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Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Regression – Nancy Canning

NANCY CANNING: “Ever wonder who you were in a past life? A past life regression can tell you. Ever thought that having a near-death experience might be cool–without the nearly dying part? A life-between-lives regression is the next best thing to having an NDE. And Nancy Canning is the expert I personally chose to lead me through my first (and many) past life regressions and life-between-lives regressions. In this interview, Nancy tells us what these experiences are like, how they benefit our spiritual growth, how our past lives might be affecting our current life, even how birthmarks and phobias might be related to past lives. And if you’ve never heard of a life-between-lives regression (aka spiritual regression), this video will blow your mind to a new awareness of what is possible. These regressions can even be done via Skype.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


Hypnotic Regressionist Nancy Canning Explains
Past Life & Life-Between-Lives Regressions.

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CONTACT NANCY CANNING: Call Nancy Canning at (508) 360-9346. Nancy works by phone and Skype (including Skype video), so you can have this experience from anywhere in the world without ever leaving the comfort of your home. You can also visit her in person on Cape Cod, Massachusetts to have the experience in her office. Her website is

TO PURCHASE DR. MICHAEL NEWTON’S BOOK – Journey Of Souls: Case Studies Of Life Between Lives (Amazon affiliate) CLICK HERE. Journey Of Souls is Dr. Michael Newton’s breakthrough book on life-between-lives regressions. It’s my favorite book on the subject and my favorite of all Michael’s books. Using a special hypnosis technique to reach the hidden memories of subjects, Dr. Newton discovered some amazing insights into what happens to us between lives. Journey of Souls is the record of 29 people who recalled their experiences between physical deaths.

: Nancy received her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1982, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a trained clairvoyant. From 1982 through 1990, she was very active in a metaphysical/psychic institute and church in California where she became a minister and teacher, spending much of her “free” time doing energy healings, reading auras, doing past life readings, giving spiritual direction and counseling, as well as leading Sunday church services. It provided Nancy the foundation for much of the work she does today. She has been working with the connection between, and the healing of, the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives for over 30 years.

In February 1998, Nancy Canning attended an intensive month-long hypnotherapy training at the Alchemical Institute for Healing Arts, located in Santa Rosa, CA. She returned home to begin her hypnotherapy counseling. Six months later, she began assisting at their basic training, as well as attending advanced hypnosis healing workshops. As a result, Nancy accumulated over 350 hours of hypnotherapy training and assisting.

In November 1998, Nancy read Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton and by the time she was halfway through it, she knew two things for sure: (1) she had to have a session, and (2) she was born to do this work! Nancy Canning knew instinctively that all she needed was to experience the journey and then she could lead others on it. It was as though the prior 20 years had been preparing her for this work.

Nancy contacted Dr. Newton and was placed on his waiting list. Two years later, her turn came. In 2000, she had her own spiritual regression. Nancy then returned home and began working with friends, guiding them on this extraordinary journey. A few months later, she returned to California and attended a 3-hour mini-training with Dr. Newton and validated that she was following all the correct steps! Six months later Nancy assisted at the first professional LBL training and became certified as a Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist. In 2002 Dr. Michael Newton invited Nancy to become a founding board member of the Society for Spiritual Regression. Nancy held the positions of treasurer and training registration coordinator for over three years. During that time, she helped create an intensive training program for other hypnotherapists and co-taught these trainings nationally and internationally.

As of Spring 2013, Nancy Canning has led over 750 people into their life-between-lives journey, and has led well over 2000 clients into past lives. She says she’s quite grateful for this unique work which enables her to guide and facilitate people’s journeys as they experience the “bigger picture” of who they are as a spiritual being in this life, and beyond. Nancy adds that she feels truly honored to be a part of (and a witness to) a soul’s journey home. Nancy Canning’s website is


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  1. Monique says:

    Hi Bob & Nancy,

    Oh wow, I loved this interview! I am particularly excited that Nancy can do these sessions via Skype, as I live far away from the States. I have been wanting to do a past life regression/ life between life regression for many, many years so I am thrilled.

    Thanks to you both!

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Bob, I just finished watching this video and found it interesting. I have had a dream visitation from the light beings so I understand what she is talking about. I had an abnormal fear of death and the light beings came to me in a dream like state. It was an incredibly real experience. There were several of them but the head being was the only one who spoke. He said, ” why are you so afraid of dying?” “You have done it many times before.” They were in shadows and were luminous but that was all I remember. I love your show. Andrea

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Wow, that’s a really cool story. Thanks for sharing. I like their message, why be afraid of dying when we’ve done it so many times before. I appreciate your comment.


  3. Linda Kuzyk says:

    Hi, Bob. This was yet another really cool interview. I am a hypnotist and unfortunately let my membership to NGH expire due to lack of money. Nonetheless, I still feel “able.” I was tuned right in to what she was saying and have experienced a regression which took me as a young boy back to Egypt. I also went back another lifetime and found myself in an alley that had been recently bombed. I was a Japanese man in that one. I would like to know if it’s possible to have had a lifetime in a different galaxy. I am SO into Pleidies (sp) that I am convinced that I have been/lived there. I haven’t managed to manifest a memory, but my intuition is speaking loud and clear. Anyway, thank you for yet another amazing adventure. I just love what you do!
    xoxoxox, Linda

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Linda,

      I don’t know anyone who has gone to such a place in a regression, but that might only be due to our human minds not being able to understand it. I do believe we have other lives in other dimensions, so it’s certainly possible. I was going to recommend that you watch the interview with Nanci Danison about this subject, but I see that you have. Thank you.


