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Creating Soul Level Changes for Lasting Growth

DANIELLE MACKINNON: “So many of us feel like there’s some obstacle between us and the changes that we seek, an obstacle that is blocking us from our goals and desires. I’m not talking about an obvious obstacle. I’m talking about something hidden–likely subconscious–that is so subtle it goes unidentified for years.

“Yet if I’ve discovered anything from my research of the unseen (the afterlife, spirits, auras), it’s that there IS a way to recognize the seemingly hidden. And from my experience, identifying such matters (and bringing them to our conscious mind) is a giant step toward eliminating them at the root level. My guest today refers to this root level as the ‘soul level.’ And that is the topic of discussion in this video conversation with intuitive and soul contract expert Danielle Mackinnon who shares with us her brilliant method for helping people make lasting changes and growth successfully.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Hey everybody. Bob Olson here with Afterlife TV. You can find us at This is where we search for evidence of life after death and ask the meaningful questions around that subject.

Today we’re going to be talking about changing habits at a soul level. I guess instead of at a willpower level or some kind of mental level, we’re going to be changing them at a soul level. It’s going to make a big difference, and our guest is an expert around soul level type of things, like soul contracts. Her name is Danielle MacKinnon. Thanks for joining us again, Danielle.

Danielle MacKinnon: I’m psyched to be here. Thanks for having me, Bob.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah. This is the third time we’ve had you, and you were actually our first guest. So, if people don’t remember you, first guest, we talked about pets, if pets go to the afterlife, something like that, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Something like that, yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Something like that.

Danielle MacKinnon: But that interview turned out really, really well. I hear from a lot of people it helped them, and it still helps them.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I get a lot of great comments from people as well who lost their pets, they’re looking for answers, and then they hear what you said about that. Yeah, it gives them a lot of comfort and yeah, it helps them out with their grief. You and I, both pet owners, we understand that, you know, at a deep level.

This is a great time of year to be talking about changing habits, and this is why I asked you to come back because you actually helped me with it. Now, I didn’t do it for, you know, like a New Year type of resolution thing. What I did was I had a goal. I guess I’d call it a goal, a desire that I had been trying to fulfill for a long time. What happened was in October I actually realized that it had been three years that it had taken me to do this, to fulfill this goal, and I still hadn’t accomplished it.

I ended up calling up Danielle, and said, “Help! I need help.” I didn’t know whether you were going to help me or not, but I’m one of those kinds of guys who likes to have other people walk me through things. You know, even with meditation I like guided meditation. So you were kind enough to bring me through a session.

I didn’t realize you have changed so much. Your readings, sessions with you have changed so much, and I was so impressed. I ended up having such a profound change in my life, was able to finally accomplish that goal over the coming, I think, two months thanks to that session with you and the homework that you gave me.

We’ll talk about all this, but this is how this all came about. I want everybody to know. I had an amazing session which resulted in profound changes in my life, and then of course the New Year comes along and I’m thinking, well, a lot of people want to change their habits, but they want to change them the way I changed them, which actually creates an effect, as you call…

Danielle MacKinnon: All the other changes, yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, at a soul level. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about how you have this expertise in soul level, soul contract kind of stuff?

Danielle MacKinnon: Well, you’re totally right. Over the past several years I’ve gone from purely doing animal work, animal psychic work, animal communication work, into doing animal soul contract work, which is helping animals and humans figure out what they’re learning from each other, into doing human soul contract work, which is looking at for people what their supposed to learn in this life, what’s holding them back from that, and working with the soul contracts around that. I didn’t plan—you know me. I did not plan on this at all.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: I was going down the MBA route, the corporate world, working my way up the ladder, but I wasn’t happy. So, when I started working with animals, in fact, actually the first time I heard and believed that it was possible to work psychically with anybody, I pretty much changed. It was like eeerk. It changed my entire course, and I did everything I could to get out of the corporate world and to start my own business. It kind of led me to where I am now.

It’s weird, in the psychic world if you allow yourself to evolve, the work evolves with you. But a lot of people get stuck on I just want to know the future; I just want to know what’s coming. When am I going to get that job, or when am I going to meet the man of my dreams?

What I’ve found through this work is that it’s so much more empowering to realize, well, why are you feeling so hopeless without a man in your life or so much like a failure without having that particular job? I’ve realized that using my abilities to help people through soul contracts to shift things so that regardless if you have the man in your life or not you still feel good about yourself, that’s where the work has gone. That’s what I’ve shifted it into. I think I kind of answered your question.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: No, you did, and you answered an earlier question too. This is the difference between working at a willpower level and working at a soul level, and it’s really about getting to the root cause of something. So, rather than seeing, oh, that’s what it looks like, you’re able to bring it down a step below that and go, oh, that’s where the seed was planted and that’s the root cause. We’ll get it at that level, and that’s how you can really make changes, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah. That’s what working with soul contracts is all about. It’s not about exactly what’s blocking you, although that’s an important piece, but it’s why is that piece there blocking you at all? Why does that exist? Why does that block have to be there? When you understand the why, which is as you’re calling it, the seed—I do call it the seed thought—when you understand that why, that understanding can shift everything.

So when you’re talking about how you over the two months doing the homework were able to shift at a deep level, what you did is you shifted that seed thought, that inner belief that you have, rather than, well, I’m just going to make myself do things differently. It’s kind of the idea of affirmations. Affirmations can be really helpful, but if you have a deep down belief, a root belief that says the exact opposite of what you’re affirming, every time you affirm whatever it is, I am beautiful but you believe you’re not, it’s going to clash against you.

