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83-Year-Old Recalls Leaving Body, Tunnel Travel, Seeing Spiritual Being

In this week’s episode, Robert shares the amazing experience he had over 40 years ago in which the details are still crystal clear. He tells us the manner in which he left his body, who he met outside his body, and the profound knowing he learned during his experience. I explain the difference between out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and near-death experiences (NDEs) and why Robert’s story interestingly has indications of both. In discussing some of the hallmarks of OBEs and NDEs, I talk about the interesting role religion often plays and, finally, I explain the importance of the Akashic Records and how they assist in our spiritual growth. There’s so much to gain from this week’s episode, you don’t want to miss it!

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  1. john mchale says:

    Hi Bob, Robert’s NDE is fascinating.To recall it 40 yrs later with clarity proves that it was real.When we go to bed at night, sometimes we have those very rare dreams where we meet divine beings of light and love.
    Our minds are in super conscious mode. I have experienced this when I had my first spiritual awakening
    back in1998 which I would call communicating with my Higher Self. It has stayed with me all that time
    and changed the way I see things. I became sad at all the suffering in the World

  2. RIC PERDUE says:

    Hi Bob!

    Very interesting recall! Love the way Robert was so matter-of-fact about it and even more the way you dissected and pulled all the pieces out for us to “view!”

    Thanks again for sharing and the incredible job you do!

    ever your friend,


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Ric!

      Robert’s story, and the way he told it, really is special. I’m glad you appreciated it, too. And thank you for your ever-present kindness. I hope you’re doing well since Kona’s transition. Think of you often in your time of grief.


      • RIC PERDUE says:

        Thanks Bob, i think of your’s and Melissa’s kindness and appreciate your attempts at assuaging my pain, which have helped a lot!

        it’s getting a little better, but i still have a hard time with a picture or memory without tearing-up..

        I guess it’ll always be this way and that’s ok, there is some weird comfort in my grief for him if you can understand that.

        Thanks again for being there, means more than you know!!

        ever your friend,


  3. Ray says:

    Hi Bob,

    Great story!!!! I really enjoyed your analysis. Especially, when it comes to people seeing ‘religious personages’.

    I ‘believe’ it is usually a ‘spirit guide’. Once I was wondering why guides appeared that way to people in NDEs, etc. and ‘mine’ showed me how ‘weird’ he could look dressed in ‘modern clothes’. He dressed like a nerd (glasses and all) then he asked which I thought was more ‘comforting and reassuring’?

    Always, a great ‘pick me up’ to hear others stories.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Ray,

      I love what your guide did to show you what that would be like. If people knew what a great sense of humor our guides have, perhaps they too could have more fun in life and not be so very serious about everything. Thanks for sharing that and, as always, for your kind feedback on the show.


  4. Kelly O'Donnell says:

    Hi Bob! I had a an OBE when I was having my first child a little similar to Bob’s. Doctor put a medicine in my IV that caused my blood pressure to quickly drop and flat line. I was instantly above my body, and my first immediate thought was that I was glad that I didn’t have to be HER anymore (never know I minded being my Earth self, haha) I was not afraid, very calm. I was out of my body, so no nervous system! It was WONDERFUL. I felt the emotional energy of all in the room. Changed my life.

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