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They Died Alone. An Afterlife Perspective.

Episode 3, Season 9 of Afterlife TV: Due to current circumstances, people are dying alone or without loved ones by their side. This includes dying in their homes, in the hospital, in nursing homes and other facilities. The other side of this for many people is that they were not able to be with their loved one during their final hours. Today I talk about this tragic reality from my perspective as a private investigator who has investigated life after death since 1997.

There are 3 key points I cover in this episode. As always, my effort in teaching about the afterlife perspective is to share what I’ve learned in my 20-plus years of research and analysis for the purpose of giving you some comfort and peace. I hope this show teaches or reminds you of spiritual truths that are helpful to you in some way.

With love, Bob Olson – &

PS, Thanks to my sweet wife, Melissa, for the lovely photographs in this video.




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  1. loreen says:

    Thank you Bob.That was amazing!!

    I have had 5 dream visitation dreams although I like to call them sleep visits..
    You give hope to all those that have lost love ones.
    You truly are a blessing.

  2. Lupe Quintana says:

    Hi, Bob. This particular episode, They Died Alone, of all that I’ve watched and/or listened to, made me cry. I also have felt bad for all those people from Covid-19. It breaks my heart fo them. Thank you so much for remembering them! To both you and Melissa. Lupe Quintana, Pueblo, CO.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Lupe,

      I appreciate your kind feedback. You are most welcome. I care and feel for them, too, so I’m just doing what I know to do.

      Afterlife TV

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