So it’s kind of like you’re putting yourself in conflict with yourself all the time every time you’re trying to do your work. So the idea here is, well, let’s actually work on that piece down deep and shift that, and then you can believe you’re beautiful because there’s nothing telling you you’re not beautiful.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Right. So in other words, you’re saying figure out why you feel like you’re not beautiful. What was it and when was it that you originally started thinking this?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Do you actually have to figure out what the origin of it was, or just know what this belief is that you have?

Danielle MacKinnon: It’s like 50/50.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Okay.

Danielle MacKinnon: So, about half the people can go, oh yeah, I feel not beautiful or I feel not good enough or I feel like a bad person or unworthy. About half the people can go, yeah, I identify that and there it is, that’s my seed thought. The other half need to understand and kind of dig up that that seed thought exists.

We spend a lot of time trying not to feel our seed thoughts. If you feel not good enough, you spend a lot of time in your life trying to do everything you can to make yourself feel good enough, to kind of not notice that I don’t feel good enough feeling. You kind of want to like put it behind you and bury it, but burying it, it doesn’t work.

Burying it just keeps that energy vibration with you, and so it’s kind of like you’re trying to ignore an energetic vibration that is within you, and that doesn’t work. That just sends that vibration out to the universe, and the universe goes, oh, she’s got that vibration that she’s not good enough, and sends it back. Whether you ignore it or not, the law of attraction will bring it back to you.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: You know, it is interesting any changes that have really occurred in my life over the many years do seem to be energetic. That’s a little bit difficult to describe because there’s a point where sometimes, just as an example, you wake up one morning and you realize you’re different. You realize you feel different. Everything feels different in your world. It feels like there’s something in your aura, in your energy, that has shifted, and it’s not going to be the way it was before. I mean, is it all kind of energetic?

Danielle MacKinnon: It is energetic, but here’s the crazy thing about what you’re talking about. So, you wake up one morning and you go, oh, I’m doing this differently. This feels different. Oh, this feels better. But it’s not that you woke up one morning and everything actually was different. It’s that you’re finally noticing the differences that you’ve made in your life as you’ve made deep energetic changes. So it seems like it’s this aha moment, but it’s really only an aha moment of what’s been going on because you’ve been doing the work. Does that make sense?

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: But people hear that and they’re like, no-no, Danielle, I want to wake up tomorrow and have it all be different. But they don’t realize that there’s this energetic component to it. We can’t just force ourselves to change, to be different, to behave different. If we believe one thing about ourselves, that thing is going to inform all of our decisions until we don’t believe that anymore.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: That’s just the way it works. So, I can tell myself to behave differently. I can say, all right, I’m going to put makeup on and I’m going to wear a nice dress. This will make me pretty. But if I don’t believe it on the inside, it’s not really going to be making me feel pretty. That means my sense of self is now based on the things I can control in my environment, and you know that that is not a secure way to live. If the inner peace goes, yeah, I’m beautiful, I’m happy, I’m secure, I’m worthy, then whatever happens on the outside matches that.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah. This affects any area of our life, I imagine. I mean we could kind of try to list them. There’s the financial aspect. There’s health and fitness type of thing. There’s relationships, career. What else is there?

Danielle MacKinnon: There’s everything. A lot of people, I find, don’t believe in themselves, so they can’t get the job. They can’t find the love. They can’t have the support system. I worked with someone yesterday, and he wanted nothing more than to be part of a wonderful group of people in his city that he lived in. But he couldn’t; he couldn’t get in there.

Everything he did, he was like, “You know, I say, hey, you guys want to go out? I text them, and it’s not working.” He said, “So I think I want to move to a different city.” But what he didn’t realize was he actually had a seed thought that said, I’m not good enough.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: His seed thought was driving him to have this almost like a desperate, needy edge to him to not behave true to himself, so he wasn’t putting out a message to these guys, hey, yeah, we are a match. It was more like I need you to feel okay, so the people weren’t being attracted to him. That seed thought, and you don’t realize it, but that seed thought drives everything.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I’m sure our audience is probably thinking the things that I’m thinking. We all know these people, and we know that we do it ourselves, but it’s easier to see in other people. We know that there are some people you feel that neediness about whatever it may be, and it does, it pushes you away. It’s not an attracting energy.

Danielle MacKinnon: Or it pushes the job away, or it pushes the love away.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Well, yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: I mean, if you’ve decided that you need X, Y, and Z in your life, love, money—I mean a lot of people who come to me say, “I want to make more money.” You know, that’s a huge one. If you want to make more money and that’s your main goal, you’ve got to step back and look at, well, why have I decided that money is the thing that’s going to make me okay? It’s a form of support.

So really what this person is saying is I want more support in my life; I want more help in my life. But money is the easiest, most obvious place to decide, well, I need to focus there. I need to do that from now on.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: So, let’s back up a little bit here again because I brought up this idea of it seemed like someone planted a seed at some time in our life and then that kind of grew. Explain to people what a seed thought is from your perspective.

Danielle MacKinnon: Okay. So, let me do it like—remember that old cartoon that was broadcast on Saturday mornings, “The Birth of a Bill.” They’re like, “I’m just a Bill.”

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I do. I’m all excited.

Danielle MacKinnon: We’re showing our age. So, I will explain kind of the birth of how this works. So, what happens is usually early on, usually anywhere from one to five years old a person experiences something in their life that starts to make them rethink themselves, that starts to make them question their brilliance and their beauty.

