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The Blueprint of Your Soul’s Purpose

DR. HEATHER ENSWORTH: “Here’s an extraordinary interview about a window into our soul’s purpose. Ever wonder what your soul intended for your life? Ever wish you had a map indicating your potential in this life? Evidence suggests that astrology may be that window and map. This interview with my personal astrologer, Heather Ensworth, connects the dots between our astrological birth charts and the afterlife (or perhaps a more accurate description would be our spirit-world existence before we were born). We talk about soul purpose, indicators of talents or skills, children’s birth charts, free will, past life themes, karma, overcoming patterns, conscious awareness, and so much more. This is a very unique inquiry that reveals some unexpected insights about life, death and the afterlife. Don’t miss!” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Hi everybody.  Bob Olson here with Afterlife TV.  You can find us at  This is where we search for evidence of life after death and ask the meaningful questions around this subject.  

I should also let you know I’m the author of this new book, Answers About the Afterlife:  A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life After Death.  You can get it on Amazon paperback and Kindle, or you can go to and download a free copy of the Introduction.

Today’s subject is really a question that I had, because of the way my brain works:  Is astrology a blueprint for our soul’s plan or our soul’s purpose?

I got thinking about astrology and I love getting my astrology chart read. I started to think about what kind of connection is there between astrology and the afterlife.  I thought who better to ask than my favorite astrologer; a person who I’ve been going to for years, probably because I love the way she interprets my astrology chart with both positivity and optimism, regardless of how it looks.

I love that.  Her name is Dr. Heather Ensworth.  Thanks Heather for being here.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:It’s great to be here with you, Bob.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:This is wonderful, because we sort of turned the tables a little bit.  Usually, you’re telling me all about me, but now we get to talk about this subject from a more broader perspective.  And specifically, about the afterlife, I did some research.  

I couldn’t really find too much online about the connection between astrology and the afterlife.  And yet what was interesting, and I was thinking about it; I had kind of put it aside and then someone from YouTube had sent in a comment asking me this very question, and I thought, “Oh well, it’s time to interview Heather about this.  Other people are thinking it, too.”  I always low when that happens.

I had e-mailed you this question and you came back with all kinds of great answers about the connection, and there is one, right?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.  Absolutely.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:That’s exciting, and we’re going to get into that.  

Why don’t you first tell us about your background, because it’s pretty fascinating.  Not only are you an astrologer, but you’re also a clinical psychologist…

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:…and you have a background in Cultural Anthropology?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes, very good.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:I’ve been working on that all day.  So tell us a little bit about that.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Well, as you said, my Bachelor’s degree is in Cultural Anthropology.  So I’m really interested in different cultural perspectives, which really has been a help for me in now, my understanding of astrology.  

Then I got my Masters degree in Theology, my PhD in Clinical Psychology, and then after being in practice for many years – I can tell you that story at some point – I ended up beginning to study astrology, and now that’s a big part of the work that I do.

Astrology and psychology integrate beautifully together, so it’s a very powerful combination.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Because it’s always great to get to know the guest a little bit more, tell us that story.  Tell us how you ended up becoming an astrologer, when your focus was in a different place.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Well, I was always interested in integrating spirituality with my work in psychology.  I was actually located in the Los Angeles area.  I had a thriving private practice, had been working there for many years; and I had one of the most powerful, mystical experiences in my life.  When I had been working, I was doing a lot of intensive work, and was very committed to my work with my clients, but I was really beginning to feel like I was burning out emotionally. 

I also felt like Los Angeles was not the place where I really wanted to live.  And I also had this deeper sense that somehow I wasn’t fully living my soul’s purpose.  But in this mystical experience I had one day, this voice said to me very clearly, “You need to leave your life as you’ve known it, or you will die.”  And just with every fiber of my being, I knew that was true.

So across the next six months, I started dismantling my practice, selling my house, preparing to move across the country to not having any idea what I was moving to.  But really operating on faith, that I needed to follow.  It really felt like this was the spirit’s voice saying, “This is a time of transition and transformation in your life and you need to listen to this.”

