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What Spirits Want Regarding Justice For Their Murder

Today I talk about how our spirit leaves our body prior to traumatic deaths such as automobile accidents and murders. And our friend, Pam Coronado, provides a fascinating example of how this works by discussing a life-changing dream she had before she became a psychic detective. From there I answer a question about the afterlife related to Pam’s story, which is, Does My Loved One Want Me To Solve His Or Her Crime (Want Justice)?

I end this episode talking about following your path in life recognizing the signs you get that lead you toward your intended calling or possibly a meaningful sideline. You’ll understand the connection with today’s episode after you hear/watch it. We cover a lot of ground in this show, so I believe it’s extra special. Let me know what you think.

The blissful photos in this video were taken by my radiant and brilliant wife, Melissa. I send gratitude to her for those. I also want to thank you for listening, and please send me your comments wherever you like to communicate with me:, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or iTunes. I love hearing from you.

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Boy, I’m having fun with Season 8. I hope you’re having a good time. This is actually the fifth episode. You got to listen to three right away. Then last week was the fourth episode. Now we’re at the fifth episode of Season 8. I think it’s a special one. We’re talking with Pam Coronado, who is currently a psychic and medium, and very well known psychic detective who has been on all kinds of television shows, even had her on television series, and I had the opportunity of interviewing her.

Now, it’s important to know that she had three children. She was married and she was going to school for subjects, completely the opposite of what we’re talking about here and what she does for a living right now. Although she knew she had some intuitive abilities, she never saw herself as a psychic. Then one day she had a dream and it’s one of the most fascinating stories that has stayed in my mind ever since I interviewed her. I think of it often and it’s a great example of many different things.

The first one that I just want to point out before you hear, the first part of this story, we often talk about how the spirit leaves the body before a traumatic death. Now this is kind of common knowledge. If you’re new to Afterlife TV, okay, this might be new to you. But most people are pretty aware of the fact that when there’s a plane crash or a car accident or things like this, the spirit will leave the body beforehand and goes into the spirit world.

And this is a great story that sort of explains what this might be like for the person beforehand. Let’s just listen to the beginning of the story. I’ll come back and we’ll go on to the next part of the story that really has a completely different message that we can talk about. All right, here’s Pam.

Pam: It was definitely not what I was planning when I was in high school. I never sat and thought, “You know, I think I’d like to become a psychic detective.” I was actually studying architecture and design at UCLA when I started having this series of dreams, nightmares. I just started getting plagued with nightmares and at the time I had…my kids were little. I had three kids and they were ranged, like one, two…I think the youngest was one and the oldest was four. So it was sort of creating chaos in my life that I really wasn’t welcoming it at that point.

Bob: Yeah, yeah.

Pam: But I dreamed about a woman who went missing locally and in the dream I guess I had an empathic experience of being her. So I was riding in the back seat of a car in the dream and the person in front of me was my husband but it was the person that I’ve never laid eyes on before, but in the dream I knew this was my husband.

Bob: Oh wow.

Pam: And there was a person in the front seat with him, a female, and I knew that that was his girlfriend and that they were going to kill me. I realized that they were going to kill me. So I looked out the window. This is still in the dream. I looked out the window and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. There was an angel flying outside the car and waving like, “Come with me,” and I did, because that was preferable to wherever we were going.

Bob: Yeah.

Pam: And then I had this experience of going with her to what I could only describe as heaven, to a big castle and these huge walls and a feeling of more reverence than I’ve ever felt my entire life, as in I don’t know if I belong here or deserve to be here or…it was a really overwhelming feeling. And the dream was so vivid that obviously I wrote everything down that I could remember because it was just incredible. I’ve never had a dream like that. I didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t know what was happening and I didn’t tell anyone just because, you know, it’s kinda strange.

And then about three days later I think it was, I was reading the paper and I didn’t know what to think. I mean it was the most incredible life-changing moment ever because there was a picture of the man in my dream and his wife was missing, and he was the prime suspect.

Bob: Okay.

Pam: So my whole world sort of started crumbling at that point.

Bob: Yeah. There’s so much in that story that we can talk about. For one, you must have woke up…well I should say, once you read this newspaper article, what do you do with that, right? This is the big question, what do you do with that?

Pam: Oh I did nothing with that. For one, I was just really embarrassed. How do you go tell someone you had a dream and you think that you were getting murdered?

Bob: Yeah and this is all new to you. I mean so you haven’t had a lot of sort of what you might call psychic-related experiences before this?

Pam: None. No, I mean as a kid I was intuitive but I never realized I was any different than anyone else. I just thought everybody was insightful.

Bob: Yeah, yeah.

Pam: I just thought I was insightful.