So, the idea being that if we are totally healthy and clear and have wonderful soul systems, wonderful access to our soul, everything we experience is helpful and we can learn the lesson. We grow and we expand. But usually somewhere between one and five years old people experience something that makes them go, huh, am I not good enough or do I not deserve love? Am I unworthy? Am I a bad person?

At this young age you start thinking, why is my mom so focused on her job, or why is my dad so stoic? Can I not break through there? What do I need to do to get some love here? So it’s when these thoughts start going on that you start actually pulling away from the connection to the soul.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: I look at it like we actually take these energetic pieces and stick them in between us and our soul. We’re separating from our soul. So now what happens is as we grow we start tapping into those, what I’m calling seed thoughts, that I don’t think I’m good enough or I don’t think I’m worthy of love, whatever they are.

So whenever I experience something as a five-year-old such as, well, there weren’t enough cupcakes and I wasn’t given one, I go, huh, well, that must be because I’m really not worthy of love. There’s my seed thought, and then my seed thought says, okay Danielle, go do this or go do that to try and be worthy of love.

What happens is now I’m sitting around and I’m growing. I’ve got these seed thoughts within me blocking me from my soul, and then I start going, all right, what can I do to make me be worthy of love from now on? How can I make sure that I have love, because it seems like I don’t get it from anywhere. So I think I will be the best. I’ll do everything I can to be the absolute best, and when other people see that I’m the best, they’ll see that I’m worthy of love. Then they’ll give me that love, and then I’ll finally feel loved.

So that little deal that I make with myself, I’m going to be the best, that’s a soul contract, and people don’t realize that that’s a soul contract. So can you see, though, how that puts me in a position where now every single time I have to be the best in order to maybe feel worthy of love, meaning I am now relying on my outside environment. I have to make sure that everybody’s not as good as me, that I can beat everybody.

It’s very difficult because then what happens when Jane Smith comes in and she’s awesome at it, whatever it is. Now I’m not going to feel good about myself. Now I’m going to feel unworthy of love. That seed thought really shows up because I can’t satisfy that soul contract that’s supposed to fix it all. Did that make sense?

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: It makes perfect sense, and I can imagine that young kid doing something to be the best, whatever, winning a trophy, winning an award, whatever it is, and then maybe getting a little bit of love from the parent, just getting some attention, which is what he was seeking to begin with. So now I could certainly see how this could lead into someone becoming maybe excessively competitive all the time.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yes, yeah. It really means that you can never feel okay unless you’re the best.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: It means that you’re not addressing that inner part that says, I’m not worthy of love. You’re just addressing the Band-Aids. It’s like you’re putting more and more Band-Aids on, and you always have to have a Band-Aid on the wound in order to feel okay. Alright, as long as the wound’s covered up, let’s put that Band-Aid there, I can manage through life. But it actually ends up distancing you even more from the beauty of your soul, from that feeling of total peace and contentment and love that comes when you’re really accessing the inner you.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Right, and never realizing that you don’t have to be the best at everything.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I can see, you know, so many people think fame is where it’s all at, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah, yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: You know, oh, my fans love me.

Danielle MacKinnon: Exactly!

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Right.

Danielle MacKinnon: So I need to be very visible and I need everybody to see me. I need to be the center of attention. Yeah, there’s another soul contract right there.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Another soul contract. So we have these seed thoughts that get created.

Danielle MacKinnon: Which are, just for an example, I’m not worthy; I’m not good enough; I’m not good; I’m not loveable; I’m not safe; I’m not supported; I’m not protected. I mean there are a lot of them out there.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, yeah. Then I can only imagine that once you start to believe it, so a seed thought is really a belief, and once you start to believe it you probably look for evidence to back that up. You know what I mean? It’s like, well, this is my belief, you know, whatever, I’m not worthy. Then you put your drawing on the refrigerator, and you try to get dad to look at it. He doesn’t pay any attention. He’s too busy. He’s too focused on something else. See, yup, there you go.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yup, yup.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: That backs up what I believe, so this must be true.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yup.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Then like you said, then you start to do something in order to make up for that belief.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yes, or in order to negate that belief, or in order to not feel that belief.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Okay. I guess if it works then.

Danielle MacKinnon: Well, they work. That’s the crazy thing.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Well, if you think it works.

Danielle MacKinnon: They work, but they only work to a degree. It puts you in a position where you always have to fulfill that soul contract in order to be okay.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Right. But what I was leading to, so that becomes a soul contract, and that’s the kind of soul contract that we’re talking about here.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: So it’s not necessarily something that you came into this life with already. It’s something that we mentally create for ourselves. It’s a soul contract that we create for ourselves. Yeah, at the same time, I can only imagine—this is the way I look at things is that this is something that our soul intended for us to go through and learn from, and this is why certain things were set up in our lives.

We have the certain parents that we have who live in a certain socioeconomic environment that they do. They have certain beliefs. All this stuff is lined up for us so that we end up with these seed thoughts, end up creating these soul contracts, and hopefully we will overcome them, and then we have a new experience, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah. Let’s say that prior to coming into this lifetime your soul says, you know, I’m Bob and I’m going to work on believing I’m worthy in this lifetime. So what happens is it’s kind of like when you’re born you’re born with a—I want to call it like a leaning toward. Things are kind of set up with the parents you chose, the lessons they’re working on, the situations you’ll be in. You kind of lean toward having experiences that are going to make you question your worthiness, so it’s pretty easy early on to develop the seed thoughts of I’m not worthy.

The thing about it is what you ended with is the whole point of this system, what I call the soul system, is that you use these soul contracts that are blocking you and driving you nuts—I can’t make the money, I can’t have the love, I can’t believe in myself, I can’t get my book out there—you use those as the beacons. They kind of call you in and make you go, oh, ah, this is so annoying. What’s going on here? Why can’t I have what I want?

