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How To Know If Your Spirit Guides Are Guiding You

This is our 3rd episode in the new format, and I sincerely thank you for all your supportive feedback. Today we’re going to delve into some pretty deep questions like, Where Are My Spirit Guides When Things Go Wrong? Discover the 3 angles to consider when your spirit guides seem to be missing in action. And learn the 4 ways our spirit guides communicate with us.

Later in the show, I know you’ll love Jessica’s story about her after-death communication with her ex-fiance—his ability to communicate is extraordinary. And Tammy asks why her children have had dream visitations with their dad but he has yet to show up in her dreams—a very common question that I’ll answer.

Finally, I share my experiences at a 5-day past-life regression workshop presented by Dr. Brian Weiss in case you want to attend the next one. And I share a true story from my own life that taught me why it’s important to stay in the present moment. I’ve been enjoying hearing your stories and questions and hope you’ll continue to share with us on Afterlife TV. Enjoy the episode! ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

PS, Don’t miss the very special GIVEAWAY opportunity mentioned in the show! And gratitude to my wife, Melissa, for her gorgeous photography for this video.




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  1. Michelle peterson says:

    What happened to the transcript option? Thank you from people that have heating problems

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Michelle,

      It takes a week or two for the transcript to be ready.


    • barbara sherey says:

      hi!!! Bob this is wonderful program topic loved the story of Libby.. its a wonderful lesson.. about the fear base an what we can do in our mind… love the new program!!

  2. Charlie Pickering says:

    Here’s my quit smoking story:

    I began smoking in Ernest in early 1963 because my girlfriend, later to become my wife smoked. Well, I don’t blame her completely, as I might have started otherwise, because that was the culture at the time. Beginning sometime in the early ’70’s I quit smoking on seemingly about a half dozen times….. each lasting for weeks or even months while my wife continued (even today). The last time I tried to break the habit I was into maybe something like 6 weeks of not smoking.

    Then one day I came home for lunch from the office as was my usual routine. But this day, as I finished lunch, I spied a pack of cigarets my wife had left on the counter, I think by mistake, as she was not into tempting me to begin again. Or was she? 🙂 Anyway, I thought, “what the heck, one cigarette can’t hurt anything” and it would be so good to have another puff before never having another. (I had been down that road before) So, I went over to the counter, took out a cigarette and looked for a match to light it. There were no matches to be found. But no problem, there was the electric stove burner to turn on for the light – I had done this many times before. So I headed to the stove to get my light, but as I was walking toward the stove the electric power went out. I should mention the loss of electric power in Anchorage was quite rare.

    I placed the cigarette back into its package and have never ever been even slightly tempted to smoke again. That occurred in about 1975.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Charlie,

      Oh my god, that’s such a great story. I love it. Thanks for sharing, but please please please share it with everyone by recording it for the show. You can simply read what you wrote to me–most people do. And you get to record it over and over before you send it. But with that in mind, people prefer a mistake or two because it shows you’re a real person who makes mistakes just like them, so don’t try to make it perfect. I hope you will. Just go to


      • Charlie Pickering says:

        Bob – I don’t have a voice transmission capability/application on my computer, so I can’t share this verbally. That said I do enjoy and appreciate your program each week. I have had a few other interesting spiritual experiences, so I am a believer but not quite a knower because for me the afterlife is so hard to “know” to be true. I’m surely not alone with this outlook? Thanks again for your investigations!!

  3. Lise Riel says:

    Bob, just wondering who is playing the guitar. I find ir very enjoyable to listen to

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Lise,

      I wish I could say it was me, but it’s just royalty free music I’ve purchased for this purpose. I like it too, thanks.


  4. Monique says:

    Hi Bob,
    Thank you for another uplifting episode, it gets better every week! This is better than watching the news on TV. I feel so energized after listening to your positive messages.
    Still enjoying looking at your wife’s amazing pictures as well.
    I am ordering your book on Amazon!
    I want to thank my Spirit Guide for sending you my way! I have so much hope now.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Monique,

      You’re so very welcome. Your feedback is helpful, so thank YOU for that–and for ordering the book (I think you’ll love it). And yes, we should never forget to thank our guides. Nice.


  5. Kathleen says:


    Your program was very comforting and interesting. Grief is a hard emotion to get through. I have used Natilie Sudman twice to help me

  6. Dawn Blalock says:

    Another wonderful episode of Afterlife TV. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to the new shows (and old), no matter what the format! When a new episode alert pops up on my email I just can’t wait to listen. Thank God for you Bob! You make my days so rich and uplifting! I’ve grown so much spiritually with the help of you, your wisdom and your wonderful guests and listeners. Keep your bright light shining!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Dawn,

      Sweet comments from people like you help to keep the light bright. I’m most grateful to you for writing–it truly helps.


  7. Lori H says:

    Bob, I can’t help but feel that your dog actually protected you and your wife, or anyone else such as a child for that matter, from stepping in that trap. The fact that there were no long-term after-effects is a clue that this could have been a meant-to-be, guided by angels, sort of experience.

    Loved your book. Thank you for what you do!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Lori,

      I think you’re right on the mark. Thanks so much. Keep smiling.


  8. Ric Perdue says:

    Hi, Bob; have to say i really like your new format! Side note: A friend of mine was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer in December; been doing the whole Chemo thing to no avail. He’s now at home in hospice and they’ve given him about a week. His grief transitioned to the 5th stage, acceptance, rather quickly but I know, deep down, he’s afraid. So, to try to alleviate this fear, I’ve given him your book – I really think it will help him during this final transition here.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Ric,

      Well that was a very kind thing to do for your friend. Any amount that he can reduce his fear of death will positively alter his experience. And I appreciate that you thought so much of the book to do that. I’m so very sorry to learn of your friend’s diagnosis. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself some extra self-care. A good friend of mine, Cheryl Richardson, wrote a book titled, The Art of Extreme Self-Care. Check it out. You and your friend will be in my thoughts and prayers.


