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Phone Call From The Afterlife! Afterlife TV Bite-Sized Episode

I’m excited to try out my new “bite-sized” format to offer shorter Afterlife TV episodes for you to enjoy more often. I’ll do longer episodes occasionally, but bite-sized episodes more often. In this episode, one of our most loyal Afterlife TV fans, Ornella, shares her real-life afterlife encounter about asking for a sign from her deceased father. Her story proves that the more open we are to signs from spirit (aka messages from the afterlife), the more likely we are to experience them.

AS A SPECIAL TREAT, my wife Melissa joins me in the studio to share her brilliant insight on Ornella’s story. We’d love to hear your feedback about this new, shorter format, so be sure to comment on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, or on Let us know if you like having more yet shorter Afterlife TV episodes.

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Afterlife TV is presented by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson, who is the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death.

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Bob: Hey everybody, Bob Olson here with Afterlife TV. You can find us at This is where we talk about life after death and answer the meaningful questions around that subject. I wanna thank our sponsor, where there’s over 800 psychics and mediums, and animal communicators and energy healers right there, you can read public reviews about them,

Now, today I’m gonna be doing something a little bit different. I wanna do some shorter episodes. The reason why is it takes me so long to do a one hour episode. I recognized that our one hour episodes are really about four segments, they’re made up of four different segments. And I thought, you know, instead of taking as much time as it takes to create four segments within a one hour show, what if I separated those four segments and sent them out separately so that they would be bite-size, I guess. And it would be easier for you to listen because it wouldn’t take us long, and it just might be better for you because you’ll get more episodes more often, just in shorter doses. So we’re gonna try it. This does not mean I’m not gonna do an occasional longer episode, I will. And if I ever do an interview, which I won’t be doing that many of, but I like to do them every so often, we’ll have those as well, and those will be longer. Let’s give this a try, and let me know what you think.

So how is this gonna look? For the most part, most of these episodes are gonna be either your stories that you will tell us through, or you’re going to ask your questions at And we will play either the story or the question, and then I will comment on those audios that you leave us after that. And then that will be it. And then we’ll go on to, you know, whenever the next one is. Hopefully we can do these a lot. Let’s try it, see how it goes, tell me what you think, and we’ll take you from there.

All right, so today’s episode is extra special because the story that was left is from a woman named, Ornella. And Ornella is really a huge supporter of Afterlife TV. And I really appreciate her more than she’ll ever know. But not just because she supports the work that I do, but also because she is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. Honestly, she sends us a lotta tweets, she sends us…she comments on a lotta the Facebook posts that we do, but I don’t think I have ever heard her say a negative word. She is always uplifting, she is always enthusiastic and just filled it with love. And I recognize this whether she is talking to me or talking to other people. If you go in her Twitter page, for instance, you can see that she’s doing the same thing with lots of other people. And she is spreading a lotta love around the world. Anyway, she’s got a great story as well. And so why don’t we hear from Ornella and then I’ll just make a few comments after, and then that’ll be it for today.

Ornella: Hi, Bob, it’s Ornella Colly. I just want to share a story. First, I wanna say I’m so excited about your show. And I’m so glad that we all have this opportunity to be on here and listen to all your great stuff. Now this story took place a long time ago, it’s gonna be 14 years this Easter, and I thought it was appropriate to share it right now.

Fourteen years ago, right after September 11th, my husband and I, I was home on maternity leave, and my husband was with me as well. And we started watching John Edward with “Crossing Over”. And he’s a psychic medium who I’ve been following since. Anyhow, he in his programs, I’m watching him, he shared how we can ask our loved ones for signs and messages. And if we are specific, just watch and see what happens. And so I thought, well, I lost my father when I was 9 years old in 1980. And I thought, “Well, let me try this.”

So I did, and I’ve been speaking to my father in a regular basis daily, to be honest. So I said to him, “Well you owe big time.” It’s been so many years. I’d had three children, I was married. I was just a little girl when he passed, and we were very close. And so I said, “You owe me big time,” joking around with him, and I said, “I want you to acknowledge that I had my third child.” So that was my message to him. So fast forward, my daughter at that point was eight months old or so. And now she was just about to turn a year in March. And she did and the day went by. And on that weekend, it was Easter, and it was March 31st, 2002, so it’d been 22 years since my father had passed, which 22 was a very big and important number for me. Many things happened on that day, and it seemed that I got a lotta my signs through numbers as well.