Bob: Yeah and so also and you have this, was there anything in hindsight that hit your head? Anything, you’ve been meditating recently, that might have precipitated this?

Pam: I have no idea that I don’t know if it was my hormones because I’ve had three kids in four years or something like that maybe.

Bob: Yeah, so I know people who have young children now and it would be the last thing that they would want in their life. I don’t have a breath to myself right here and now I have this on my shoulders. What did you do with it?

Pam: Yeah for a while I did nothing. I was really hoping it was just one freak incident. And then one night I saw the news and I started following the case obsessively, honestly.

Bob: As you would.

Pam: There was a news report and it turns out, it’s all just very complicated, but it turns out I went to high school with this woman who was missing. So I knew some of the parties involved, not well but I had gone to school with all of them. So I saw the mother and the grandmother on the news and they were crying and they were asking if anybody had any insight, any tips, anything, please come forward and tell the police.

So I really started feeling guilty for letting my fear and my pride and everything else get in the way. So I decided instead of going and calling police unsolicited or something, I would go down and volunteer for the search because they were having a search every weekend. So I would just go down and volunteer for the search and if there happened to be anybody there that I could tell, then I would tell. Otherwise, I would just go search.

Bob: Right.

Pam: And it turns out that the person that was leading the search was actually a good friend, somebody else I went to high school with.

Bob: Okay.

Pam: And I felt pretty confident telling him my dream because I knew he wouldn’t think I was crazy.

Bob: Yeah.

Pam: Or, I knew that he would take it well.

Bob: Right.

Pam: And so it was a safe little situation for me to sort of take my first wobbly steps into this field, but all along, I kept telling him, “I’m not a psychic. This isn’t me. This is…I just had this dream and I think it will help,” and they would ask me questions. It was the weirdest day of my life. I ended up talking to the detective and going to the house where he was and coming face-to-face with the suspect. And it was the weirdest day of my life really. I’ve had several after that but…

Bob: Yeah right.

Pam: But to that point that was the strangest thing that had ever happened to me.

Bob: Was this friend that you saw during the search, high school friend, was he the first person that you told? Didn’t tell any other family members or anything, you just…did anybody else know that you were even going to go help with this search?

Pam: No, I think obviously just my husband because I was supposed to be at school that day and I decided to go ahead and play hooky, or I thought, I kept thinking I’ll just go down there and give him a couple of tips, maybe hopefully we’ll go to the first place, second place and we’ll find her and then I can go to school. That’s what I was thinking was going to happen.

Bob: Yeah, yeah. Now it’s interesting. So what you said about the dream, now you know, after doing so many of these, you know what normally would be helpful to police and what would not be helpful to police, was there anything in the dream as far as location that was helpful in that dream?

Pam: Yeah, yeah.

Bob: There was.

Pam: That’s what made it so significant, just that I was driving along in the car looking out the window. So I got a sense of where we were driving around, and it actually turned out not to be exactly where I, mentally where I had decided that it was. But it matched visually. And just to finish up the story, she was found that day. I wasn’t with the group that found her, but we just got out maps and started highlighting all the areas that sort of matched my description. And we just, one-by-one, eliminated them until they found her that day.

Bob: That was Pam Coronado in an interview I did with her. That’s a little highlight from that interview. You can watch the whole interview from the link in the show notes. What I really like about that, as I mentioned, is her description of how her spirit left her body, the angel waving her on and then she went into the spirit world. I really love her description of both of those things and I think they’re great examples of things that I have heard numerous times from people who have had the experiences, people and spirit who have communicated through mediums, lots of evidence for that concept. And that’s just one of the things that we can get from that incredible story.

We’ll talk more about that in a minute but I think one of the questions that comes up when we hear this story or stories like this, is something that I write about in my book “Answers About the Afterlife.” There’s actually two questions that come up and the first one is, “Does my loved one in spirit want me to solve his/her crime?,” which is just another way of saying, “Does my loved one in spirit want justice?”

The second question that comes up after that, and so we’re gonna talk about that here as well is, “Does my loved one in spirit seek vengeance?” Now, if you’re familiar with Afterlife TV, you already know the answer to that. The answer to the latter, vengeance one is, without a doubt, no.

And I’ll explain why in a moment but going back to, “Does my loved one in spirit want his/her crime solved? They want justice,” I’m gonna have Alan read from “Answers About the Afterlife.” This is a clip from the audio book. This was “Answers About the Afterlife.” Subtitle is a Private Investigator’s 15-year research unlocks the mysteries of life after death. You can check that out on You can go straight to Amazon. You can get the audio book there or you can go to Audible if you’re an member.

