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Tangible Evidence Of Life After Death – Spirit Portraits!

RITA BERKOWITZ: “In this early Afterlife TV conversation with spirit artist Rita Berkowitz, we talk about Rita’s ability to communicate with spirits and draw their portraits as she sees them. Rita is a medium who is also an artist, so she’s able to provide tangible evidence of life after death by drawing her client’s deceased loved ones without ever having seen them. Rita explains how she does this, how it benefits her clients, and she shares fascinating stories about her 25-plus years drawing people in spirit.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


Rita Berkowitz explains how she draws portraits of spirits. 

Rita Straus Berkowitz has impressed large audiences  throughout the world by drawing portraits of loved ones from the higher side of life. She is the author of Empowering Your Life with Angels and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Communicating with Spirits. Rita has both studied and taught at the Arthur Findley College in Essex England, as well as lectured and demonstrated in colleges, new age centers and Spiritualist churches in the United States and Canada. She is an accomplished artist who has shown her paintings and drawings throughout New England and New York. And she’s an Ordained Minister in the Spiritualist Church and former pastor of the First Spiritualist Church of Quincy, Massachusetts. She is also a Certified Medium and has completed a Master of Science in Psychological Counseling. Rita offers private sittings, classes and has trained many professional mediums.

Rita Berkowitz’s website is: You can see Rita’s spirit drawings on her site beside photos of the people before they passed. And you can read Bob Olson’s article about Rita, along with spirit drawings Rita did for him (beside photos) at

READINGS & CLASSES: Rita no longer offers private sittings (retired), but she continues to offer classes and has trained many professional mediums. If you’d like a spirit portrait drawn by a medium, check out medium and spirit artist Joseph Shiel:

Afterlife TV is presented by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson, who is the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death.

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  1. Deirdre Bortz says:

    Dear Bob & Rita,

    I really enjoyed this interview. I haven’t heard of a medium doing this work until watching this interview today. Even though I am NOT a skeptic, it made me feel more hopeful and connected to the world of Spirit.
    After writing this, my next task will be going to Rita’s webpage.

    Thank you for the work you both do.

  2. Merrilee says:

    Incredible video! I really enjoyed watching it! Thank you, for the work that you do and thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Merrilee,

      Thanks so much! I appreciate your comment.


  3. Ric Perdue says:

    That was really an excellent interview – thanks again, Bob! Very interesting about the police sketching; very fascinating. Aside from the obvious veridical evidence being presented, I found it interesting that in 25 years, she encountered a racist spirit! Wow! So, does that mean when we leave here, we can still retain thought patterns and behaviors? Scary! I’ll have to re-watch your interviews with Natalie Sudman and William Buhlman. Anyway, thought provoking as always; thank you for that!


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Ric,

      Thanks for your comments. Regarding the racist spirit, my interpretation of that is that the spirit was presenting himself that way because it allowed Rita’s client to recognize him and really feel like Rita had connected with him. The reality is that the spirit in that dimension would recognize that his soul would have more-than-likely experienced a lifetime as someone of Rita’s ethnic group. But most clients get comfort in believing that their loved ones haven’t changed. The spirits know that, so they play along. So much of what comes through depends upon where the human (client) is in their spiritual understanding of life after death. My father certainly came through with messages that were understanding to me in my early readings, yet came through differently years later–not because he had changed so much as because I had.


  4. joy sampson says:

    Hi Bob…I need to thank you again for sharing another encouraging interview…it is now one year seven months since my beloved husband Bobby’s passing…and although I recv amazing signs from him every day and know he is truly here with me I still cry and have tough days…watching your episodes brings me back to feeling comfort and hope that when I pass on I will see him again…thanks so much….Joy

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Joy,

      Thank you for writing. Sorry about Bobby’s passing. You will see him again, and he is with you whenever you think of him — just say hello. You’re kind to comment.


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