As you dig deeper you find the seed thought, I’m not worthy. The whole goal of this is to then learn the soul lesson, that soul lesson that your soul wanted you to learn before you came in here, which is the soul lesson of I am worthy. I am totally and completely and utterly worthy, as worthy as every other brilliant soul out there.

The hard part about learning a soul lesson is that people hear it. So if I were to say to you, alright Bob, your soul lesson you need to learn is I’m worthy. You can intellectually go, yeah okay, I’m worthy. I’m going to work on being worthy. I’m going to make myself be worthy. But it’s not about that. It’s about embodying worthiness. It’s about living your life from a place of worthiness.

So as you work with this system when you work with your soul contracts and your seed thoughts, what ends up happening is the way you make your decisions about yourself changes because you’re no longer forcing yourself to go, wait a minute, what would I do if I really felt worthy? You’re just automatically knowing you’re worthy and making the decision from that place.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: That changes everything, no question about it.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: It changes everything because, like you said, you’re sort of putting out a different energy from yourself. One of the things I want to get back to because I think it’s really important was something that you told me in my session that really helped me understand this. You touched upon it earlier, but I want to emphasize it. You know, we as souls having this human experience are perfect, and we are filled with brilliance and filled with love and filled with light. It’s these little seed thoughts that come along and the soul contracts that we create because of them that diminish that light, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Do I have that right? How would you sort of say it?

Danielle MacKinnon: You said it really well actually.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Well, hey, thank you.

Danielle MacKinnon: That was very good. As we learn the soul lessons we came in to learn, we’re able to access that perfection. Every single one of us is actually perfect. It’s these other energies that we take on that falsely make us believe we’re not. I mean, I still have seed thoughts I’m working on. Because once we’ve cleared all that, we’ve mastered every single one, we have mastered the human experience.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Sure, no reason to be here.

Danielle MacKinnon: Because we get it, you know, we have total access. There’s nothing left to learn, and we can leave.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: So I think you said it beautifully.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: What I love about it is if you think of it that way…

Danielle MacKinnon: Bob, we have to pause because the phone’s ringing. I turned off the ringers, but I guess I didn’t.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: That’s okay. Don’t worry about it.

Danielle MacKinnon: So hold on. Stay where you are.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: We can barely hear it, so don’t worry about it.

Danielle MacKinnon: Oh, okay.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: This is spirit saying, pay attention to this, ringy-dingy-dingy. This is important.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Look, I believe in those things, so you know. Anyways, so what this says to me and what I was sort of leading up to was then when our light is shining more brightly because we’ve overcome one of these things, then that’s why people respond to that. So the more we become our soul self, you will see the response. The whole world responds to you as a result of it.

I think constantly we’re sending out signals, just always sending out signals. If it’s one of our soul contracts that we’ve created based on these beliefs, we’re sending out signals. But if we are able to sort of negate one of those at the soul level, change our habits at a soul level, then we’re sending out different types of energy and people will respond to us.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah, and we’re feeling different. We’re feeling different within. I mean that’s the biggest thing. So I had a client come to me because she was kind of like half-divorced from her husband but not really, and they were kind of separated and living separate but he was over all the time.

She really wanted to get into healing and helping people, but she didn’t know how. What she came to me for was for me to help open up her psychic abilities because she felt blocked.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Right, that makes sense.

Danielle MacKinnon: As we got into it, the changes, she realized that this block that she had in the one area of psychic abilities was just representative of all these other blocks. She’s a client who then wrote me this beautiful email when she finished that said, “I can’t believe that I get to have this life. I can’t believe that I get to walk through life and feel this way every day from now on.”

She wasn’t like, I can’t believe how psychic I am or how much money I made or that I finally divorced my husband. It was this overarching feeling of every single aspect of her life shifted because she’d gotten that seed thought and the soul contracts that were driving her the whole time.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah. Wow, that’s beautiful. I mean, whoa.

Danielle MacKinnon: I know. I know. I will never forget that email because she embodied what so many people had been trying to say. They just hadn’t said it as well, but she really did because it is a very all-encompassing thing. We don’t realize how much the seed thoughts and soul contracts touch every single area.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: One of the things I want to tell the public now, first of all, they can read about my experience. I wrote about it, and in the show notes below there’s a link to that article that I wrote about my own session with you and the experience following that.

But one of the things, and I don’t know whether I wrote about it in there or not so I should emphasize it, is once I knew my seed thought and I understood the soul contracts that I had created—there was more than one—in response to it, then that was one aspect of it. That got me so far, but it was then later that you had me looking at my life—

Danielle MacKinnon: I gave you homework.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: —to recognize when I was doing it, when I was doing this behavior that was a result of the soul contract, recognizing oh my God, I just did that. I just did what we talked about. When the awareness of it all then came to me seeing myself doing it in real life, that’s when it brought it to my conscious mind and that’s when I felt a shift.

It didn’t change my whole life. It’s like I’m not a completely different person overall. In that one way it changed me, and I knew maybe I’ll do it again, but I’ll see it. I’ll see it sooner the next time. Then if it even requires that, there’s going to come a time when I’m going to start to behave in that way and I’ll see it before I even do it. Then I won’t do it anymore. Is that kind of the way it works?

Danielle MacKinnon: It is, but I disagree it hasn’t affected the other parts of your life.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Oh.

Danielle MacKinnon: It has affected them, and let me say it this way. It is affecting the other parts of your life. So what happens is, yes, you’re most aware of it in this one area, but it starts trickling out and touching these other areas. Then you realize, oh, I did this different too and I didn’t even think of it. It just grows as you go.