All right, so let’s listen to what I wrote in that book about these two subjects. There’s actually gonna be two clips, both of those questions regarding justice and vengeance. Here we go.

Alan: Does my loved one in spirit want me to solve his/her crime? Does my loved one in spirit want justice? People in spirit have no use for justice except when it will help their surviving loved ones feel better. So no, they do not seek justice and they do not care if their crime is solved, unless it will somehow benefit the people they love on the earth plane.

Let me illustrate how this might happen. For example, if a mother is suffering because she thinks her daughter died by suicide, which is considered a sin in this mother’s religion, yet the daughter was actually murdered, then the spirit of the daughter has a reason to want her crime solved. She wants her mother to know that she didn’t take her own life.

As a second example, if a man went missing because he was robbed and left for dead while taking a walk after an argument with his spouse and his body was never found, he might want his crime solved so that his wife knows that he didn’t run out on her, or that he didn’t take his own life because of the argument.

From a spirit world perspective, the only purpose in having crime solved is to reduce the suffering of those still living. Otherwise, the truth of every crime will eventually be known since we’ll all find out what really happened once we die and return to the hereafter, and since there is no concept of time in the afterlife, people in spirit don’t feel like they have to wait long for their loved ones to learn the truth about their crimes. So there is no rush for the truth to be known.

Most spirits say it’s like a blink of an eye before all their loved ones are with them again on the other side. Many times a crime is left unsolved because it serves the best interest of the people living. What I mean by this is that it fulfills those people’s pre-birth plans to have this experience. Why? Because not knowing if your son took his own life or was murdered, for example, is a very challenging human experience.

Each possibility holds different meaning to the surviving loved ones. So they don’t know what to think or how to deal with it when the mystery is left unsolved, yet this alone is an experience that a soul might choose to know so the mystery might go unsolved forever, or the mystery might eventually be solved, depending upon the soul’s desires.

Does my loved one in spirit seek vengeance? Vengeance is a human concept that does not exist in the afterlife. It’s of a lower energy, much like jealousy, hatred and fear. Such negative thoughts are impossible for spirits living in the light of the universe. Thus, no person in spirit would ever desire it.

People in spirit know only love. As a result, they actually believe in the idea of turning the other cheek. They know that two wrongs do not make a right and therefore, two acts of hatred can never make an act of love. So vengeance is something they never desire. Instead, they prefer forgiveness. You forgiving any person who might have been responsible for that person’s death or for harming them during their human life. It’s not an easy task for many people, but that’s what spiritual growth is all about.

Forgiveness is actually less about letting the other person off the hook than it is relieving yourself of suffering. When you carry the way of blaming someone with content, it is actually your burden to carry. But when you release them of that blame and contempt, you release yourself of holding that negative energy inside you, which raises your overall vibration of love.

Bob: Great. Again, that’s Alan Edelberg. He did the voiceover for “Answers About the Afterlife” audio book. Thanks Alan. I love those two questions because they say so much about our relationship with our loved ones in spirit or really their relationship with us. There’s so many things that we would think that they would want, but that’s just us projecting our human qualities on to a spirit, right.

It’s also us living in a place where there is evil as well as love and projecting that on to spiritual beings that live in a place where there is only love, there’s no evil, there’s no crime. And so when it comes to asking these questions about does my loved one want anything, it always comes down to only if it’s going to help us in some way. Our loved ones don’t need or want anything from us. They are worried about us and that’s not even a good word. They care about us. They have compassion around us. So if it’s good for us, then sure, and that’s when they would help us to find the person who murdered them, that sort of a thing.

Now, as mentioned, if it’s not meant to be, if there was lessons for us in not ever finding out who did it, not ever solving the crime, then again it’s all about us and there’s not gonna be any frustration on their part and you don’t need to feel like a failure or that you failed them if you’re unable to solve their crime because maybe it’s just not meant to be. And again, it’s all about you.

Well now I just want to digress a little bit and finish off Pam Coronado’s story. I think it’s such a fascinating story and really the reason I’m playing this is because it’s such a great example of what happens in our lives when we are in touch with the flow of life, when we are really more aware of what’s going on in our lives.

Sometimes we sit around and we go, “Oh I just wish my spirit guides would guide me,” or, “I wish I knew what I wanted to do in life,” and sometimes the signs are all there for us. The path is perhaps laid out for us but we just don’t see it because it’s not something we want. And this is a great example because in Pam’s case, this isn’t something she wanted was to be a psychic or medium or a psychic detective, but it seems as though, if we look at all the signs and we hear the story that this is perhaps a path that was meant for her.

Now, if she didn’t take this path, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. She has free will. She gets to make that choice and her life is gonna turn out fine no matter what, but when we’re in the flow and we’re paying attention to what is flowing into our lives and what is falling into our laps, then sometimes life is just a lot easier for us and we get a great deal of satisfaction or fulfillment out of that.