Anyway, we…that day, my mom…we brought my mom to church, which wasn’t our regular church. And with my little one being little, my husband would either be out in the car with her or he’d out…take her out for walk to entertain her. So we were in there, it was quite crowded. I had two other children. My seven-year-old was jumping up and down, and there was someone going around giving out the bulletins for the mass. And I thought, “Well we don’t need one because we don’t go to this church,” but my son was making such a raucous. And I said just to appease him, so we took one. And I quickly glanced at it, and something struck me. And I looked again, and it was a man’s name, and I said to my mom, “Do you know this man?” I looked over at her, “Do you know what, he passed away recently and they were having a service set for him.” And she says, “No, I don’t know him. Do you know him?” And I said, “No.” So we left it at that. It was time to go home.

Typically when I get home, I put the baby to sleep for a nap and get the other ones all settled. But we do listen our answer machine as soon as we get home if we’ve missed any calls. So this call came through and I’m listening to it, and I’m thinking, “What did he just say?” And so we played it half a dozen times. And I said to my husband, “What’s he’s saying?” And he says, “Well I don’t know,” because I’m Italian he’s not. He said, “I think he’s speaking Italian.” And I said, “Oh.” Well then, all of a sudden, I just felt a knowing. And I thought, “Oh my God, this is crazy.”

So I run to the car, I got the bulletin, came back in the house and I showed it to my husband, and I said, “Is he saying this name?” And my husband looked at me and he says, “Yeah.” And I said, “Oh my God.” And I start bawling. My tears are just running down my face, but I have a big smile in my face. And my son interjects, and he says, “Mommy.” And I said, “Yes?” And he says, “I know why you’re crying.” And I said, “Why?” And he said… We refer to my father because I speak of my father to my children ever since they were born, and we refer to him as No-No [SP]. And he says, “You think, No-No called you?” And I couldn’t believe he said that because he was the one who got me to get the bulletin to begin with. And I said, “No, I don’t think he called me, sweetie, but I do think he’s sending me a message.”

So I will translate what he said in Italian. And she said, “Hello, I am Nazareno de Palma. I have called you to wish you a happy Easter. I didn’t find you home. Be well.” Well the name on the bulletin was Nazareno de Palma. Nazareno de Palma means the Nazarene of the palm. And this was Easter, and that’s when God, Jesus is referred to, as the Nazarene. I knew this was a big deal. I was so beside myself. I was so excited, but I was still questioning like many do when they’re these stories. As much as we know, I think the human part of us are constantly asking questions as to there’s no way, it’s too good to be true.

So as I was putting my daughter…after a lot of excitement, I put my daughter to sleep. And I’m praying to my dad and I said to him, “I know that was you, but can you give me another sign?” So we become selfish and greedy, and I still do. I often say I don’t really need any signs, but I still do. And then I realized, a couple days later, I was bringing my kids…my oldest to school, and he says, “Mommy, what is this?” And he taken a piece of paper out of my daughter’s car seat. And I said, “Where did you find that,” because my husband and I are very anal about keeping everything pretty organized in the car anywhere, and he says, “I found it in Madelyn’s car seat.” And I said, “Oh.” I said, “Hang on, when I pull over, I’ll look at it.”

So I look at it. Well, my initial question to my father was to acknowledge my youngest being born. I started bawling when I looked at that, and I said, “Matthew,” I said, “This is the date that Madelyn was supposed to be born on, which was Wednesday, April 3rd.” So if I didn’t have my daughter earlier in March, that was the day I was going to go for an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay, and possibly be induced. But I didn’t need that appointment.

Well, that date was the exact date that Nazareno de Palma’s mass was going to be said at church in honoring the fact that I found out much later on that he had passed away that March, March 4th, I think it was. So I still have the bulletin. I know my father came to send me a message and to acknowledge my youngest, and I know he’s seen Matthew, and Melissa. And my middle daughter is Melissa, just like your wife, Bob, so I always chuckle when I hear you mention her. But they are here, I know they’re here. I still will question it, I know. But my intuition is always good to me. I’m not always good to it.

I thank you for allowing me to share this story. I have many. I will hopefully share another one with you in the future. Thank you so much.

Bob: Okay, while I was listening to Ornella, I had the…a great surprise of Melissa, my wife, coming down into the studio and joining me to hear her story. And so I just asked Melissa if she wouldn’t mind joining me to comment on it because it’s cool. And she always has some really different perspective than I do sometimes that surprise me. I thought, “Well this would be fun.” I’ve been trying to get her to do this, and just happened to be here at the right time. So this is a great treat for all of us. How you doing, Melissa?

Melissa: I’m good.

Bob: What do you think of that? Pretty cool, right?