      • Ric Perdue says:

        Thank you for your kind reply and I will check out the recommended book. Not sure if you know just how much or how many people you help..

        Thanks again!


        • Bob Olson says:

          Hey Ric,

          I really have no idea, but that’s probably just how it works. And I appreciate the glimpses I get when kind people like you tell me. Thank you.


  9. Elizaveta says:

    Speaking of coincidences – or are there any? – I watched this episode just as I am struggling with raising my vibrations. After some very depressing years and a traumatic experience, I am working really hard on getting me and some loved ones back on track. What I find very interesting is that I am much more sensitive to people´s negativity now. I am an optimist myself but I get upset sometimes if others drag me down. Loved the music of this video and the cute dog pictures!!!!!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Elizaveta,

      You must be empathic. Me too. It just means we absorb other people’s stuff by feeling their pain or joy. Melissa calls me Sponge Bob. For empaths, we just need to be extra careful about who we hang out with, what we watch on TV and listen to on the radio, even what we read. Thanks for the feedback. I love the music too, and the black Labrador swimming with the green toy in her mouth is Libby.


  10. Karla T. says:

    Your story about Libby and staying in the present moment took me into that moment with you. Things like that are so stressful, thank you for reminding us to stay in the present.

  11. Mary R says:

    Hi Bob, Bravo on the new format! I was afraid I’d be disappointed bc I LOVED the old show. But I’ve had many aha! moments as to why you made the change. YOU are so wise and have so much to contribute rather than primarily being the great host.One illustration, from the story of Jessica and ex-fiance, is how your investigative self was able to find and convey so much more meaning and insight than I did while listening. Appreciated the teaching story with Libby.
    Thank you! Keep the wisdom coming!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Mary,

      It’s lovely to be seen by you. Hosting was fun in its own way, but this is like stretching my wings after being confined in a box for too long. Thank you.


  12. Ray says:

    I enjoyed the show! What really resonated with me when you was talking about the negativity of the news. I like to keep informed but need to counter that with a lot of affirmations and meditation.

    I also enjoyed the mention of ‘coincidences’ that occur in our lives. It’s amazing to contemplate the ‘coincidences’ that occur and what I have gained from those experiences. I believe spirit guide efforts were involved in all those coincidences where one or many of us benefited.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Ray,

      Well I think you picked up on two very important messages. A lot of people have mentioned the news message hitting them on the head, yet I barely mentioned it. I love hearing what touches people. Thanks Ray!


  13. Paddy McKeag says:

    hi Bob – I love your show always – maybe the new format is even better. 🙂 I am always interested in learning more about Spiritual stuff. I am doing well recently with communicating with my Spirit Guides. One aspect for me though is Not Coming out of the Closet. I don’t have to do this as a job so that helps me. Recently I decided to be More Abundant in my life – especially with Money. thanks Bob for your great effort ! 🙂 Paddy McKeag – I am on your email 🙂

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Paddy,

      Thanks for your feedback. One way I’ve brought more abundance into my life is by making the environment in which I live and work more harmonious and more reflective of my desires for a world that nurtures me. I did that about 4 years ago and was astounded by how the Universe responded in terms of abundance and joy. Good luck to you.


  14. Linda says:

    Hi Bob,

    I love your work!!!
    The new format is interesting…….the photography is just lovely.

    I love your story about your beloved Libby! and how being in the moment is so simple and yet can at times be most difficult. I loved your explanation of that.

    Would love to hear more stories 🙂

    Always look forward to the next installment! !!!

    Linda (from Melbourne, Australia )

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Linda,

      I hope you’re well in Melbourne. Thank you for the sweet feedback. I passed your photography comment on to my wife, Melissa 🙂 And I’m working on the next show now. I appreciate you writing.


  15. Anita says:


    I just finished the March 8th podcast. I had been putting off listening and now I know why!
    I really needed to hear about raising my vibrations. I meditate, but can use your suggestions ANY time. It is difficult to go into a meditative state at work. 🙂
    I need to learn to live in the moment and I appreciate that message also. Your story about Libby made me cry as I felt her pain and the anguish that you and Melissa felt also.
    I love the new format.

    Peace and Light,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Anita,

      Oh that’s wonderful that the message came for you at the right time. I like what you got out of it.

      I know, the Libby story was hard to hear until you find out later that she’s okay. I wonder how many people had to stop listening before it ended. I never would have told that story if it didn’t end well. A lot of people said they liked it, so I’ll do another in the next episode. Thanks Anita!


  16. Randy says:

    Hi Bob;
    I want to thank you for all the shows you bring us all.I really appreciate all the time and work you put into all the interviews you do but I just had a recent experience I never had before.I do meditate every day and I do have psychic experiences on a regular basis.
    I spend a good part of every day on my couch because I am disabled and experience chronic pain daily.I was sitting watching tv and I could feel an Angel on my right.I didn’t see him but the feeling was so strong a picture formed in my mind that he was huge.I have 8 ft. ceilings and he was hunched over.He’d have to be at least 10 ft. tall.His size scared me but quickly I calmed down.
    I want to know if anyone else has heard about or had the same experience ? The only thing I kept feeling was something big is coming.I know a lot of things are happening all over the world on a daily basis and it isn’t getting any better.I would appreciate any answers or opinions you might have.Thanks again.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Randy,

      That’s amazing. My translation would be that this is for you, considering all the pain you’re experiencing, to let you know that you are not alone. I’m sure your meditation practice allowed you to have this experience. Thanks for sharing it.


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