I then moved across the country and started on a quest to explore other ways of healing.  I really felt like there was some deeper understanding of the healing process that I hadn’t gotten to in all my study of psychology.  As part of that, I just happened to end up being in a workshop where Vicki Noble, actually, was offering to do astrology readings.

Up until that point, I had thought astrology is ludicrous.  I mean the only exposure I had was sun sign astrology in the newspapers.  But she did a reading with me and I felt like she knew me better than any therapist that I had seen.  She just started talking about my life, my inner reality, and my experiences.  

And part of what was amazing to me in that experience, is that time that I heard that voice and really felt like I had to radically transform my life or I would literally die, I then went through the next few years; almost every aspect of my life I would say to friends, I feel like every aspect of my life is going through a death rebirth.”  My primary relationships, my location, my community, my profession.

Well, as I started to study astrology years later, I realized I was in a Pluto transit, crossing my ascendant and touching almost every planet in my chart and Pluto is the planet of transformation, death, and rebirth. 

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:So from that perspective, it made perfect sense.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:It made perfect sense.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:That’s amazing.  Now when you talk about the inner voice, or I should say, the voice, is it an inner voice or were you hearing an outer voice?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:It was a voice within me, but there was no question in my mind, it was the voice of spirit.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:How cool for you, because so few people give acknowledgement to that voice, to the point that you certainly did; transforming your life in such a way.   I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there maybe not Afterlife TV audience people, but there’s a lot of people in our society who ignore that voice and push it aside, because intellectually it may be too scary especially to do what you did.  But look at you now.

So how many years ago was that?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:That was in 1993, that that happened.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Beautiful.  That was a significant time for me, too.  Maybe we’ll talk a little bit later, but I’m sure there are times, astrologically speaking, when lots of people are sort of going through these kinds of changes, huh?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes, that’s correct.  And that’s happening right now with some very significant astrological configurations.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Cool.  Let’s talk about that at the end; we’ll build up to that.  So right now, for those people who don’t really know.  Maybe there’s a lot of people who have never had, what I would call an astrology reading done; they’ve never had their chart read.  

Tell us a little bit why someone would have a session with an astrologer.  And maybe you could talk just a little bit about the difference between say a birth chart – maybe it’s also called a nail chart – I’m not sure…

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yep.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:…and then like having your transits read.  Explain what those two things are?  So for those who don’t know, why would people get an astrology reading?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:That’s a great question.  

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Who knows, right!

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Well, I’m trying to think of where to begin.  To me, the deeper I study it, the more of a profound gift I really believe astrology is to us.  I mean, as you said at the opening, it really gives us a blueprint of our soul’s purpose in this lifetime.  And I view the natal chart, the birth chart, which is that moment of birth.  The birth chart literally shows us how this guy looked at that moment of birth.  

I see the birth chart as a mandala of the self.  It really speaks to every aspect of who we are, it speaks to the uniqueness of who we are and who we’re meant to be when we’re in our wholeness.  So unlike psychology, which has this sort of normative sense of what it means to be healthy and whole, astrology says, “No, we’re supposed to be who we uniquely are.”  And I really view the birth chart as showing those energy patterns at the moment of our birth that shake core themes in our lives and core aspects of who we are, but I don’t see astrology as deterministic or predictive.  It’s more like what we understand in quantum physics, that everything is connected.

So what we see in the birth chart are those energy patterns when we’re born, and then what we do with that is our choice.  But it gives us a sense of really what our soul’s purpose is in this lifetime.  And then the transit chart is showing where are the planets currently and how are they coming into play with our individual charts, to give us a sense of what are the energy patterns active right now and how are they supporting us or guiding us in our journey, in the moment.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Beautiful.  Boy, I wish I could talk like you; such articulation.  You can just grab words.  You know exactly and you always pick the perfect one.  I like that.