Melissa: It’s pretty amazing, pretty amazing. I was struck by the intricacies of it and how amazing it was that Ornella was able to identify those things. But that’s what can happen when you already are a believer, you know, those kinds of messages can get through to you that might otherwise miss other people.

Bob: You know, what’s amazing to me about this, is that she said this was 14 years ago. And, you know, she just learned about signs, you know, from spirit, from John Edward, who we love. But yet she has this awareness that a lotta people who are new to that sort of thing are not able to catch all the things that she caught. I mean, it’s just… Right?

Melissa: Right.

Bob: Incredible. So it was like, Ornella, you are just made for this sorta thing, like to recognize all these many things that happened in the story. You could have split that story up into three parts and they would all have been great stories in themselves, put it all together and it’s a little like…I mean, I don’t…I’m not sure I woulda recognized all these things.

Melissa: Well I think too, you know, I think spirit sometimes, you know, they know where you’re at. So I think they have a sense of the messages that they can send. And often, you know, people who aren’t skeptics, I mean, you might still be like a little skeptical about whether you’re interpreting the message or reading into something too much. I think, a lotta times, people do that. But I also thing that there’s…spirit wants to send the message that is really direct and clear that sort of allows you to overcome that questioning. And so they’re aware of how simple or complicated they can make it. It may not always get through, but, you know, that’s I think generally how they work.

Bob: So they design the message for the person. In other words, make it as easier intricate.

Melissa: That’s my experience.

Bob: Yeah. No, I agree with you. I think it’s… All right, so let’s just kinda go through this. I wrote a few notes, again, she was watching John Edward with “Crossing Over” all that time ago, right?

Melissa: Yes, yes.

Bob: Pretty cool. And I remember doing the same thing, watching and going good, you know? So such a great person to be doing that show.

Melissa: Yeah, absolutely.

Bob: And he reached so many people with very, very important messages. And he’s still doing great work. I wanna mention that she left this message. Ornella left this message before Easter, so that’s, you know, she saw that as coming up and I’m just getting to it now. Twenty-two years, since her father passed, I love too that she’s into numbers, because when we’re paying attention to things like that as well, I mean if anybody watched my interview with Dave Kane, you know, it was all about the number 41. It was just…it doesn’t matter what the number is, what matters is that you’re aware of that number. She goes to church. I think this is kinda, you know, important little facts here. She goes to a different church, right? So if she had gone to her church, we wouldn’t maybe be hearing about this story, right?

Melissa: Right, except for that it probably woulda got through in some shape or form.

Bob: Some other way.

Melissa: Right.

Bob: Then we have her, you know, her son who is grabbing the bulletin, or whatever. So we don’t really know…

Melissa: Yes, creating a raucous.

Bob: And to appease him, she says, “Yeah, grab the bulletin, fine. We don’t need it, but we’ll grab it.” And then for her to just look at this bulletin and notice the man, Nazareno…

Melissa: Try on your Italian, honey.

Bob: Sorry. Nazareno de Palma’s name on the bulletin and ask her mother about it. I mean, this brings it to her attention.

Melissa: Yeah, it stand…it stood out to her. And not for any reason except for probably just the energy that was behind what she was looking at.

Bob: And another important message here. So this is the thing, things standout to us. We don’t know why. You can say spirit does it, it doesn’t matter. But we don’t know why, but certain things sorta jump off the page, or they catch our attention, whatever, and they can be important. It might not be important right away, like in this case, they’re important later, and…

Melissa: Right. And I think that’s why…one of the reasons why we’re so quick to write stuff off. I mean we’re constantly on the move, right? And so messages come at us, and we just discard them, we can just toss them. You know, our attention’s drawn to them, but then we…we’re just in a rush doing something so we just kind of discard them.

Bob: Then she gets home and hears this message. I mean, you can’t be…

Melissa: Yeah, that’s cool.

Bob: It’s crazy.

Melissa: It’s cool.

Bob: That was like…

Melisa: It’s very cool.

Bob: You got the tingles down your spine.

Melissa: I would like my dad to leave me a message on our voice mail.

Bob: Or somebody else, you know…

Melissa: No, or whatever.

Bob: …in his…you know, for him, you know?

Melissa: Right, right.

Bob: And it’s in Italian. And luckily you knew what he was saying, which was really neat. And even the significance of his name was pretty cool. I wouldn’t have caught that. I grow up Catholic, but I don’t know the way she does.

Melissa: Well that, isn’t that the direct connection? And then her son. I mean, really, right?

Bob: Yeah, right, pointing it out, right?

Melissa: Yes.

Bob: Yeah.

