust you, and maybe even to yourself.

Thanks. I hope you enjoyed this video report. Come back to Afterlife TV whenever you feel like you need to learn a little bit more about the afterlife and inspire yourself to go out and do your own investigation. Thank you. Bye.

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  1. Jan Stoehr says:

    Bob, I just want to say how much I appreciate your website as a source for truth about the afterlife. Thank you for all you do!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Jan,

      You are most welcome. Thanks for your kind comment.


      • Pippielu says:

        Hello ,

        it is with great relief to have found this information. My father was murdered some time ago, now. Yet, I am always hesitant to ask about him in the afterlife, due mostly to the nature of his passing and the ghost theories that it invites, even from credible readers. I have been told by mediums that he refused to go into the light, because he felt his family was such a mess. He wanted to help us? That did not help me, for the only thing that would help me was to know that he was in that Source energy and love.
        The times that I have been in despair the most was not in the grieving process, but the devastation one feels to think that superhero Dad turned away from the light. In my studies on the afterlife, starting from age 11, I have developed a very discerning ear for authenticity.

        Bob, you do resonate truth in your presentations. I cannot thank you enough for dispelling some of the stuck theories. These have been the worst for me. I have even been told recently that he crossed over seven years ago, which is when my mother passed. Like you stated, it is hard to believe that such a loving and perfect creator could not get his child home. Even a stubborn and willful police detective.

        Thanks again,


        • Bob Olson says:

          Hi Pipplelu,

          You are most welcome. It is people like you that got me to create this video. I’m tired of the myth that creates such fear and unease among the grieving. While there are mediums who still believe in the myth, I’ve had many contact me in gratitude for speaking what they know as their truth. Many admitted that they are not vocal about it because it raises such emotions among the believers in this myth, which is why these false beliefs have continued for so long.

          My blessings to you and your father.


  2. Molly Harris says:

    Hi Bob,
    Interesting article/video. Although I do agree that ghosts are spirits, the jury is still out on my thoughts about earthbound spirits. I think of ghosts as earthbound, whether they are here by choice or not. And refer to spirits as ones that reside at a different frequency but interpolate this realm. I have been researching spirit science for the past 9 years, written two books about my experiences, and continue to delve into all aspects of Creation.

    My comment or question to you is: A well know medium wrote in their book that sometimes when a person dies, they miss the light. And if they need to find it again, they can attend another s funeral and use their light. I have been trying to find out why? Have not been able to contact the medium directly to ask why they made that statement and what it means. Why do they have to find the light, what entails missing the light? Does that mean they are earthbound? When I think of earthbound, I think of being “stuck” in this realm by choice or accident. This statement in their book has puzzled me for years. But, as you, I still do research, even with all that I have learned.

    Thank you for helping in my research of Creation.

    Molly R Harris

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Molly,

      Let me begin by saying that I know probably well over a thousand mediums, many of the famous ones; and in response to this video, I have had an equal number of those who disagree with me as I do who agree with me. I’ve also had many mediums thank me for having the guts to say what their own experiences have taught them, which is that ghosts are merely spirits by another name. And I write “guts” because it’s different than what has been taught, and passed down, by many people for many years, so it does takes some courage to go against the grain.

      My point in telling you this is that I wouldn’t let what one medium wrote confuse you, regardless of how famous he or she is. I, personally, only take what mediums say or write as one perspective of many. I prefer to compare and contrast all the evidence available with radical statements like the one you mentioned. So I evaluate how that opinion holds up in light of near-death experiences, past-life regressions, life-between-life regressions, past-life memories, out-of-body experiences, and so on.

      In this particular case, I have never heard anyone else make this claim, and–more importantly–I have never seen any evidence that supports it. That doesn’t mean that author is wrong; it means that this full-time afterlife investigator has never heard, seen, or read anything that can back it up. It doesn’t even make sense from a practical standpoint, which I have carefully explained in this video. So I usually file such a radical claim in my brain and keep it in mind as I continue my investigations of the years–just in case I discover evidence from another source that matches.

      I hope this helps you. My best wishes regarding your research of Creation.

      Bob Olson

  3. Rob Smith says:

    Appreciate your article Bob and I fully agree/endorse the concern of people spreading ‘malicious fear-based’ info re ‘earthbound’ spirits. I have been receiving anomalous voice recordings for about 15 years and have learnt that people’s mindsets can play a major factor in creating their own initial perceived reality upon passing – I have recordings that confirm various ‘states of mind’ from discarnate sources. So, just as people have closed minds here, so too, on the ‘non-physical side’, and intervention at times is required ….. Great interviews! rob smith –

  4. Johnette Fawley says:

    Hello Bob, Appreciate your article.

    My sister passed away May 2015. I’m concerned about her 44 yr old son (i.e. my nephew). He is grieving still so much and is angry over it that I’m concerned that he may be preventing her from advancing in the spirit world. My question is: Can my nephews over grieving and anger cause my sister to not advance in the spirit world ? Or could his behavior cause her to be “earthbound”?

    Thank you

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Johanette,

      I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s passing. Your nephew’s grieving cannot affect his mother’s spirit in any way. Of course, she will be compassionate for his suffering, but people in spirit recognize that any experience is a learning experience, so they are able to remain detached from it. I do not believe anyone becomes earthbound. That’s a myth based in religion, so don’t allow anyone to make you fearful. In fact, I did an Afterlife TV episode on it that you may want to watch:

      As for your nephew, he may have become depressed if he’s still deeply grieving. I would recommend he see a psychiatrist about his grief, because a psychiatrist can prescribe an antidepressant if he’s determined to be suffering with depression and he/she can give him some tools for dealing with grief. If he’s not open to seeking help, many people have gifted a copy of my book to people who are grieving and it has given them comfort, so that might help as well. I’m sorry to hear about his grief, and I hope he feels better soon.


  5. Rachel Pearson says:

    Thank you for this! My son passed at 17 in July 2015, and shortly after that he began to appear to me with other children in spirit. And now I’m a medium. So, I’m Spirit-taught and I try to remain unbiased about topics I hear about until Spirit shows me. I’ve never once been shown/ heard/made to feel that any spirit has had trouble crossing over. (And they show me when they leave their bodies and who came for them.)

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for confirming my own findings. Best wishes to you.


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