So normally then when people first call you, a first time client; if they never had their birth chart done, you would start with their birth chart or their natal chart.  But if they’ve already had their birth chart with you, then maybe a year later that might call you up and say, “Let’s look at my transits to see what’s going on this year,” or something, right.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Exactly.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Great explanation.  I also love that you answered that question and it really is sort of this blueprint of our soul’s purpose.  You called it a…

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Mandala of the soul.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Explain what a mandala is?  What a beautiful description.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Well you know the birth chart really is a mandala or a medicine wheel showing all those different planetary placements, which are different facets of ourselves that play out in different areas of life.  Really, in the sense that it’s a mandala, I think it’s sacred and it’s showing the wholeness of who we are.

The goal is to be able to consciously understand all of those facets of ourselves and then live out of the center of the wheel, the center of the mandala, the core of who we are.  Able to access all those different parts of the wheel and of the birth chart.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Beautiful.  And it’s interesting, you always send me my charts before the reading by e-mail.  Really, the way you’re describing it, just made me think of this.  It’s like the connection between science and art.  You could take your chart, frame it, put it up on the wall – it’s gorgeous, right.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:I mean it really is.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:And yet from a scientific place, everything you’re looking at has meaning behind it.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:I love that.  Sorry, I’m very enthusiastic.  I haven’t done one of these interviews in a long time and I’m excited about this whole thing.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Can I add to what you’ve just said Bob, because it’s beautiful.  You know astrology is one of the most ancient arts and sciences, and it dates back over 10,000 years.  I think it really does remind us that everything has meaning, that we live in a souled universe and that it really shows us the meaning of that principle, as above, so below that everything is interconnected and everything is mirroring everything else, and everything has meaning. 

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Well there are so many questions that come to mind, because when you think about someone’s birth, the time of their birth – I think there’s three things you need to know, or maybe two, when you’re going to do someone’s birth chart.  What are they?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:The birth date, the time, and the location.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:What’s interesting, especially when you think about the time; the date is kind of the same thing, you know a lot of times we expect someone is going to be born on a certain date and they end up being a few days early, a few days late or whatever it may be.  So it’s kind of a chicken or the egg thing.  

I know you know where I’m going already.  If the astrology chart is a blueprint of our soul’s purpose, then are we born at the exact moment that we’re supposed to be, or does our soul’s purpose change because of when we’re born?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Oh, that’s a profound question.  

You know I don’t know that I can answer that with certainty, but my sense is you’ve done some great shows in the past on past life regression and being in the life between lives.  My sense, my belief is that when we’re in between lives we discern what are the energy patterns that are going to be most supportive of what our soul’s purpose is in the next incarnation.  And that we then, in a sense, are a participant in that process of choosing our birth time.

So I think even people who are born past their due date, or people often ask me if their birth was induced; did that suddenly somehow change my soul’s purpose.  My sense is, no.  We’re a participant in that process to choose that moment of birth, whatever it is, before we incarnate.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:I agree wholeheartedly.  I don’t believe there’s any accident in the moment that we’re born.  Us coming up with a due date, that’s humans not recognizing the big picture of what’s going on…

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Right.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:…and so we sort of estimate it, and it happens when it’s supposed to happen.  It’s always fascinating too, so the moment someone is born, you could do their chart.  The moment that they’re born you know these three things:  The date, the time, and the location and while you said earlier, you don’t use these for predictions, you could tell a lot about that children before that child really even has a personality or before we’re aware of what it is, right?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.  One of the favorite things that I do is do birth charts of infants for the parents.  When you’re looking at the birth chart of an infant or a child, you’re seeing there’s such a range of possibilities of how they can live out those energy patterns.  But the chart speaks to certain core qualities in who they are and how the parents can best support them in being who they are and who they’re meant to be.

It’s beautiful to be able to be a part of that process for parents, and I’ll interact with them about traits they’re already seeing in their child that are mirrored in that chart.  It’s beautiful.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:What a great gift for somebody who’s just had a child to be able to gift them an astrology reading for that child.  That would be a great gift, if I know anybody else who’s going to have a baby soon.  Now they know what they’re getting.  I like that.

Now I do want to ask if there’s a difference in your mind, from your perspective and your definitions; if there’s a difference between one’s soul’s purpose and one’s life purpose.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Wow, these are great questions.  I think they overlap, but they may not be identical.  Jeffrey Wolfe-Green, the astrologer, is one of the key people in evolutional astrology, which really looks specifically at your soul’s purpose, what your soul has been working on in past lifetimes, and what your soul’s intention is, in this lifetime.  

