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Signs From Your Spirit Guides Revealing Your Destined Calling

BITE-SIZED EPISODE, AFTERLIFE TV: In the last bite-sized episode, we talked about your soul’s evolution. In this bite-sized episode, we discuss YOUR destined calling in this lifetime. What calling did you intend for yourself? I give you tools to discover the calling your soul chose for you in this life that your spirit guides steer you toward. And I give examples from my own life to pull it all together. Finally, I cover how your free will works with destiny, and whether or not it matters to your soul if you strayed off course during your lifetime to do something different.

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  1. Ornella says:

    Hello, these bite size are more like chunk size Lol I have listened to all your episodes and more than once so I remember this one but you can always get MORE out of them each time depending on what you are going through so it is so important to listen to your episodes over and over again. First of all I saw the rock that was shaped as a heart in one of the early pictures OXOX Purpose, always an interesting topic. I believe that our purpose is always evolving and that yes we have made a pre birth plan but there is also free will!! Yes Life is about all the life Experiences. I agree there is no wrong way! I LOVE the poem for your cousin Matthew and all the circumstances around that. His purpose was a definite one, for so many reasons. A love Soul for sure!! I have so many poems that have come to me after someone passes away and I give them to the loved ones and I swear it wasn’t from me!! It is SPIRIT. I LOVE that story of how Melissa gave you that book (DON’T BE AFRAID TO DIE) . She is part of the big Plan. You guys came in as the DYNAMIC DUO this time around I think I mentioned that before!! Thank God!! OXOX

  2. maria says:

    Bob, I look forward to your episodes, and especially at times like these when so much runs through your mind. Thank you for consoling me in ways you will never know. Stay safe my friend. Looking for next time……..

  3. maria says:

    I too have had lots of experiences, you just bring them back to the surface, thank you

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