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When Bad Things Happen to Good People… In The Wake Of Tragedy!

In this week’s 15-minute episode, I talk about my spiritual response to tragedies & disasters, specifically Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Whenever disaster strikes, we naturally ask why. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow such suffering and devastation? So I was moved to share passages from my books Answers About the Afterlife and The Magic Mala that address these very questions. I think they are relevant, comforting and hopeful. Take 15 minutes to listen and let me know what you think. I hope you and your family are safe.

Check out THE MAGIC MALA and ANSWERS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE, both available on Amazon. I’m always excited and honored to hear your feedback. Feel free to reach out to us on social media – I love to interact with you all on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Afterlife TV. As always, the beautiful photos in this episode are some of the most recent taken by my lovely wife, Melissa. Much love, Bob Olson ~ &





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  1. Ray says:

    Great insight from both of your books!

    These incidents not only impact those directly involved but many more of us to some extent. Therefore, I believe these types of ‘events’ help direct the ‘spiritual evolution’ of this planet. Many people’s beliefs need to be ‘questioned’ to allow this ‘planet’ to evolve to a higher spiritual level.

    I often wonder what more is in my ‘life plan’ that directly and indirectly impacts me and my family. Time will tell!

  2. Amanda says:

    Love what you are doing here, but… lost a friend to Hurricane Charlie who stayed behind because he feared lotters. Did his soul say “Washed out into the Peace River during a hurricane. Cool”? Did my grandmother say “I get run down by a drunk driver? That will be different.” No, sorry, try as I might I just can’t get my mind wrapped around the idea that even really tragic things benefit the soul. I’m not saying they don’t, I just am having a difficult time accepting it.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Amanda,

      As I stated in the episode, there was a time before I spent years and years investigating the afterlife that I would have felt the same. I might have thought the guy in this podcast (me) was a naive flake. I respect your not being able to wrap your mind around this idea. And please, don’t think I don’t know how outrageous it might sound to some people early on this path. What’s interesting from this side of it is that the idea no longer sounds like our souls are mean or compassionless. There are levels to this, which I explained in my book. This means our souls also know that what we are experiencing is real and therefore have compassion for us in that way.

      In my book on the afterlife, I give this analogy. When a child goes to her parents extremely upset–screaming–because the arm or head of her doll fell off, they pick her up, hold her, and feel deep compassion for her suffering and grief. Yet they also know that everything is going to be alright, that this experience is preparing their daughter for life, as there will be much grief due to all sorts of loss during her lifetime. However, they might also chuckle about it with their friends, because they know what they know. That is the true relationship between us and our souls. Because our souls have a wider perspective, just like those parents, their response is both detached yet compassionate and loving.

      I hope this helps you to know that our souls are not quite as crass as perhaps it sounded in my reading or you made it sound in your response above. What’s important to understand is that I was reading the very last chapter of my book, as I mentioned in the show, so all of this (and so much more) was already explained to the reader prior to the last chapter. If you’re interested, the book is Answers About The Afterlife, which you can read more about at – Thanks for your comment.

      PS, I’m very sorry for your losses.


    • Ornella Togmus says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to see any light when everything seems so dark;but the light, it really is there. I will send you positive Energy & thinking of all of those that have gone through such devastation with the Hurricane & all the tragedy it brought! Again I am sorry for your loss.

  3. Ornella Togmus says:

    Hello Bob! I loved this & shared it on my page & mentioned that I will be sharing it over & over because it needs to be Heard! EVERYTHING you said in this rings so true for me. It was actually very overwhelming to me! I am so Blessed that I have your books so that I can refer to them often & I do. I will be posting on your FB page as well; but I don’t want to rush it because I have been busy at work but I am hoping to get to it tomorrow or Friday!Thank you for all you do & Melissa for her photos

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Ornella,

      Your gratitude and enthusiasm for my work and others holds a vibration that helps raise the collective vibration, thereby helping to make the world a better place. Thank you for supporting my calling. You are appreciated by me and Melissa, and that too now has helped raise the collective vibration. Look, you’ve now created a chain reaction. Who knows how far it will go.


  4. Cindy Uhl says:

    Bob ~ Thank you so much for this podcast. It is a perfect fit for what is going on right now. It is hard for folks to understand the fact that the soul is here to experience and work through lessons. It was decided before we incarnated. As you said, it takes a shift in ones thinking — but once that shift is made and understood – it really helps to deal with the events that occur. Thank you for your books. Love both of them, keep them close by with many highlights and sticky notes!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Yes, we did get several responses from folks who are unable to make the shift, but they’re on their way. Thanks for your confirmation and your kind words about my podcast and books. Much appreciated!


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