Melissa: I love it when kids are a bit of a attention giver to messages because it happens so often and so often, I’m sure there’s a lot that gets missed.

Bob: There’s a lot that get missed. And the kids, I mean they come from place of innocence. They’re not thinking this through too much. They’re not thinking it at all.

Melissa: It’s not intellectual, it’s just there…

Bob: Yeah, it’s just there.

Melissa: …and they say it.

Bob: Yeah, I love that. All right, and then one of the other things that I really enjoyed, because I could recognize it, is…and then now she gets this amazing message from her father. And then she says she wants another one.

Melissa: Yeah, I know. That’s classic.

Bob: Right?

Melissa: That’s classic.

Bob: It’s awesome. I’ve done the same thing, Ornella. Look, that was really good. Give me something else, you know? I don’t know why we do that, we just… Look, we live in this dimension and, you know, you really can’t get enough messages, the truth is.

Melissa: Right. And I think what… a lotta times when we do that, it is because we’re responding to the feeling that we got when that message came through. It makes us feel euphoric, it makes us feel hopeful, it makes us feel so many good feelings that are a lotta times the antithesis of what we’re experiencing in our mundane day, you know? So what we want is more of that feeling.

Bob: Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Let’s do that again, that felt really good.”

Melissa: Right.

Bob: Yeah.

Melissa: Right.

Bob: I love it. All right, and then lastly, the birth date on the paper on the car seat. Madelyn’s birthday and the date of Nazarene’s mass date, you know?

Melissa: Well, she asked. Well she asked the original question, but then she asked for more.

Bob: There you go.

Melissa: She asked for more, and she got more.

Bob: And again, someone like me, and I’m sure a lot of you can relate, you’re like, I might ask for a message and then completely forget about it.

Melissa: Yes, exactly. You do that a lot, actually.

Bob: But you and Ornella, you know, you’re like, you ask for something and you keep your awareness out there, you know, you keep your awareness up so that you’ll recognize it when it happens. I think it’s also just…and I…you know, she indicated this, it’s not like she just found this piece of paper. It was in the car seat, in her daughter’s car seat that she wanted to be acknowledged. There’s so much depth to this story. I think it’s worthwhile that we think about these things and recognize how much is in that simple, in some ways, complicated also story that Ornella shared with us. So thanks so much, Ornella, for sharing with…

Melissa: Yeah, thank you, Ornella.

Bob: We really enjoyed that. All right, so this is probably gonna be longer than most of them because I had to explain what we were gonna do with this bite-sized episodes. I hope you will let us know… Look, email, or Facebook, Twitter, We have comments right there as well. Let us know, what do you think about the bite-size. It will even be a little shorter than this, most of them. And it’s fun for me to be able to get more episodes out there, so I hope you like it.

I hope you also… Like us on Facebook. Here’s the thing, I’m gonna be changing from the Facebook name being “Afterlife TV” to being “Bob Olson Author”. Bob Olson is taken, even though I don’t think the guy’s using it, but “Bob Olson Author”. And the reason is I’m coming out with a new book. And there is an afterlife theme to it. It’s not that…it’s that biggest stretch. But the reality is the new book is about what I learned about life by investigating the afterlife. So that’s gonna be coming out in May. But I just decided if I’m gonna keep coming out with new books, I wanted the Facebook page…I wanted to be able to tell you about all these things and not have it just focused on the afterlife.

And I also hope that you’ll join a newsletter because it’s more likely that you’re gonna find out about us through our emails that we send out because Facebook isn’t always reliable in that way. A lotta people… I put out the last episode in both December and January, and a lotta people were still asking me, “When are you gonna come out with a new episode?” And it was like, “I just came out with one,” but they didn’t find out about it on Facebook. So if you can maybe join our newsletter as well, at least you get another shot at finding out every time a new episode comes out. We’re hoping they’ll be more of them because they’re gonna be shorter. Anyways, thanks…

Melissa: There will be.

Bob: Yeah. Thanks so… Melissa will kick my butt. Thanks so much for listening, and I hope you enjoyed this. And I enjoyed talking with you again. All right…

Melissa: Thanks, everyone.

Bob: …bye now.

Afterlife TV is presented by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson, who is the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death.

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  1. Joann Ianniello says:

    Thank you for sharing Ornella’s story and extra gratitude for including the transcript. I prefer the videos because I read lips in addition to wearing two hearing aids. Blessings to you and Melissa. Thank you for the work you do.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Joann,

      Yes, you’re welcome. The transcript came back quickly this time. I was happy to post that when we first posted the episode. I usually post it about a week later. Maybe it came quickly because it was a shorter episode. Thanks!


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