But I think the life purpose is also reflected in other aspects of the chart, especially the sun sign and its aspects and placements.  You know what is your essence and how are you meant to live out this incarnation?  What’s the clothing for who you are with a deeper soul’s purpose that you’re living out, if that makes any sense?

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:No, it does perfectly.  Because I personally see them as different and certainly overlapping, but I tend to believe that the soul wants to experience certain things by coming here.  

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:And then how that person decides to create a foundation in their life so that they will experience those things, is really up to them.  Again, it’s sort of where fate and freewill sort of overlap as well, I would say, in a way. 

I know so many people are looking for what’s my life purpose, what’s my life purpose?  And not really thinking of it as different as their soul’s purpose.  I actually don’t really believe that we have a life purpose.  I think we get to choose what our life purpose will be, but I do believe that our soul hopes that we will experience certain things in this lifetime.  And then it’s our freewill that makes that choice of whether we will or not. That’s just me.  I don’t know whether it’s true or not.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:That’s beautifully said, and I think how that’s reflected in astrology is one of the planets you look at to understand the soul’s purpose is Pluto.  You also look at the lunar nodes, but the outer planets, the transpersonal planets:  Uranus, Neptune, Pluto; really speak a lot about our soul’s purpose and that energy we’re bringing into this incarnation.

Then the visible planets, you know, the inner planets that we actually can see and watch their movements, really shape more of our personality and we choose then how we manifest those energies in our lives, and that’s really how we’re freely choosing how we live out our lives.  But there’s that deeper energy flowing in us and through us, guiding us in our soul’s purpose.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Beautiful.  Wow!  You should transcribe that one.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yeah, I hope I remember that one, too.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Here we are two people saying the same thing and just so differently, and it’s great.  So one will speak to some people and the other will speak to other people, but I like the way you say it.

So when we’re talking about these things, like taking about the birth chart of a newborn child.  But even in hindsight, someone maybe towards the end of their life, are you able to look at their chart and you can see indicators of what their talents might be.  I have written down like writing, art, music, but even like engineering or accounting.  You know even being a lawyer or something; would you be able to, not predict, but see that there are indicators that might lead towards that or something around it?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes, it’s beautiful.  And again, because the chart is a mandala of the self, it really touches on every aspect, every facet of life.  So you can look at the chart in terms of what are some of the key gifts this person has in terms of what they’re able to manifest in the world. 

And part of what’s beautiful is that we do have free choice.  There’s nothing deterministic in the chart.  So if I’m doing a chart for someone that I’ve never met, I have to hold the spectrum of possibilities that that sign or that planet may indicate.  

For example, I was doing a reading for someone once who had a lot of energy of the sign Pisces in their chart.  Well that can manifest in a variety of ways.  It can be someone who’s very mystical, who’s very spiritual, who loves music or loves the arts.  But one of the other connections of Pisces in terms of its association with the body is like the feet, and this woman was shoe designer.  

I thought, how perfect.  She was a shoe designer who loved running, and I thought well that’s how she’s chosen to manifest that energy.  So it’s beautiful the range of possibilities that can be manifested in the different signs and plants.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:And that’s what’s interesting about astrology; there are two things.  One, they’re interpreting the chart.  It’s nothing set in stone, and in this way you’re a detective, because you have to look at all the clues before you come up with your interpretation.  That must be why people who go down this road like you have, kind of get hooked on it.  It’s got to be fun, right?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Oh it is great fun, and like you said, you are a detective, so you’re looking at all of the facets in the chart.  And then I have to hold that with open hands until I’m actually in interaction with that person and really get a sense of how are they living their lives and how are they manifesting those energies in their chart.  And then it leads into this wonderful dialogue.