  4. Andrea says:

    Hi Bob,

    I watch all of the videos you post. I am interested in PLR, i am excited for the up coming opportunity to see Brain Weiss at the end of this month. I read Many Lives Many Masters not long after my son passed away in 2009, and thus this began my research into the Afterlife. Another pivotal book that has assisted in me, in my healing journey and search is the book, Hello from Heaven. I have been meaning to thank you for the wonderful videos and information you provide. You come across as a being a warm and sincere individual, and I wanted to say how grateful I am to you for all that you do. Wishing you the very best and again thank you so much:)


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Andrea,

      I’m so very sorry about your son’s passing. Sounds like it’s been a journey for you. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. And I appreciate you sharing your story, as that can serve to help others. I’m glad that I interviewed both Brian Weiss and Bill Guggenheim on Afterlife TV since those two books were pivotal for you. Many Lives, Many Masters and Hello From Heaven are without a doubt two of my favorites, especially for people who have recently lost a loved one.

      Warmest regards,

  5. Grace says:

    Hi Bob,

    It’s so true about not telling anyone about your regression experiences. I had both of these regressions in hope to meet my sister and told my brother-in-law about them thinking he would appreciate what I experienced seeing, his wife, but the opposite happened and dismissed my experiences. I was so shocked and he brought negative energy to my most sacred experiences in my life! I’m glad I hadn’t told many more. You really have to choose wisely if you were to share.

    On another note, although my LBL was very vivid & clear, it lacked the unconditional love feeling you & Nancy spoke about (now makes me want to go another one!). My past life regression also lacked depth like I didn’t find out a lot of whys and couldn’t really feel who I was, only saw what I was doing. Do you think if I were to do another past life or LBL, the feelings part will get stronger? However, my LBL was an emotional experience for sure but couldn’t feel that unconditional love you spoke of.

    Thanks again for all you do, love your videos!


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Grace,

      I believe that each LBL experience is unique and offers something new that is important for us to know. But there’s never any guarantee of what you’ll experience. Yet meeting with the elders is quite common, which is where that unconditional love emanated. You might want to try a different regressionist, but that’s certainly not necessary. Whatever you choose, if you have another tell the regressionist that you’d like to experience what it’s like to be with the elders.

      Thank you for telling me about your experiences. I hope more people will learn that lesson “to keep their sacred spiritual experiences to themselves rather than sharing them with others who might diminish those experiences for them.”


      • Grace says:

        Hi Bob,

        I did meet with my elders in my LBL but still didn’t feel that unconditional love you two spoke about. Yes, I know every experience is unique… If I have another chance, I may try someone different. But because I’ve had one already, I wonder if my mind will “make things up”? Or will just remember my last session and replay that.

        I was so exhausted though by the end of my LBL that I probably was too tired. Anyway, I hope I will get another opportunity!

        Take care,

        • Bob Olson says:

          Hey Grace,

          I was exhausted too, especially after my first one. I think it was more because of my past-life in that one that it wore me out. I actually stopped the LBL before it was over because I was like, “Okay, I’m done. I don’t have the energy to do anything more.” 🙂


  6. Diana says:

    Mr. Bob,

    This interview is the first time that I’ve heard that “We are not all Here”. I’ve been doing my own homework since ’99. I’ve read a lot of different books, and this is the first time I’ve heard of this concept… Very Interesting…

    My Aunt told me about this web site a few months back. I have trouble quieting my mind, and I’ve finally gotten the chance to check it out. I came looking for Dr. Wiess, but found Nancy and I really liked this interview.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Diana,

      I’m happy to learn that you’re hearing something new. Welcome to the site.


  7. judy says:

    Hi Bob,
    I hope to have a past life regression with Nancy Channing in the near future and I’ve read and loved many f the books you have mentioned. However, I’m wondering what spirits in the afterlife think about organized religion?
    thank you.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Judy,

      Great question. Based on my investigation of the afterlife, especially my work with mediums, what I can tell you is that every religion that promotes love over all else has got that part right, which includes peace, forgiveness, and compassion. And those that promote fear, judgment, separation, or hate have veered off course.

      In all my work with mediums and channelers, I’ve never had a person in spirit tell me that there is one best or most accurate religion. What spirits indicate as important is that we love one another equally, unconditionally, and unselfishly, we forgive ourselves and other people for all wrongdoings (this might be the most difficult one), and we treat everyone with the same respect and dignity that we would give our creator (Source, Universe, God).

      This doesn’t mean we should allow others to abuse, hurt, or take advantage of us. Nor does it mean we don’t protect ourselves and don’t put people who are a danger to society in prison. None of this is about being a pushover, wimp, or doormat. It’s about being loving in our thoughts, words, and actions to every human being on earth.

      When deciding how to act and whose example to follow, the more accurate question to ask ourselves is, what would I do in this situation if I were acting out of pure love and in the best interest of everyone affected by my choice? Your answer to that question will lead you in the right direction every time.


  8. Krish Chary says:

    Hi Bob,

    Wonderful interview !
    I tried to send Nancy an email at her ID [email protected], but it bounced. Kindly let me have her contact details. Her website does not open either.

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