It doesn’t mean that you have to work on every single aspect of your life. It’s more that now that you’re behaving and thinking and feeling from a different place, a higher vibrating place, not the low vibration of the seed thought, every decision you make and every place you live from will shift.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Ah, beautiful. It can be very subtle. Now, sometimes when I saw myself doing it, that was not subtle at all. It was like, whoa, I just saw that.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right. That’s going to be where it’s most obvious because those were where you were fully aware of the soul contracts, but it’s these other areas that people don’t realize that are affected as well. I feel like you’re still in that place where the other areas are starting to show up for you where you go, oh, oh, it’s different.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I had several soul contracts or several behaviors that I was doing, so then I saw one of the other ones. I was like, whoa, whoa. This kept happening, and part of it was because I was doing this. I didn’t just like have my session with you and go, okay, she fixed me. I had to do the work.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right, and also because you weren’t broken.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Right.

Danielle MacKinnon: That’s another big piece is you weren’t broken. You just had some energies within you guiding you, telling you stuff that wasn’t real.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: What was great about it, now I believe that everybody can figure these things out for themselves, but like I said, I just happen to be one of those people who is like, help me out. I like help with things. I like to work with other people on it, and you were able to do that. You helped me figure out what my seed thoughts were and the soul contracts around them. What was interesting about them is as soon as they were there I knew it was true. I mean there was no question in my mind. You know what I mean?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah, yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I’ve had a psychic tell me about a past life before. It might be true. It might not. I don’t know.

Danielle MacKinnon: But that’s the cool thing about working with these. So we’ve constructed these soul contracts and these seed thoughts. We’ve constructed this crazy system that’s supposed to keep us feeling good, right?

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: But it’s a weird system because it’s all based on things must be this way and cover that up and don’t look here. As you bring it forward, like when we had our session I said, okay, here’s your seed thoughts. I laid it out for you. None of it should be a surprise because it’s been guiding you. It’s been with you for so long it’s like you’re aware of it in the back of your head. We’re now just bringing it forward. If it’s a surprise, I would be surprised.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, that’s right. That’s right.

Danielle MacKinnon: Because it should be like, oh yeah, I do kind of think that. Oh yeah, I think that all the time. Oh yeah. It’s just that we’ve literally trained ourselves not to look.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, sure, right, because that’s the whole point of it.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: That’s the whole point of the soul contract.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right, just keep me safe. I’ll follow these rules. Keep me safe and keep me feeling good and it’s all okay. I’ll just follow these rules.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Right. Because as souls having this human experience we are perfect, and we are worthy, and we are good enough, and we are safe and supported and protected and all those things. But because we’re human and we have human minds that think all kinds of crazy thoughts, we come up with these beliefs that we’re not.

Danielle MacKinnon: Crazy.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, and it’s just so cool to me.

Danielle MacKinnon: It’s a fun thing to figure out your soul contracts and to start looking at what am I doing? I’m doing that, really? You’ve got to have a sense of humor when you do it because we humans, we’re thorough. We are really thorough.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right, but in a good way. But wait, in a good way. A lot of people start learning about this and they go, oh my, I can’t believe I have all these. I’m so messed up. Why would I do this to myself? I’m so mad at myself. You can’t do that. It’s really, wow, I was just trying to do a really good job of making myself feel better, and I didn’t realize that this wasn’t maybe going to be the easiest route I was taking. So you can’t beat yourself up about it.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: No, it’s the point. It’s the point of it all. I mean, I’m 50 now. I’m just doing some of this stuff. You know what I mean? Sure, I wish I did it when I was 20 or 30 even, hell, 40.

Danielle MacKinnon: You weren’t ready. You weren’t ready. You literally couldn’t do it until you did it.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: That’s right. I’m happy that I did, and I know that I’ve got a lot of stuff to do later. I talk, you know, about the layers of the onion. A lot of people use that, so I know people understand that. But there’s more layer of the onion to be peeled away later. But I will say, if people read my article it has a lot to do with the soul contracts I’ve overcome, but it’s one of the most personal articles I’ve ever written. This was all very personal to me. I held nothing back. It’s all out there.

Danielle MacKinnon: That’s a big deal. That’s a big deal in itself based on what you were working on for the session.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: That’s right. That’s right. I wouldn’t have been able to do it earlier. Like I say, you helped me with mine. Let’s say someone wants to do this without going to you or some other practitioner to help them, but they want to try to do it on their own. We would start with the soul contracts, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: How do people find their soul contracts?

Danielle MacKinnon: Okay. Let me start by saying the reason you start with your soul contracts is because they act as the red flags. Why are people interested in soul contracts? Because they think they’re problems and they’re annoying. People say, I have a vow of poverty. I can’t make love. Make love, whoops.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Freudian slip.

Danielle MacKinnon: I can’t find love. So what happens is we get so annoyed and irritated in these certain areas of our life that we suddenly start to pay attention. What is going on? This is wonky. I’ve done everything. I’ve read every book. Why am I still stuck? So the reason in doing this work you start with your soul contracts is because that’s the most obvious place to start.

There are a few ways that you can find out what your soul contracts are, and the first way is you might already know. So it seems very simple, but I’ve found that a lot of people just listening go, wait, so it works like that and those are the energies. They start going, oh, I think I have a soul contract of this or I have a soul contract of over-giving or caretaking, sacrifice, suffering. A lot of people just listening now can figure it out just based on some of the examples I’ve given or they know where they’re already hung up.

