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How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides Properly

Episode 2 of Season 8 of Afterlife TV(if you missed episode 1, watch that first): Ever wonder the proper way to communicate what you want and need from your spirit guides? That’s what I cover in this episode. I explain why this is important, why we often communicate the wrong messages to our spirit guides mistakenly, and how we can stop doing that to become better communicators.

None of us want to communicate the wrong message to our spirit guides, yet people do it every day. Then we wonder why our life isn’t going the way we wish it would. But communicating properly is simple if you know how to do it the right way. That’s what this episode is all about. After listening to this fun episode, you’ll always be sure you’re communicating with your spirit guides without being misunderstood. This episode is potentially life changing, so have fun with it.

Much love, Bob Olson ~ &

Loving gratitude to my wife, Melissa, for the use of all her gorgeous photographs for our video.




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  1. Christine Bonar says:

    Exactly what I needed. Thank you for the reminder. You must be a conduit from my guide to post this vid. Take care. Hello to your beautiful wife . ☺❤

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Christine,

      I’m so happy the timing was right for you. Melissa sends her love.

      Warmest wishes,

  2. loreen says:

    Hi Bob,

    Glad you’re back!!!.
    I loved this episode because I am a composer who is writing a musical with my creative partner and I understand about having a great collaboration with someone.There are times we have set backs and I always ask my spirit guides to help us and somehow they answer.I also ask them to keep me alive for this, so I can only hope for the best and keep moving forward.
    Good luck with your movie and am looking forward to seeing it in the future.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Loreen,

      Good to see you here again. Sounds like the perfect message came to you at the perfect time. You’re in the flow. Have fun with your creative collaboration. Wow, a musical. Now that’s an adventure. I appreciate your kindness.


  3. Mary-Lou Coulter says:

    No wonder everything I thought about my ex came true . I thought I was intuitive haha, I guess I made it happen through my thoughts, oh my! Is this the secret??? Thankyou so much but I dont see the other episode you talked about on this email.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Mary-Lou,

      Glad you liked it. The other two episodes are on the home page of Check it out, you’ll see them there… Episodes 1, 2 and 3 of Season 8. Thanks!


  4. Sarah Wadleigh says:

    Simple guidelines, but important! Thanks, Bob!

  5. Drew Williams says:

    Old friend here, Drew. I have missed you and Mellisa but I also knew that you were living life to gather information to draw from to have your show built on. It took you too many years to get here for you to walk away from you. I have been waiting so long to hear that the audio book of your first book! We are Amazon Prime members and I use it a lot to buy for others but rarely get for myself. I have waited so long to get it in audio form. Thank you for the book first of all and thank you for your show, if it’s anything like your shows are I know it will be done with high quality and be great. I am happy that you are back and in stellar form! So proud of your success, i can’t think of anyone that deserves it anymore then yourself. Keep your shows as they are, I know when a show is successful there are always people that want you to change this or that.You can’t improve perfection. I believed in you all this time. Thanks for all that you do,
    Drew Williams

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Drew,

      So nice to see you here again. So now I know… you’re that guy. By this I mean you’re that person who is heart centered, who sees people, who celebrates his friends, and his friends’ family members, and his friends’ friends. You’re that human being who listens to others, rather than just talking about himself. You’re that sweet soul who knows the wounds behind the anger, who forgives, who compliments others. I hope things are great in Arkansas. You’ve been through a lot. You deserve joy in your life. Sorry the audiobook took so long. Thank you for your kindness. My blessings to you.


  6. Monique Cahoon says:

    Thank you Bob, loving this so much, perfect timing! It is working for me and my family, so much good things happening in our life right now. I can feel my guides communicating with me, strongly these past two weeks. I need to learn to stop and listen and understand the message, not always easy! Is that your new puppy, he is so adorable! So happy for you and your wife Melissa, cannot wait to see the movie, congratulations again. Welcome back!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Monique,

      I love hearing that good things are happening in your life. It’s your turn. And I’m glad you recognize your guides communication. I did a show last year titled, How To Know If Your Guides Are Guiding You. In that episode, I talk about recognizing what they are communicating to you. So now I’ve covered how to communicate and how to recognize communication with your spirit guides. Last year’s episode is here:

      We did not get a puppy, although I’ve been told that a young dog might be coming. The puppy you see is our friend, Jane’s, dog, Georgia. We are lucky enough to get Georgia for the day, or a few hours, now and then. It’s like a dose of dog that we quite desperately need. Of course, Melissa takes lots of photos of her. She’s quite the model. A bundle of joy.

