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Dr. Brian Weiss with Amy Weiss on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

“If you missed Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters, on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, here are some clips you’ll enjoy. The last video at the bottom is my own in-depth interview with Brian.”
~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

How Dr. Brian Weiss Went from Past Life Skeptic to Past Life Expert

Back in 1980, Dr. Brian Weiss was using hypnotherapy with a patient named Catherine to discover the roots of her paralyzing phobias. During one of their sessions, Dr. Weiss asked Catherine to go back to the time those phobias started. Instead of going back to childhood, she went back 4,000 years in time to a past life. At first, Dr. Weiss, an Ivy League–trained psychiatrist, thought what she was saying was unbelievable. Then, Catherine said something that turned Dr. Weiss from skeptic to believer. Find out what it was.


What Happens When We Die? A Past Life Regression Expert’s Opinion

In this round of Soul to Soul, past life regression expert Dr. Brian Weiss opens up about what he believes the soul is, what happens when we die and more.


Amy Weiss on How Past Life Regression Therapy Healed Her Present-Life Health Problem

Dr. Brian Weiss says past life regression can help heal the mind, body and soul. So when his daughter, Amy, was diagnosed with sight-threatening cataracts at age 25, she decided to give it a try. Find out what she saw during her past life regression, and learn how she’s doing today.


Dr. Brian Weiss on Connecting with Your Everyday Angels

Past life regression expert Dr. Brian Weiss says the people who have loved you on this earth are called master teachers—and can be viewed as angels after they pass. Watch as he and Oprah discuss the many forms of angels and why Oprah says she feels more connected to her late dog Sophie now than she ever did before.


Let Dr. Brian Weiss Guide You Through A Past Life Regression Experience

Author of the best-selling Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian Weiss, MD has a lifetime of work that reveals the very real physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation that is possible when we embrace reincarnation. In this 30-minute video, he guides you through a past life regression experience from the comforts of your home.


Afterlife TV Interview With Dr. Brian Weiss

“I’m thrilled to present this new Afterlife TV episode featuring Dr. Brian Weiss. Brian is the author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing, Only Love Is Real, Messages From The Masters, Same Soul, Many Bodies, and more. In this interview, Brian Weiss talks about whether we reincarnate as animals (or animals as humans), how many lifetimes most people have experienced, if past life regression can cause issues in addition to healing them, what to do when we experience a traumatic past life memory, how often we regress to a lifetime that is relevant to our current issues, and Dr. Weiss’ viewpoints on ‘old souls’ and ‘soul mates.’ I had a lot of fun interviewing Brian, and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


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Watch the full Oprah episode via her website by clicking here.


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