One of the things I love as a psychologist, the level of which I can get into dialogue or conversation with someone with that understanding of their chart.  To me, it saves weeks if not months of therapy because the chart gives such a beautiful window into the life and soul of that person.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:That’s true.  Now when you’re interpreting someone’s chart, especially if you don’t know this person and they’re a stranger to you, are you assisted in anyway by your intuition, as well?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Absolutely.  Assisted by my intuition, and I also do believe that one of the things that has really deepened in my as I’ve studied astrology is that understanding that spirit isn’t all of life.  It’s beyond everything that we see, but it’s in everything that we see. One of the things I find in the chart that I think is beautiful, certain core themes will appear over and over again.  Then I intuitively know, ah, this is what’s really important in this person’s life.

It’s almost as if this is spirits way of helping me and helping the person see these are the really important themes in this lifetime.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Well, that’s interesting.  All kinds of neurons are firing in my brain.  It made me think of one thing.  You know, sometimes people sort of repeat  a pattern in their life and some people get down on themselves, because they keep doing the same thing and expecting a different results.  

I wonder how if it’s also possible that it’s just something that keeps coming up in their life astrologically and maybe it would be great if they tried it a different way.  But it might be why sometimes patterns are created.  Is that possible?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Absolutely, that’s very true.  One of the things that’s fascinating to me is that there is a way to see what we may be working karmically in the chart.   Certain patterns indicate, this is something that this person was working in previous lifetimes, didn’t work through, and they’re really taking it on in this lifetime, but those are often the patterns that we tend to get caught in.

One of the things that I think again, is one of the gifts of astrology, is it helps us bring those patterns into conscious awareness and we can choose and really look at how the transits or energies of the times are supporting us in finding a new path, in finding a resolution to that pattern.  

But a lot of those patterns we get caught in, we’re playing out unconsciously.  We’re playing out something from past lifetimes that we just never resolved, so it’s sort of the familiar pattern and looking at the chart can really help us to see what those patterns are.  The chart will give us information about how to move through that or what is a path to resolve that.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:That’s exciting to me.  It reminds me of psychic readings.  Not mediumistic, but it reminds me of psychic readings.  You know, I define them as a psychic can help confirm to us what our intuition is already telling us.  And by doing that, it teaches us to trust our own inner wisdom, okay.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:In this particular case, you know, it brings an awareness to something that we’ve been living, like you say, unconsciously, subconsciously.  So now, all of a sudden, we have an awareness and now we can choose consciously.  This pattern or maybe some kind of karmic past that we’re reliving, it brings us to our conscious mind so now we can make choices based on it rather than, like you say, living on automatic pilot.  That’s a great benefit to having an astrology reading that I hadn’t really even thought about.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:You’re right, and one of the things, I love doing readings with people who are living their lives consciously, like my experience with you.  Because then, doing the chart is exactly what you said; it is that affirmation of what we know within ourselves.  But somehow, to me, it is so comforting and reassuring to see those patterns in the chart and know, “Yes, these are the issues I struggle with.”  This is why it’s a part of a larger story.  It has meaning and it really just supports us in that ongoing conscious process.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:I ended up jumping ahead a bit, so let’s back up a bit.  First of all, if we’re talking about astrology in such a way that you can see karmic patterns, then obviously, there must be something about our past lives that you’re able to see in the chart.  Is that right?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes, and to me, this would be different than doing a past life regression.  I don’t see the details of the story so much as the chart can show what are some of the core themes or what was the soul’s focus in past lives, and now what is the soul taking on as the next step in this lifetime.

To me, astrology is that confirmation that we’re on the earth plane to grow in love and grow in wisdom.  So the chart is showing us what are we taking on in this lifetime to really grow and learn and transform.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Oh, I love that:  Grow in love and grow in wisdom.

Beautiful.  And you’re right, you don’t need the story, you recognize these other things that you’re going through again now, that maybe you’re trying to do differently. 

How would you define karma?  Because I know a lot of people, I think, misrepresent karma in many ways.  What would be your definition of karma in this discussion we’re having?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:To me, karma just speaks to, again, what are we learning at the soul’s level?  I really believe that we across many, many lifetimes, choose to have a variety of experiences to learn and to grow.  Part of what you see in the soul’s chart is this is what my soul was working on in past lifetimes, these are the results of that in terms of what I’ve learned, what I’ve taken on, what I’ve experienced, and now this is how my soul is manifesting this lifetime to continue that journey of grown and change?

