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Spirits Use Coincidence To Say Hello From The Afterlife!

In today’s bite-sized Afterlife TV episode, one of our viewers, Ann, tells a story about her recently passed father, the special connection they shared, and the wonderful sign she received from him. Melissa is back in the studio with me, and she shares a story about a good friend of ours who passed and the special sign he sent her from beyond. Today’s episode is about how our loved ones in spirit use coincidence to communicate with us. We also talk about why some people receive messages from their loved ones in spirit and others do not.

We would love to hear what you thought of this episode. And if you have an afterlife or coincidence story like Ann’s or Melissa’s, we would love for you to share your afterlife story with us—either on social media or you can record your own story for a chance to be featured on an episode of Afterlife TV (link below). As always, if you enjoyed the show, we’d appreciate your review on our iTunes podcast (link below). Photos on video by my wife, Melissa. Until next time, pay attention to every coincidence in your life…






THE SECRET INTERVIEW: To hear Bob’s nephew, Ryan, interview him about the The Magic Mala, go here: (scroll about halfway down the page)


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  1. Toby says:

    Hi Bob I listen to you being interviewed by your nephew, & I gotta say he sold me on the book . We ordered it & it’s coming next week ! I can’t wait . We wish you all the best , & your nephew will have a very bright future !

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Toby!

      Well that’s interesting. I probably should put this interview out there on my show feed as most people will not go through the trouble of finding it on my other site. Yes, Ryan is amazing, right? I appreciate you listening and glad you liked it. Enjoy the book!


  2. Emma James says:

    Bob and Melissa,

    As always, enjoyed this video with you both. I then listened to Ryan’s interview.

    WOW! WOW! WOW! How is it possible for a 13 year old to have the skills of a seasoned adult interviewer? And he asked such original questions. I did not see any of them coming.

    Plus, Bob, I admired the way you treated him with the respect that children deserve. You did not talk down to him.

    Love your photography, Melissa.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Emma,

      Nice to hear from you again. I’m so glad you listened to this interview. Not many people took the time to find it, but those who did said they loved it. I think I will post it more formally. Thank you for all your kind comments. I’ll pass them along. Be well.


  3. Ornella Togmus says:

    Hi BoB!I loved the Antique Road show, we use to catch it on TV on Sundays.I was so Happy for Ann getting her message with her DAD! How incredible that our Loved one inspirer us to do something because they want to show off & let us know they are still with us.That was such a special message. ox Melissa’s connection with David & the Coins was a great example of how people can ignore them.To me it was clear as DAY that it was David OX how awesome on both counts,the message & Melissa getting it ox

  4. Ornella Togmus says:

    Me again!! Only 500 characters ?? That doesn’t work for me LOL SO here I am again! Now lets talk about Ryan your Nephew!! WOW does he take calls because I would Love to have a conversation with him. OMG he was Amazing, & you weren’t bad either Bob LOL 🙂 Seriously he was right on with everything!! Just say the word & I will share this interview with all I do! THANK YOU for sharing the very personal conversation!! OXOX

  5. mike says:

    After listening to Kathy’s experience I thought I’d share this. I type better than I talk, so that’s why I’m writing. My stepfather dropped by in a dream I had. If he was trying to give me a message I couldn’t hear it, but he appeared in the dream walking in “screen left” and going to “screen right.”

    Later that day at work my half-sister contacted me to tell me he had died. That’s the only such experience I had. I’ve only told this to one of my sisters who likes this type of thing. (1of2)

  6. mike says:

    (2 of 2) I bought the Robert Schwartz books about your life being planned before you were born since it answered a few questions I had been having. I was born in the midwest, but I moved to another state where I met my wife to be. She was on a one year visa visiting America from Japan. I brought her back on a marriage visa and we’ve been married for 42 years now. The reason we met is the person I met in this other state who did the introduction.

    Keep up the great work with your programs.

  7. isabella says:

    As an Intuitive Medium I work with clients daily and pass along how beautiful Spirit is on the little delicate ways they show us they are still very much around us and in our daily life! This story warms my heart!

  8. MARYANN says:

    After my friend died I kept meeting lots of people with his 1st name This must have been a sign

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