There’s no big secret to it. It’s not like you need me or someone like me to say, this is what it is. You really can look at it and go, well, I keep picking the same man who always wants me to take care of him and never gives back to me. You kind of know where you’re stuck, so start there. That’s the most obvious, easiest place to look.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah. I had a friend read my article, and he walked away from it; he knew what his were.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right, right.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: He knew two, and I was blown away. Because I know him, I’ve known him all my life, and I’m like, “My god, I think you’re right. How’d you do that?”

Danielle MacKinnon: Because it’s not even magic. Really, this stuff is already in you. The information is already in your head, right?

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: This is a system you’ve been working with since you were like four or something, so it’s not that hard to pull up. It’s just a matter of understanding it, and the other cool thing about that is a lot of people are able to just by understanding the system and then pulling out their soul contracts already have forward movement in their belief system just because they’re starting to go, wait a minute, so really, I’m perfect and not kind of broken and worthless. Wait a minute. When they start putting it together it opens them up in a huge way.

So if you are finding your own soul contracts and you’re doing it by, oh wow, I think I have this one, and you’re coming up with 10 or 15, it doesn’t mean you’re more broken than other people. I have a lot of people who go, oh no, what’d I do to myself, and I really don’t want anyone to think they’re broken. In fact, the more you have, the easier it is to work with them.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: Because then they show up everywhere and you can find them.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: That’s what I was thinking, yeah. Yeah, that totally makes sense. You had said to me one time one of the red flags and recognizing them is when you say, that’s just the way I am.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, I hear so many people say that.

Danielle MacKinnon: I’m kind of compulsive. That’s just who I am.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, or I’m just not very good with money.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I’m just lucky at cards, not at love, you know, whatever.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right, or I never win anything. I mean these are clues, definite clues, and that’s the next way to find your soul contracts, repeating patterns. So repeating patterns is you notice you keep picking the same man, or you notice that the man you’re with wants you to do everything for him. Your friends are all calling you, and they want you to do everything for them. You’re feeling really tired and drained.

Look at that pattern. Everybody wants something from me. I feel like I have to give it. I keep giving too much energy, and they go, ah, over-giving, caretaking. You can kind of walk through it literally just by looking at the patterns in your life. I mean it’s pretty simple.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah. Now, what about someone, let’s just say, there’s a lot of people out there who write music, they’re great artists, they’re writers, whatever it may be. But let’s use the artist as an example. Someone’s an amazing artist, but they can’t get themselves to actually create any artwork. The pattern would be that they want to but they don’t do it. How would you even look at something like that?

Danielle MacKinnon: So, you’d start going okay, I can’t get my artwork out there. Hmm, I’m having trouble being seen. Okay, am I having trouble being seen anywhere else? Oh yeah, I don’t feel comfortable telling my boyfriend or my girlfriend my needs. Oh yeah, and I always agree to everything when there’s a problem because I don’t want to create a conflict. So you start to kind of put it together.

Again, it’s looking for kind of the pattern in there, and that pattern would be, wow, I don’t want to be seen. I don’t want to be noticed. I don’t want to rock the boat. Those are all soul contracts. Yeah, that was a great example to give right there.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I mean, I have different friends. I have different friends who are, like I said, writers or artists or musicians who are in this thing. They’re sort of living the starving artist mentality.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I was thinking of one particular one. I mean you hit the nail on the head. I think what you said was perfect. So anyways, I think just that alone can help a lot of people sort of understand how you go about this.

Danielle MacKinnon: But there’s one more way.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Okay.

Danielle MacKinnon: This is looking for unrelated clues. I’ll use the example of I had a client who came to me because she couldn’t lose weight and she didn’t understand what was going on. So, as we worked together I started directing her, okay, why can’t you lose weight? Because she said she worked out all the time. What’s going on here? I knew there were some soul contracts here, but I needed her to see it versus me telling it.

There are some people who need to kind of experience and figure it out for themselves while I lead them there versus me going A, B, C. So, she described her workouts to me, and she did lifting with weights. But she noticed that everybody else could do fewer reps throughout the workout, but she actually would often do more at the end of the workout. That’s kind of a weird thing when you work out. Doesn’t that seem weird? You want to use enough energy so that you’re tired at the end.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: Here she thought this was a soul contract around I can’t lose weight; I can’t have what I want. What it turned out to be was a soul contract around—so her seed thought was I’m not safe, supported, protected. So in her soul contract she was conserving energy in her workout in case she needed it later because no one was going to come through for her because she didn’t believe the universe would come through for her.

So it’s kind of like she always held herself back. That was literally one of her soul contracts. Hold yourself back because you never know what’s coming down the pipe, so you’ve got to have the energy or the money. It turned out she had money problems. I mean this was a really big thing, but it seemed like it was I can’t lose weight. That would be a weird soul contract, although some people do have I can’t lose weight for keeping themselves invisible because they don’t feel safe, supported, protected.

For her it was leading to this bigger piece. When she clued into oh, it’s this weird soul contract, it’s I’ve got to conserve because I don’t trust in the world, she was actually able to have a lot of forward movement on that. Did that make sense, because you’re giving me quite a look?

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it did. That was great. That was perfect, another great example. We hadn’t use lose weight yet.

Danielle MacKinnon: No. Then there’s one around money. A lot of people come to me and they think they have a vow of poverty. A vow of poverty is basically where you have a soul contract that says you’re not allowed to have money in this lifetime. Around that I find that if you look around it’s usually not.