So I don’t see karma as somehow about a punishment or a blessing in this lifetime because of what I did in the last lifetime.  So much as it speaks to that constant unfolding of our soul’s journey, to learn and grow across lifetimes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Again, I agree with that, too.  I think of it as our soul being able to see things from all different sides.  So even if we used like murder; in one lifetime you might be the murderer and in another lifetime you might be the person who was murdered, and in another lifetime you might be someone who was related to the murderer, and in another one, related to the person who got murdered.  You know, all these different sides…

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Exactly.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:To me that’s what karma is, just being able to experience all kinds of experiences from different angles and different sides.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:I would fully agree with that, yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Which gives us that growth you were talking about of love and wisdom.  I really like that.

So I just wanted to backup a little bit because I was talking about how you have these indicators where you can see some talents, perhaps, or interests even. 

We have a lot of psychics and mediums that I have interviewed and I wondered if that would be something that you could see in a chart that someone might have some abilities that lean towards psychic or mediumistic…

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:It’s really interesting – in fact, there has been some research on looking at charts of psychics and mediums and what were the common configurations in their charts and there are certain patterns that you can see.  You know the chart is divided into different segments and there’s a certain part of the chart where there’s often a lot of energy if someone has gifts as a psychic or medium.

I also see very strong connections, usually between their sun or moon and the outer planets; the transpersonal planets, because again, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, speak to our connection to that transpersonal energy of spirit coming through us.  What’s beautiful is, depending on the planet, it can give us a sense of how those gifts may manifest for that person. 

For example, someone with a very strong Neptune in their chart or Pisces in their chart, is probably likely to be very intuitive and very able to tap into that kind of psychic gift through their intuition.  Someone with a strong Uranus, may just get these flashings of knowing or be a gifted channeler.  So you can also see how those energies are likely to manifest through the person. 

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:That’s beautiful.  I mean there’s lots of people who have these extreme psychic abilities, but they would never work as a psychic.  So you, as an astrologer, would see that they have strengths in this area, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to work in this area, right?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes, and it’s actually really helpful because I think our culture is not often supportive of people with those gifts and so some of the people that I work with have those gifts and haven’t known how to understand them or work with them.  It can really help sometimes to help the person be consciously aware of that and to see how it’s manifested in their lives in different ways because they haven’t felt supported in really accessing it.  But it can really help them know then how to work with those gifts.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:I hope that’s where we’re learning.  In my experience and my work, it seems that we are going in that direction.  People are becoming more aware of their intuition.  I certainly hope it’s true.  I hope it’s true that people are being more open to it. But I think people in all walks of life – I can certainly see how police officers recognizing their intuitive abilities and maybe even learning how to strengthen them could be very helpful.  It could save their life, it could save other peoples’ lives.

Doctors/surgeons, for instance.  Their intellect might be telling them to do this, but their intuition might be telling them to do something different.  If they feel a strong connection with that, they might go with their intuition.  And again, it could possibly save lives.

I love that idea that we are moving in that direction and I think people are being more open to it.  I know there’s a lot of psychics out there that were trying to teach people how to get in touch with their intuition in a stronger way and learn how to use it and become more away of it, and not afraid of it and not think it’s weird.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:So with that, the next question – and I know the answer because I’ve talked to you about this before – it is an important question to ask and for the audience to know.

I think people have a lot of fears.  I think people have a lot of fears about getting psychic readings because they don’t want to hear anything negative.  I think some people might not want to get an astrology reading for the same reason.  It’s one of the reasons why I love the way you interpret things because it never comes out negative, it’s always in the positive.  You could probably word that better.  

Explain that the way that I wish I could say it, because it doesn’t mean that everything is great, but you have a positive optimistic way of looking at something when you might be going through a challenge.  How would you say that?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Well, if you really believe, which I do, that we’re here on this earth plane to grow, to learn, and to gain wisdom; if you look at my chart, for example, there are many, many challenging aspects in my chart.  In that period if went through in 1993, when I was making that transition, I was dealing with some of the most difficult transits you can go through.  But to me, the gift of astrology is it helps us understand the deeper meaning of those energies so that we can access them and work with them in a conscious way to really be in that transformational process.

