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The 12 Extraordinary & Eye-Opening Stages of Near-Death Experiences

Episode 4 of Season 8 on Afterlife TV: Near-death experiences are extraordinary journeys where ordinary people die (temporarily) and travel into the spirit world before coming back to the physical world. My investigation of the afterlife, coupled with my interviews of many near-death experiencers, have revealed 12 eye-opening stages most people go through during their near-death experiences. And this is the fascinating subject of today’s episode.

As one amazing example of these stages, I play a clip of one person’s near-death experience that occurred during a visit to her dentist. Her story is both comforting and enlightening, and her message at the end is worth listening to by itself.

All the photos in the video were taken by the ever-loving and beautiful, Melissa (my wife), so thanks to her for that. I’m happy to have learned how Melissa’s photos have brought beauty and peace to your listening. I appreciate you letting us know. And thank you for listening and welcoming me back for this new season of the show — Season 8. I’m glad you’re enjoying it once again. Please send me a comment wherever you like to communicate with me:, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or iTunes.

Much love, Bob Olson ~ &




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  1. loreen says:

    Hi Bob,

    Great episode on NDE. I read your book awhile back and it was so interesting.I loved it!
    There are many great books on NDE but the first one that I read was “Life After Life” by Dr Raymond Moody.
    I recommend that book as well because it was published in the 1970″s and it was the first real book on NDE. I think Dr Moody coined the phrase NDE.
    Looking forward to next week’s episode.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Loreen,

      Yes, Raymond did coin that phrase. He was also the first to write about the tunnel. Prior to that, many NDEers weren’t calling it a tunnel. After his book came out, most were calling it that. In fact, some were believed to include the tunnel phase in the telling of their accounts (even if they didn’t have a tunnel experience), because they feared people wouldn’t believe them if they didn’t include it. Anyway, nice to hear from you again, Loreen. I hope you’re well.


  2. Josie McCormick says:

    I’m SO happy to see you back on AfterLife tv!! I was missing your fascinating videos and Melissa’s absolutely gorgeous photos!
    You are one blessed man to have a wife like her, and she is very lucky to have you who supports her so much. I can see the love you each have for each other.
    Sorry for getting sappy, but when I see love expressed so openly, it moves me.
    I’m looking forward to listening to all your Season 8 episodes.
    Thank you for the work that you do. I truly believe that the spirit world is REAL because I have had many incidents after my fiance died that proved to me that he was fooling with me (he always made me laugh).
    Many blessings to you both,
    Josie McCormick
    Ontario, Canada

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hello Josie,

      You can be sappy with me all you want. I love it. Thank you for your kindness. I am truly blessed in my relationship with Melissa.

      I’m glad you’re happy Afterlife TV is back, too. How awesome that your fiancé communicates to you with the same humor you once knew. Not everyone who hasn’t recognized ADCs realizes it, but it really helps when the personality of our loved ones in spirit comes through in their after-death communications. I’m glad you’re aware enough to recognize them, and I’m sure he is, too. Thanks for writing, Josie.


  3. T.S. Lakshmi says:

    Dear Bob,

    I had asked in this column last week about how Melissa cured her breast cancer naturally. I suppose I wrong footed you because it was a personal question or because I used this column for that. It is just that I have no other accounts except this. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I am seeking alternate treatments because I suffer from severe arthritis and osteoporosis and the hormone therapy will further worsen my condition. I took this bold step because you have very open in your articles about everything..I can get help to open a facebook account if you do not mind answering my query. I will understand if you do not want to answer my question. But please inform me even if your answer is negative so that I will know you have read my mail. Thanking you,

    with love and prayers,


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Lakshmi,

      I did answer your query. Not sure why you didn’t get it. Here is what I wrote.

      Thank you for writing. I, too, love hearing or reading bits and pieces from books or interviews, because it gives me a new perspective than when I listened or read it in whole. So I’m very sorry for your diagnosis. As Melissa’s husband, I believe I understand the emotions that come with it, recognizing it can be different for everyone.

      Melissa’s diagnosis came at a time when I expected her to take the traditional route, because that’s what other members of her family had done successfully. When she told me that treating alternatively felt like ‘the most loving way to treat my body,’ I knew in my heart that I had to respect that in spite of my own fears, fears I had partly because I didn’t know anyone who had treated alternatively.

      I hesitate to say too much, because no two bodies are alike, no two cancers are alike, and people do not respond to treatment in the exact same way. But as long as you understand that, I will share with you Melissa’s individual and personal story.

      Melissa found a healing center that specifically worked with cancer patients (I’d give you their name, but they’ve transitioned in a new direction). These people had Melissa on a very strict and challenging dietary cleanse, a series of colonics, and various supplements all in an effort of alkalizing the body and boosting the immune system. On her own, Melissa added therapy, massage, chiropractic, and a lot of personal inner work (she stopped denying herself things, for instance, and said yes to a lot more adventures and experiences in life). She also created strong boundaries around hearing the fears and negative beliefs of others around what she was doing. And knowing how much nature grounded her, she spent more time in nature doing activities that bring her joy.

      One thing I learned through the experiences of Melissa and her family members was just how powerful belief is in our lives. Her family members believed they would be healed through traditional methods, and they were. Melissa believed she would be healed her way, and she was. This is not to say that if Melissa’s diagnosis was her soul’s exit path, that Melissa’s belief would necessarily override that (life is never that certain), but that’s the adventure of life — it’s filled with possibilities.

      I wish you well in your healing journey.


  4. T.S. Lakshmi says:

    Dear Bob,

    Thanks a million for your response and your good wishes. I will see if I can find some alternate means.
    Anyway the disease does not bother me. I will find a way to cure it.

    For the first time, I listened to your last two videos instead of transcripts and enjoyed them so much that I have decided to listen to videos in future and resort to transcripts only if I did not understand the video properly. The added bonus is Melissa,s beautiful photos which are so soothing that you can lose yourself in nature and stay there.

    Thanks to you and Melissa for the beautiful experience.

    love and prayers,


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