      Warmest wishes,

  7. Mary R says:

    Hi Bob,
    Good timing for us! We moved recently and are struggling to find a home with all our desires, within our budget. I’ve read both of your books but still needed the great reminders in this episode on how to communicate for the greatest life fulfillment.
    I find it difficult to keep in practice because my husband isn’t into anything at all spiritual. I do wish it was a joint venture as it could mean much more richness in our lives together. Another intention to focus on!
    Blessings to you.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Mary,

      Yes, we all need reminders. I need reminders. I can even add to the episode by suggesting you imagine being congratulated by a real estate agent or someone else for your new home. Imagine anything, such as popping a bottle of champagne or being handed the keys. Add positive, joyful emotion to this imagined scene, which will fuel it like a power booster. Any and all of the ideas I mentioned on the show and these will help you find the home you’re seeking. I wish you the very best on finding just the right place.

      It is great to have a spouse who is aligned with you, but not necessary. If you think about how he isn’t, it will only add negative energy to your mind and day. Accept that he’s the way he is. It’s one of the reasons you fell in love with him. And trust that you alone can do this with these powerful tools you’ve learned.

      My very best wishes to you,

  8. Gail says:

    I miss your video’s interviewing guests. Your interviewing skills are impeccable and what lacks in so many people in this line of work. The audio clips are good, but do not make the same impact for me.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Gail,

      I appreciate that. There came a point after my book came out where I realized I needed to teach, not merely interview other teachers. I wasn’t enjoying the interviews like I once did, because I wasn’t learning anymore. Instead, for most interviews, I was just hearing the same information over and over. I knew that when I stopped enjoying it, I had to stop doing it, because that energy would be reflected in my interviews. And I didn’t want to put that out into the world. So now I do interviews when I know it will lift my spirit, and in the rest of the shows I share what I’ve learned with anyone interested in hearing/learning it. The audio clips are to make a particular point and to remind people of the wealth of information that I’ve offered in the past through my earlier interviews. Many people are new to the show and haven’t watched them. Others will listen to them again and gain new knowledge and inspiration that they didn’t get the first time they watched. Thanks for your comments.


  9. Griff says:

    Hi, Bob,
    I’m an older (70, as of Saturday the 14th) retired soldier. I’m just getting back into the metaphysical thoughts and studies that helped me live my life all these years. I am not particularly a troubled soul, but I still want answers to the very complex and disturbing questions that come into one’s mind as we wander around this maze we call conscious life.
    My question for you is not Earth shaking, but only this. Why do you not mention the word “God” in your lesson on”Spirit Guides”.
    Thanks, GRIFF

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Griff,

      Happy Birthday to you. And thank you for your service. You ask a great question.

      I use the word God now and then, but I prefer to avoid it. Perhaps because I grew up Catholic, I try to separate words associated with religion as much as possible to avoid people thinking I’m referring to the God of their religious beliefs. I’m an investigator, so I approach the afterlife apart from religion. I focus on the evidence I’ve discovered about life after death, and the conclusions I’ve drawn based on that evidence. Some people — no matter how many times I say it — have a really challenging time separating what I do from religion. I understand that, so I try to make it easier for them by not using words that will trigger automatic associations for them.

      Having said all this, I still use the word when it seems easier to say God than Creative Intelligence, Source Energy, or sometimes I’ll just say Universe (meaning Universal Energy). On page 19 of my book, Answers About The Afterlife, I talk more about this subject. Also on a separate note, on page 191, I talk about soldiers and the afterlife (it’s good news, if you’re wondering).

      To hear me using the word, God, check out this episode, Spirit Vs. Soul: Revealing The Difference:

      And if you enjoyed this episode about spirit guides, you might like the episode titled, How To Know If Your Spirit Guides Are Guiding You:


  10. Ray says:

    Great to have you back!!! Great episode!!!

    I have been ‘helped’ by spirit guides all my life largely because of ‘faith’ I would be helped, even though unaware of spirit guides until recently (last 3 years).

    Some people seem ‘jealous’ when I relate some of my stories. I actually realize spirit guides have helped many of my relatives as they said yes that has happened to me also. However, they will not agree, but can’t explain the source of their help.

    Great suggestions!!!.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Ray,

      Interesting story. I think I stopped trying to explain such things to relatives many years ago for the exact reasons you state. It’s nice that you know how it works and who is behind it, makes for better communication. Thanks for writing, and nice to see you here again.


  11. John Scully says:

    Hello Bob,

    I am trying to follow your piece (how to communicate with your spirit guides properly) I have a hearing problem and not able to hear the transcript. Have you got this anywhere in writing?

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi John,

      Yes, under every video on you will find a link to the written transcript. Best wishes to you.


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