So even though the transits or the planetary configurations may be challenging, they’re never negative.  The challenging aspects are, I think, periods of time that are accelerating our growth and our transformation process.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Beautiful.  That’s all I was going to add, because it’s so true.  Challenging doesn’t mean bad.  Challenging might be you go through a difficult time, but usually – and so much has to do with our perspective – we come out better on the other end.

Do you have dogs?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:I love the dogs.  Is the UPS guy showing up?  My dog goes nuts when the UPS guy shows up.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes, exactly.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:What is it about the UPS guys, I don’t know.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:They’re #1 nemesis, I think. 

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:They don’t like brown.  

So where I was leading then, does the astrology chart indicate – because a lot of people worry about this – the timing of someone’s death or how they might die?  Can you get that from an astrology chart?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:I would say, no.  I really do not see the chart or the transits as predictive or deterministic, so when we’re in transits, they’re really giving us a sense of the energies during that time.  But we are co-creators of our own destiny.  

So what we do with those energies is our choice, and I think, is also a reflection of our soul’s choices before we’ve entered into this incarnation.  I think it’s really, really harmful when astrologers try to predict that something is going to happen.  Because we’re really just dealing with energies and themes and how we work with those are very much our own choice.  

Like that experience I had in 1993.  Some astrologers may have said, who come from that different perspective, “Oh Pluto is crossing your ascendant, you’re going to die.”  Well, no.  I mean that could’ve been one outcome, but Pluto is really the planet of death, rebirth and it was actually an indicator that I was going through a profound transformation time.

So when someone has died, it can sometimes be a comfort to the family or to those who loved the person to look back and see what were the energies of that time and what may have been playing out at the soul level for that person.  But from my perspective, you can never predict when or how someone will die.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:So in hindsight, it can be in comfort, moving forward not so much.  I’m hearing an echo, so if you can turn your speaker down a little bit.  I’m not sure why.  Skype does this.  Perfect that worked.  Halfway or three quarters of the way through an interview, Skype decides it’s going to create an echo, just to challenge me.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:It’s like a challenging transit.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Right now, there’s challenging transit going on.  But anyways, this is great.  This is exciting for me, and it leads us to think about the bigger picture.  

So we’ve talked very specifically what you can find out about people related to the things that we talk about here on Afterlife TV, like past lives and karma and one’s death.  

There’s a great question.  I’m going to just read it straight out because I think, this will ask you exactly what I wanted.

Does astrology give us insights about the development of our collective human consciousness?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:What’s beautiful about astrology is it not only helps us be more conscious of our own individual lives and the unfolding of our life’s journey, but it really also gives us perspective on the larger themes, for all of us, that are playing out globally.

I’ve written a book about the even larger cycle, the processional cycle; the astrological ages that each last about 2,000 years, that I think really give us some insight into our collective journey as humans and growing in consciousness across human history.  So it’s beautiful to see how we’re all a part of that larger unfolding and that larger journey and astrology again, gives us guidance and support on how to work with our individual journey, but also that larger collective journey that we’re all a part of.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:It’s really interesting to me.  I saw Gregg Braden – it might’ve been him, talk about it one time – about the different eras that we’ve gone through.  And definitely, your book talks about that.

That’s kind of fascinating that you see these patterns in history that are taking place.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:And then you see how we come out of one and go into another and just collectively, we are seeing things differently.   We can work our way all the way around.  I’m going to talk in generalities here, but if we went from materialism to a more spiritual view of the world, you can get back around to materialism again, can you not?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Well, you know, our modern Western view is that our development is a linear progressive development.  But what we learn from astrology, is no, everything is cyclical.  And my senses are collective consciousness really develops in a spiral.  So we’re circling through the same things over and over again, but hopefully at a different level of consciousness and development.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Like the 2nd or 20th time around, I get it.  Then what is happening now, astrologically, that might be important for us, the viewers to know?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:You know what you were mentioning before about historical cycles, we see those patterns in astrological configurations and Richard Tarnas has written an amazing book called Cosmos and Psyche, that really looks at recent history and some of those patterns.  You know as I look at the current transits, what we see going on right now is that two of the most powerful transformational planets, Pluto and Uranus, are squaring each other in the sky right now.  So they’re at a 90 degree angle in the sky.