This is the weirdest thing. It’s usually not soul contracts around money. Sometimes they’re there, but a lot of times it ends up being soul contracts around receiving support, receiving and believing in yourself, believing you’re worthy. So it’s a soul contract that says, you don’t want to receive because if you receive, you might have to open yourself up.

Then they might say you’re no good on the inside. You’re not worthy, or you don’t want to receive because then you’ll have to give out and you’ll have to give out all of your energy. If you give out all of your energy, there’ll be nothing left for you because really nobody gives you anything anyway.

So it’s kind of like you have to think through the ins and outs of what you think the soul contract is and see if there are any seemingly unrelated kind of patterns in there to draw from because they all end up fitting together.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, interesting. I’ve got one for you.

Danielle MacKinnon: Okay. It’s a test.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Someone is having issues with money, but what they’re always doing, I think the soul contract is almost like they become dependent on someone else, so they’re trying to get other people to help them with the money. You know what I mean? Or with abundance in any way, you know. I’d rather someone gave it to me than I made it on my own type of a thing. That seems like there’s some kind of reverse thing going on.

Danielle MacKinnon: There is. There is.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: What would that be?

Danielle MacKinnon: What that may be is usually a person like that is going to have a I’m not safe, supported, protected seed thought, and they’re also going to have a I’m not good enough seed thought. You can have lots of seed thoughts. Usually, people have between anywhere like two to five that they’re working on at any given time. But then the soul contracts would be around—wait, I lost the example.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: It’s the, you know, purposely becomes dependent.

Danielle MacKinnon: Okay, okay, there we go.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Use the I’m not good enough example.

Danielle MacKinnon: There’s a soul contract called rescuer/rescued. If I am in a position of need, somebody’s going to come in, rescue me, help me, save me, see that I’m worthy, and it will make me feel worthy and they’ll help me out of this horrible feeling I have about myself. So I find a lot of people do that about money, about a job, about finding love.

They put themselves in a perpetual I need help, like I’m almost always in a state of chaos kind of thing. They reach out to people for help hoping that that help will make them feel their own worthiness or their own love or finally feel protected.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: When someone does help them it probably makes them feel loved. They love me enough to help me.

Danielle MacKinnon: Temporarily. That’s the problem. That’s the whole love.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: No, I mean they think it does. They think it does. That’s the soul contract, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Right. So that’s why people who do that end up feeling very lost in their relationships because they keep needing that other person to perform certain actions in order to feel okay in the relationship. That’s a really common one. That was a good one to bring up.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I like that. I like that. So, that’s how to recognize. You kind of talked about both of them really, but you start with your soul contracts and work your way back. You know, then you identify the seed thought after that. That’s basically what you were saying, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: It’s easier. It’s easier to say let’s look at what the soul contracts are and then figure out what the seed thought is because that’s kind of the way you were doing it, it seems.

Danielle MacKinnon: I’m losing your visual. Oh, there you are. I see you again.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, good old Skype.

Danielle MacKinnon: It’s pretty bad though.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Okay.

Danielle MacKinnon: So we’ll wait a sec. You look like Max Headroom from the ’80s.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Ha-ha-ha.

Danielle MacKinnon: I’m not joking.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Don’t worry about the way I look because from this end we’re all set.

Danielle MacKinnon: Okay. I couldn’t hear you there, so you said? You said… I don’t know what you said.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: So normally, you start with the soul contract and work your way back to the seed thought. That’s the best way to do it.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yes, yes. So, since the soul contract is that red flag, and you can very easily find your red flags, anybody can look at themselves and go, I’m stuck here, I’m stuck here; this isn’t working. That allows you to start working into the seed thought.

Now, there are some people who for the seed thought, if you want to know what your seed thoughts are, just again by us talking about this they’re going, I know what my seed thought is. Oh, she said that one and that one. Totally wonderful, legitimate way to do it, if you can get it like that, go for it.

But there are other people who need a little bit of a process. This is the process I would walk people through. When you find that you are in one of your soul contracts, meaning oh, I need so-and-so to help me so I can feel loved or I need to succeed at this and if I don’t get an A, if I don’t get that promotion, I’m not going to be okay. One of your soul contracts is kind of hitting you. You’re in it. You’re in that negative energy.

So when you’re in that negative energy it’s called identifying the moment. What you do is, alright, I understand this is one of my soul contracts showing up. We’ve already identified those. That part’s done. What am I trying to negate, or what am I trying to make myself feel right now by being number one or by giving to this person? Literally, that’s all you have to do is go, what is the feeling; what’s the emotion? What’s the idea there? It’s just walking yourself back a little bit.

All right, I’m trying to be number one. Why am I trying to be number one? Because I’m not okay if I’m not number one. If I’m not the best, then I’m not the best. Literally, a lot of people have very analytical minds, especially a lot of people I work with because I’m analytical. You’re not analytical.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Not at all.

Danielle MacKinnon: No. So, this is where the analytical mind can really actually work for you because it’s almost like you analyze yourself into figuring out what your seed thought is. You just watch your mind do its normal thing and you end up at that seed thought. Oh, it’s because I don’t feel like I’m good enough unless I’m number one. There’s your seed thought. It’s that easy.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: It does, and it sounds easy. I mean it wouldn’t be easy for me because, like I said, I like other people to help me.

Danielle MacKinnon: No, I think it is. I really…

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: No, I think…

Danielle MacKinnon: You’re right. Some people get stuck. Some people get stuck. I get what you’re saying, but I really think you can use your brain.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: No, I do too. You know what I think part of it is? I always say this to Melissa, my wife Melissa. I like to think out loud, so I like to bounce things and then I can figure things out. So, a lot of times I’ll talk with Melissa. So this is something people could work with their spouses or best friends and work on each other’s together, and it might help them work their way back a little bit easier. Because sometimes our spouses and best friends see things that maybe we’re not willing to look at, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Or we’re not good yet at identifying all the times that it shows up.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah, yeah. Or, they could just call you up, and you could help them with it the way you helped me.

