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The Missing Puzzle Piece for Clearing Confusion About the Afterlife

Afterlife TV Bite-Sized Episode: Here’s a short episode that only a small number of wonderful die-hard Afterlife TV fans have seen. Yet the content of this video contains my epiphany about a single, missing puzzle piece regarding life after death that might just complete the afterlife puzzle for you.

This epiphany didn’t just blow my mind, so many other authors and experts in this field have called or emailed to thank me for setting this straight for them as well. This clears up several common misconceptions and confusions about life after death, so many that it’s sure to have neurons firing in your brain as it solves a few afterlife mysteries and gives order to what once felt like chaos.

This video also answers the single most common question people have asked me about reincarnation: “What happens if my loved one in spirit reincarnates before I die?”

Hard to believe I was five years younger when I created this video. My goodness, where did the time go? Enjoy this bite-sized video.

With mad wicked love, Bob Olson




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  1. nancy carlson says:

    I love your book…I keep reading and reading because it helps to understand more each time. I am glad
    that I will see my husband and son again…my husband died 24 yrs ago and my adult son 5 yrs. I have a
    strong connection with their spirit in many vision dreams. I often wondered if their spirits and souls are together because my husband was buried and my son was cremated. I don’t think it matters right?

    Thank you very much for all your writings and insights.

    Nancy Carlson

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for writing, and for reading my book. Very sorry for your losses. Your instincts are correct. It doesn’t matter if they were buried or cremated, they are together at home in the spiritual realm. I’m sure your husband was there to greet your son as well when he passed. My best wishes to you.

      Warmly, Bob Olson

  2. Lynne Sulluvan says:

    Well Done Bob!…Before I became Spiritual I lost my Mom at Christmas time in 1995 I too wondered where she was and if she was alright. This brought me to “will she know me” when I cross over? and will she reincarnate before i get there? after reading your book ” Answers of the Afterlife” I worried no more. Thank you Bob for all you do and yes I am a die hard fan of yours. You answered so many questions. Many thanks, Lynne Sullivan

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Lynne,

      Thank you for your kind message. You lost your mom just two years before my dad passed. I’m glad you found my book. It’s that peace of mind that gives us comfort. Just a little knowledge about the afterlife. And it’s why I keep doing this, well that and my die-hard fans like you. Be well, Lynne.

      Warmly, Bob Olson

  3. John McHale says:

    Hi Bob Thanks I am on the same page as you are When I contact my deceased wife of 40 years marriage by dreams meditation or divining rods I ask her how she knows it is me, as she is Love and Light now or “Soul ” She says that it is my rhythm that she recognises and calls herself my history wife and my soulmate now. I am always forgiven and loved no matter what .I have done wrong in the past and I know that she will be there when I cross over to the spiritual realms Love and Blessings

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi John,

      Always nice to hear from you. That’s fantastic you have multiple ways of connecting with your wife. I love how she describes recognizing your rhythm. Total forgiveness, yes. I wouldn’t expect anything more from someone in spirit. Love all of that. Thanks for sharing with me and serving as an inspiring example of what is possible.


  4. Michelle Leslie says:

    Hi Bob, this answered one of the most pressing questions I had regarding the soul & spirit and reincarnation. I can’t thank you enough for your insight & wisdom.
    Live and light

  5. John McHale says:

    I Just want to add one more thing which I find may help those of you who find it hard to contact their loved ones personally.Try and contact them when the Moon is waxing ie a few days before the full moon PS There is one on the seventh of May The flower moon

  6. Pat Chichester says:

    Hi Bob, I have been a after life investigator for the last 19 years. After the death of my Father. I AM daddy’s little girl.
    I have received many messages from him. and other relatives in the after life. I just love it when I get a new message. My girlfriend in this life loved to play music all the time. She now send me my favorite songs on the radio. I make greeting cards. My job in heaven I hold classes for teens that had a tragic death or life.
    I am also a BIG FAN OF ABRAHAM.

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