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Woman Screams Out During Theatre Production Due to Past-Life Memory

In this week’s bite-sized episode, Lydia shares an amazing story of past-life recall she had during a play she attended. She describes the foreboding feeling she had before attending the production, the powerful details that triggered the experience, and the emotional reaction that shocked her friends.

I talk about Lydia’s experience, how senses such as sound or smell can trigger a visceral reaction, and the details that identify a past-life memory. I also discuss your ability to distance yourself from past-life memories during a past-life regression (to prevent any discomfort or fear). I also detail the benefits of a regression in a controlled environment. You won’t want to miss Lydia’s compelling story and the unbelievable coincidences years after the experience that deepened her understanding of what happened.

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  1. Conny Nicolai says:

    Hi Bobanother great story today! Thank you for that. Whatreally moved me, when she got very emptional just by telling about all this-even after seven years! On the pther side it’s not so much time related to a past live. I actually never believed in past lives or better said in remembering them, but this experience and what you told about your ones, made me change my mind. I love these “thought challenges”! I am looking forwardto the next one! loving greetings, Bob. Conny

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Conny,

      You’re really opening your mind to new possibilities. You’re amazing. I can’t wait to learn in the coming weeks and months how all you’re learning gives you added peace of mind, hope, and comfort. Thanks for keeping me updated.


  2. Ray says:

    Great interview and great analysis!

    I had a similar experience when touring ‘native American’ battle grounds. I had a unusually ‘sad feeling’ for the slaughter that occurred in some cases to people just trying to live off the land they had lived on for a long time and survive.

    Years later I did a ‘past life’ guided meditation and found out I had a past life as a native American.

  3. RIC PERDUE says:

    Hi Bob! Another awesome story and synopsis by you! Amazingly, this jogged my memory about needing to get a past life regression reading for myself as I’ve have had an almost near-obsession with the Viet Nam war since being a teenager. I’ve bought double-digit books on the subject and never understood my affinity for it until your site. I must have died early in the war – i’m 51.

    can you send an address through email you can receive packages – i want to send you a Kona shirt if you’ll have one.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Ric,

      I agree. That’s an interesting near-obsession. Must be. Just keep in mind what I said about keeping your distance to a comfortable level during the regression. You have that ability, but might not figure that out if nobody told you.

      My assistant Jen is going to email you with my address. I would LOVE a Kona shirt, and feel honored to get one. Thank you so very much!


  4. Ofelia Casillas says:

    I loved Lydia’s story.I listen often to your show and enjoy these stories very much.I congratulate you on your show!

  5. Sandy OReilly says:

    I thought Lydia’s story was profound. Did Lydia receive her PhD in a field that was at all related to her experience? After all, her description of the electrified field in her body reminded me of Nazi medical experiments; thus, I was curious about that.

    Also, I’ve read that some people believe that all experiences are occurring simultaneously, and not in linear time fashion, as we perceive it. This adds to the fascinating timeline piece in this experience.

    Thank you so much – Sandy

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Sandy,

      I’m not sure about her level of education. Thank you for your comments.


  6. Dianna says:

    I was at a restaurant once and went to the restroom before we left and felt I had been in that room before- although I had never been to that area or type of restaurant before. When I returned to the table, I was told I was white as a sheet and I mentioned what had happened. We immediately left. I wondered at the time if I was in a place like that in a past life.
    Love this story and can understand the feelings she had.

  7. Charlotte Rhoades says:

    When I was 15 yrs old, it was the first time I glanced at a distance briefly at my now husband. I felt something instantly click in my brain. I didn’t know what it was. I only knew, that whatever I knew, it was familiar. I knew something, but what? It definitely was not love at first sight. I really didn’t particularly like him till much later. I think we’very been together in another past life in some way. It was an eery feeling that went away as quickly as it came. We’ve been married 51 years.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      Great story, because it really shows that soul groups or soul friends (souls that we tend to share many lives with) doesn’t mean we had positive experiences with one another in past lives. I think you caught a glimpse of that in your spontaneous memory. But this lifetime, it seems, is a romantic one, and that will also be remembered in other lifetimes, perhaps if only in an instant click of your brain. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment (51 years of marriage).


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