Danielle MacKinnon: Right. But we don’t want to lose sight of the whole point of identifying your soul contracts and then your seed thoughts, which is once you get your seed thought, so if your seed thought was I’m not worthy, you definitely want to identify your soul lesson.

Why am I going through this whole thing? It’s to learn my worthiness or my brilliance or my lovableness, whatever it is, because that’s the whole point. So just identifying isn’t enough, and that’s what you had to do when you were doing the work. It ends up becoming part of you, that soul lesson.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah. Yeah, do I look different? Everybody, do I look different? This is cool. For people, obviously, we’re on Afterlife TV, but we’re also on iTunes. Some people are listening to this while they’re running or whatever. If they wanted to learn more, they could go to It’s M-A-C-K-I-N-N-O-N, right?

Danielle MacKinnon: Yup.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I’m going to let you say one last thing before we end, but I’m too excited. I’ve got to tell people.

Danielle MacKinnon: What are you going to say?

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: You wrote a whole book about this.

Danielle MacKinnon: Oh, yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I’m excited about it. I got to read it. I got an early review copy or whatever. All I have is a crappy printout of the cover.

Danielle MacKinnon: That’s all I have.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Let me show people. “Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance.” I love that. I love the cover. Melissa saw that cover and she was like, ah, that’s beautiful.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah, I love it too.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: I wish you could’ve seen that reaction. Anyways, that book is coming out June 24th, 2014, but if people are watching this video beforehand, and I know many will, in the show notes below this video there’ll be a link to Amazon, the page where it’s on. They can preorder it. You can preorder it, and then all of the sudden it just shows up on your door. I’ll bet it’d be the perfect time in your life, right? Isn’t that the way things happen?

Danielle MacKinnon: It will seem like magic.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: But anyways, you can preorder it, and then as soon as it’s available it’ll be mailed out to you. I highly recommend it to people, and I wish it were available now. But I was too excited to share this with people, and being that it was the beginning of the New Year, I just thought I wanted to do this video now instead of waiting till June to do it. So, we’ll play it again in June so people can find out more about the book.

Let’s just wrap all this up and tell people the big essence of it all. How would you like to talk about this? I mean we still have a few minutes. What would you like to say about seed thoughts and soul contracts and this incredible work that we really haven’t talked about yet?

Danielle MacKinnon: I would like to say that this little soul system, seed thoughts, and soul contracts, it’s in place to help us become the best people, souls, humans we can be. I think a lot of people get caught up in tools and techniques and it’s got to be this way. No-no, I’m making this mistake. I really just want people to walk away knowing this is here to help. These energies are there to help.

Even though they get in our way and they’re flubbing us up and some of us aren’t making the money or finding the love or losing the weight or whatever it is, those are messages. Those are red flags so that you look deeper and can do the work to learn the soul lessons. I don’t want anyone to walk away saying, I feel like I’m really messed up. All that stuff applied to me, oh no.

I definitely had people contact me and say, “I heard you talk on whatever, and I really feel like I’m so messed up.” This is what I said to you earlier. I don’t feel like any of us are messed up. We’ve just been guided by energies that aren’t working literally in the moment for our greatest and highest good, but they are energies that in the big picture are for our greatest and highest good.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Exactly. People who have watched other videos, one of the most profound lessons that I learned from near-death experiences, for instance, was that our souls are just here to have an experience, an experience that we as souls can’t have in the spirit world because there isn’t fear, there isn’t stress, there’s isn’t suffering in the spirit world. There is here on the physical plane, and as a result our souls come here to have these experiences. From these experiences we gain compassion.

So any of us, all of us who have seed thoughts and then create soul contracts around them and are dealing with this stuff the way we’ve been talking about for the last hour, our souls have benefitted and will benefit for all eternity because of what we’ve been through. I mean we’re giving a gift to our soul by going through these things.

But what I think from my own experience is it makes our time here on the physical plane just a little bit easier if we do this work and work past some of these things, just like that person who emailed you talked about so articulately, so much better than I am. But she just said it so beautifully, and you can get to a place. I am at this place in my life right now, where every single day I just feel so blessed, so blessed. Yet, I still have things that I’m working through, you know.

Danielle MacKinnon: We all do, so do I.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Yeah.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yeah, yeah. But it’s about almost being grateful for the blocks and the hiccups and the challenges, knowing that they’re helping and now knowing, hey, there’s a really simple way to work with these to get what you’re supposed to get from them, to learn those lessons at the deepest level and then access that—I call it the brilliance within—to access that within.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Thank you for helping us to see our brilliance, to see our light, and to find a new way to get in touch with that and to shine. Each one of us shine a little bit brighter thanks to you. I’m really grateful to you for coming and teaching us this, sharing this with us months before your book comes out. Very, very, very generous of you, and I appreciate you coming on for me to do this and help everybody with it. So thanks, Danielle. It was a lot of fun, as usual.

Danielle MacKinnon: It was fun. Thank you.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: All right.

Danielle MacKinnon: I love it.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: Everybody can go to All the stuff is in the show notes. My article’s in the show notes. A link to the book is in the show notes. It’s all in the show notes. We’ll see you again.

Danielle MacKinnon: Yes, I’d love to come back.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV: All right, bye.

Danielle MacKinnon: Bye!

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