They’re really speaking to the larger global time of transition and transformation that we’re going through.  They were next to each other in the sky during the sixties, and we remember what a tumultuous time that was.  Now in their cycle, they’re squaring each other.  It’s that energy of transformation ramped up even higher.

Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, meaning that the systems of our global community:  Economics, politics, structures of nations, religious institutions are all in a time of transformation right now.  With Uranus and Aries to breakdown structures that are out of balance, that are unjust, that are corrupt; to open to new forms arising new paradigms that are more true, authentic, and just.

To me, it’s so helpful to know that the turmoil we’re seeing globally, again has a deeper meaning and purpose.  It’s not about tumult and destruction, it’s about systems breaking down to create an opening for new forms to emerge.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Yeah, that’s helpful and very hopeful.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes, very hopeful.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:So this is something that I really didn’t realize you could get from astrology, that kind of insight.  And again, I’ll show the book.

I wanted to show it towards the end, because I wanted people to really know what we were talking about.  In your book – it’s not a connection between the afterlife and astrology, as we’ve been talking about in this – it’s more talking about these things that we’ve been talking about at the end.  These patterns that civilization has been going on.

It’s called Finding Our Center: Wisdom from the Stars and Planets in Times of Change, Heather Ensworth, PhD.

Where can you find that book?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:You can order it from Amazon, order it online, or through me. 

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Beautiful.  What is your website?

Dr.  Heather

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:I like that.  It’s got a nice ring to it.  And if people want to get an astrology reading; the same thing, just go to your website and the information is there?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Yes.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Beautiful.  I highly recommend it.  I’ve been doing it for years.  Melissa and I have been buying astrology gifts for our loved ones, with you and we always get positive feedback.  That’s a great compliment when someone does that, right?

So anyways, final words.  You know we’ve been talking about a lot of different stuff here.  Leaning astrology about what we can learn.  Maybe life after death or everything in between there. Anything maybe we didn’t cover or something you may want to talk about?

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:There’s one other configuration going on right now that I think is really, really important.  Neptune and Kairon are moving in the sky close to each other and they’re in the sign of Pisces now.  To me, that’s a very powerful configuration that for all of us is really encouraging us to work through whatever core emotional issues or karmic issues that we may be carrying.  It’s really bringing those issues to consciousness to support us in our own healing process. 

For some people, and I’m seeing this with some of my clients; it can mean a lot of emotions are coming up and sometimes we may feel really overwhelmed by some of those things from the past.  But again, this configuration is bringing those things to the surface for healing, for transformation.

I also think what those energies signify is that for all of us, our psychic gifts are opening up more, that I think we’re all feeling more, that we are all interconnected, that we’re all a part of this larger and insouled universe.  And I think that we’re really being encouraged to really work with those gifts, work with our intuition and open up to new ways of being.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Beautiful, beautiful.  What a great way to end this discussion on these things.  And even in this discussion, even though I’m one to get astrology readings every now and then, I’m looking at it and I see so much greater benefit in it.  In other words, it’s bringing an awareness to the benefits that I’ve been gaining over the years.  Which, like we said, part of it is just about awareness, it’s about bringing things to our conscious mind.

So many people that watch Afterlife TV, they are about their own personal and spiritual growth, they are working on themselves and trying to get better and grow in love and wisdom, as you said.  So this one tool for being able to do that, and I think everybody can see that a little clearer now.

Thank you so much for being here today and talking to us about this subject.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Oh, thank you Bob.  It’s been great to do this with you.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:It’s my pleasure.  So again, everybody if they want to, all of the show notes down below this video, will have the links to your website, your book, and anything else that we talked about today that they want to get more information on.

We’ll talk to you again soon.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Great.  Thanks, Bob.

Bob Olson, Afterlife TV:Thank you so much.  Bye.

Dr.  Heather Ensworth:Bye-bye.


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