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Woman Sees And Talks To A Spirit – Afterlife TV

In this bite-sized episode (13 minutes), Kathy shares an amazing encounter she had with someone recently departed and her dilemma that followed when deciding to share this extraordinary experience with loved ones who didn’t yet know the person had died.

Melissa joins me in the studio and we discuss Kathy’s fascinating story, its powerful lesson about listening to your intuition, and my advice about sharing sensitive information like this. We also discuss also how this experience was a validation of Kathy’s own gifts, since this was a first-time experience for her seeing and communicating with a spirit.

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The Magic Mala: A Story That Changes Lives



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  1. Ornella Togmus says:

    I really enjoyed this. How great for Kathy to have had this incredible visit, that I believe was even bigger than getting the message to Arlene. I believe it was for her (Kathy)to have the confidence that she has the Gift to Connect with the other side. Arlene’s mom went to someone that she knew could possibly get a message through to her daughter through Kathy’s mom which was Arlene’s friend…. Spirit is Genius Thanks for sharing!! OX

    • Bob Olson says:

      Well said, Ornella,

      I appreciate your insightful comment, as always.


  2. Virginia says:

    Melissa’s comments about waiting until it’s a more appropriate time is spot on. And as you said, Bob, a funeral isn’t the place to relay such a message since emotions are very high. I hope the message has gotten to her later on, when I’m sure she was comforted by it. Whether a person believes in such things or not, just the possibility of it being true might bring them comfort, and hopefully give them an awareness of signs from loved ones.

    • Bob Olson says:

      That’s right, Virginia,

      There’s an appropriate time for this.


  3. Joy says:

    I think she should have told the friend about her mother’s appearance. I have had a dream in which a friend’s mother came and told me and said about three times “I’m not dead” and I told the friend about this. It was right after the friend’s mother passed. I think it could give them comfort to know this. Thank you for posting this story, I’m always interested in more substantiation of life after death.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Joy,

      I’m glad that worked out for you. The problem is that it doesn’t always work out well when someone passes the info along right after a person passes. Depending upon one’s religious beliefs, that can be downright disturbing. Sadly I’ve heard many of these stories where it didn’t go well, and it was quite upsetting to those people. So it’s always a risk that isn’t necessary since the message can be delivered at a more appropriate time later. No one wants or needs to be upset by something more right after their loved one has died–they are going through enough. But in your case you’re talking about a friend of yours whom you likely knew would be open to it and comforted by it, and that’s a very different situation. I’m glad that worked out for you and her. Thanks for sharing your story.


  4. Ray says:

    Cool experience!

    I have never physically ‘seen’ what you described. I have been helped by being warned ‘vocally’ only, a couple of times and have had more times being warned physically and mentally.

    However, I really enjoy when I find my ‘experiences’ are benefiting those around me. I received one ‘thank you for saving my life’ from a sister who ‘claimed to never have had an experience’ until I told her mine.. Those ‘thanks’ makes ‘he is crazy’ concerns far less hurtful.

  5. Marcella Nadler says:

    What an amazing experience.
    I think as a child I saw people but its very scary (I used to wake my parents screaming) so now I just hear them. But I think some I wish I could see like that, even to just tell them good bye.
    I hope she gets another chance to tell her, but I would bet money the message got through.
    Thanks so much for these quick bites, they are easy to listen to and really brighten the day.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Marci,

      I’m with you, it would be cool to have this experience. I’m glad you like the quick bites. Thanks for writing.


  6. Christian says:

    Love this episode. I do believe that there are those that can see spirit but I also know that spirit will show themselves to people if they feel the need. They show themselves to people who feel they are not really psychic. So, Bob, you mentioned that you have never had an experience like this but you sure could. As a psychic medium I’ve seen people who are psychic never have this kind of experience and others, that don’t consider themselves psychic, have this happen to them. Great episode!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Christian,

      Yes, I’ve known or interviewed many people who have had this experience, so I believe it’s not outside the possibility that it could happen to me. I’ll see (a little pun intended). Thanks for your kind comments.


  7. Kathy says:

    Wow! Thank you all so much for your very kind and warm replies. I am deeply touched and am very grateful. I had no idea how much this experience would resonate with people all around the world. Until I shared the story with Bob and recorded it for afterlife TV, it was one that I rarely thought about. I realized a couple of days ago that it’s not even something that I’ve shared with my very closest friends, however now because of the published recording, I’ve shared it with a few of them.

    I am deeply grateful & am touched by Bob and Melissa’s kind & generous comments. They made me think of my experience in a whole new way. Prior to hearing their take on it, I really felt guilty about not keeping my promise, to let Arlene know that her mother is alight. At the same time, I’ve trusted that the message would get through another time and in another way, even though it wasn’t from me. Now, I’ve been able to let the guilt go. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful day,

  8. Penelope Farmer says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have had many visits from my husband since he died from cancer. Before he died I asked him to show me that there is an afterlife and boy did he prove it. I have shared my visits with many people and I know how you feel. When I talk with people about it I always ask first if they are receptive to hearing my experience. That way I now they are willing to hear me and are open minded about it.

    My husband came through several times for me, my son and my daughter. I also was visited by a spirit the morning of his death. I think that it was a message to let me know that he is not alone and will be with other spirits when he pass’s over.

    I think that when we are given the gift of spirit we are blessed and should share our visits with anyone who is willing to listen. After talking with others I have found that many people have had some kind of spirit visit and were to scared to share, after a while they relax and a wonderful conversation begins.

    Thank you,

  9. Amanda says:

    I moved in with an old friend who’s husband had been murdered two years prior. I was doing some yard work and out of the corner of my eye there he was, walking toward me. He was as I remembered him from 20 years ago, but he was wearing bib overalls that I had never seen him in. He was smiling at me, and of course, when I turned my head he was gone. I just can’t bring myself to tell her, because I know she would be hurt and angry.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Maybe that was his way of letting you know he’s happy you’re there with her. And maybe one day she’ll be talking with you about the afterlife and you’ll know it’s time to share your story with her.


  10. Paul Waszkiewicz says:

    Bob, my Babci ( grandmother in Polish )…when she was in the E.R. she raised her hands and said the Blessed Mother was in front of her..Three yrs later at age 54 in 1978 my Mom was dying…She sat up in bed starred out the window talking to someone..I guietly asked her who.?..She said “My Mother ” ..I said ” what is she saying..” shes said it’s beautiful over there..Mom passed shorthly after..

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