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Mother Finds Children From Past Life! Past-Life Memories, Dreams & Regressions.

JENNY COCKELL: “Get ready for this cool story! It’s a famous past-life case. Jenny Cockell had past-life memories beginning at age 3. Although she grew up and lives in England today, Jenny’s childhood memories were of her life as Mary Sutton, an Irishwoman who died 21 years before Jenny was ever born. Because Mary Sutton left 8 young children behind when she died, her emotional concern about her children seems to have transferred into her new incarnation as Jenny. As a result of these memories and this concern, once Jenny got old enough, she was compelled to begin using the maps she had drawn as a child (based on her past life memories) to find the exact location where she lived in her past life as Mary. The location turned out to be Malahide, Ireland. Due to her diligent research, Jenny also located Mary’s children and personally reunited with 5 of them. This is an Afterlife TV episode like no other I’ve done before. And I believe it’s one you’ll be telling your friends and family about for years. Enjoy!” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

Note: So as not to confuse, I mention at the beginning of this interview that my wife, Melissa, told me so much about Jenny’s book that I did not read it. I meant to add that this happened years ago and I did, in fact, read the book before this interview and loved it. ~ Bob


Jenny Cockell shares her fascinating story of reuniting with her children from a past life
after locating them with the help of maps she remembered and drew as a child.


JENNY COCKELL’S BOOK – Across Time And Death: A Mother’s Search For Her Past Life Children (Amazon affiliate) CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE. For as long as she could remember, Jenny Cockell had known that she had lived before as Mary Sutton, a young Irishwoman who had died 21 years before Jenny was born. Her constant dream-memory was of Mary dying, alone and desperately worried about what would happen to the 8 young children she was leaving behind. When at last Jenny’s own children were born, she finally acknowledged that she needed to find out what had happened to her lost family from her previous lifetime. Across Time And Death is the compelling story of a mother’s love that reached from one life to another to reunite with her children.

JENNY COCKELL’S SECOND BOOK – Past Lives, Future Lives (Amazon affiliate) CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE. Past Lives, Future Lives tells the continuing story of the psychic experiences that spurred Jenny Cockell to investigate not only other past lives but the future — as far ahead as the twenty-third century. Her amazingly detailed glimpses of the future are more than merely personal images; they allow her to formulate an overall view of what the future holds for us all — including a planet much lower in population, but also safer and more pleasant than the world of today. In her honest, warm, and plain-speaking voice, Jenny Cockell writes of the past and the future in a way that is both practical and visionary; she offers inspiration and hope for the world to come.

JENNY COCKELL’S BIOGRAPHY: Jenny Cockell, a member of Mensa (the high IQ society), is the author of the bestselling book on past life memory titled, Across Time And Death: A Mother’s Search For Her Past Life Children. She is also a chiropodist in Northamptonshire, England. She has two children, a son and daughter, and is married to her husband, Steve, a garden designer.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Jenny Cockell can only be contacted through her Facebook page, which she said she created in order to communicate with fans (so feel free to Friend her and let her know how much you enjoyed this interview):

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  1. Susan Carlson says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I have yet to find one that I haven’t loved and learned from. Please keep up the good work. You are a great interviewer. Your book is one of my favorites.

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi again Bob,
    Just wanted to let you know that I was very moved by this story. You always have a great sense of what people would like to see. Although I was extremely interested in the future life that Jenny spoke of. Now I will need to purchase her second book. That’s quite alright though. As always, I am anxiously awaiting your next interview.
    Thank you again for the work you do.


  3. Lisa says:

    Really enjoyed this one, Bob. Thanks and looking forward to more. I plug my earphones in and listen on my phone while I garden. Both things are a boon to the spirit.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Lisa,

      That’s wonderful. What a great way to do two things you enjoy. Thanks for sharing with me.


  4. Lucia Shelton-Kleiman says:

    Hi Bob,

    Wow – this was a great interview. I signed up several months ago and it was not until now that I have begun my journey with you to listen to all the interviews. There is a time and moment in every ones lives where we open another door to absorb new information. Its now my time. I am thoroughly enjoying this and want to thank you so much for what you are doing. Thank YOU!

    Lucia Shelton-Kleiman

  5. GARY MATWIV says:

    Hi Bob !……Thanks for another great interview………Jenny demonstrates one of the spiritual principles of life…..Reincarnation……and how lessons and love can be carried over from one life to the next ……..Best Wishes…..Gary Matwiv

  6. Lisa Crockett says:

    Hi Bob! I’m curious about your thoughts on Astral Projection and experiencing the spirit world through Astral Projection? I’ve heard a lot of people doing this and experiencing what sounds a lot like the spirit world that we go through after death. Thoughts??

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