So let’s finish up Pam’s story and just hear how things finished off for her, which led her in a completely new direction. Here’s Pam.

Bob: Talk about a whack on the side of the head, “Hey Pam, you’re supposed to go on this direction.” It’s like what a wakeup call, amazing. How much longer after this did you maybe have your second experience?

Pam: Yeah that was so funny. So I thought okay, that was weird and now I can go back to school and things and have my kids and my family, and things would go back to normal.

Bob: Yeah.

Pam: It couldn’t have been more than a week where I got a call from someone and it was really funny because her daughter was missing and she was frantic and I said, “How in the world did you even get my number?” And she said, “Well, I talked to,” his name was John and she said he was the one that was in charge of the search party in the other case and he gave her my number.

So I told her, I said, “I didn’t dream about your daughter. I don’t know how to help you because I didn’t dream about her and I’m not a psychic. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Bob: Right.

Pam: They eventually convinced me to, I don’t even know where it came up but they convinced me to hypnotized. And so I guess it was a psychic that had done prime work before. She hypnotized me and started asking me questions and I thought I was just making stuff up. It seemed like I was making stuff up. And that turned out to be another pretty big case that got solved quickly from LA, from Los Angeles.

Bob: With the help that you gave them?

Pam: Yeah, in that case they found her. They had the girl by the time I got involved, but she was from my town which is 60 miles north of Los Angeles. So her body had been down in Los Angeles. And so they were really looking for a suspect. They were looking for the person that did this and like I said, I was new with this and just kind of learning and I made a lot of mistakes out in the field but I kept hearing his name as Rosen. I thought his name was Rosen Grin and I described a lot of things about his personality and his relationship to the girl, which got the mother thinking about someone that she knew and she gave his name to the detectives. And when they ran him, he had a prior incident. And so they had DNA on him and it turns out that was him. But his name was Robinson.

Bob: Close, right, yeah.

Pam: I’m working on my intuitive hearing.

Bob: Yeah, exactly. Oh my god, your mind must have been blown because okay, you have a dream. So you have a dream you understand. We know what dreams are. You have a dream but this is very lucid, vivid dream. So this is unusual, all right, but now all of a sudden you’re pushed into the second case and don’t even know you’re really a psychic and so they use hypnotism, which is basically deep meditation, to ask you questions and get more information, which again leads to solving this crime. It’s amazing to me. There’s people all over the world who are searching for their purpose in life. Yours just falls right down on top of your head.

Pam: Right, and for the first time ever, after this started happening, for the first time ever I finally figured out that this is what I wanted too. It took a while. I thought it for a while but I started to realize this is where I feel like I finally fit, like this is it for me.

Bob: Yeah, which is awesome. Okay, I packed a lot into one episode, there’s a lot of variety here. Maybe you weren’t too interested in one thing but the other things were pretty exciting for you. Again, we talked about when the spirit leaves the body before a traumatic death. We talked about whether our loved ones want us to solve their crimes or if they want justice or even vengeance. And then we also talked about following our path in life. What is our path in life and how might we know what that is?

For Pam, it seemed pretty obvious. For other people, maybe not so much but it’s very easy for us to say, “Oh this was really obvious for Pam. That was just fell in her lap,” and in some ways that’s true. In other ways, she certainly could have resisted it. She could have had that first dream and she could have just put that away, never told anybody about it, forgot about it and moved on with her life. Does that mean she wasn’t gonna have more dreams later on? Probably not. But she always had that free will choice to do that, say, “I’m not going down that road and therefore I’m gonna forget about it,” and she did. She went with it. She went with the flow and look, what happened?

This is the point of the end of this episode that I’m trying to make. I think there are things that fall into our laps that we wouldn’t necessarily see it as such, maybe because we ignore it. We don’t want to look at it and we don’t want to go there. And so I’m encouraging you to pay attention to those things and think about them and consider, “What if I went with that? What if I follow that path and just to see where it might go? How might my life improve, change, be more exciting and adventurous?”

Certainly it’s been an adventurous life for Pam that I know. So that’s something to think about for another week. I hope you’re enjoying your summer still. I’m definitely having a great time. The weather is starting to cool off a little bit, so it’s great, just perfect summer weather right now.

We’re gonna leave the studio here, get out on my Spider, take a little ride, enjoy the day before it has passed. In the meantime, I welcome your reviews for my books on Amazon. I welcome your comments in all the places that you can leave them. You usually have your favorite places for them. Certainly check out our sponsor, which is my site Thank you very much. I wish you the best. Bye-bye now.

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