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Proof That Prayers Reach Our Loved Ones In Spirit

Afterlife TV Episode 4, Season 9: You don’t want to miss this episode where I answer two really big questions about life and death. One, do our prayers really go anywhere or have any impact? And, more importantly for a show about the afterlife, do our prayers reach our loved ones in spirit? Two, if prayer does help, is there a right or wrong way to pray in order to have our prayers be most effective?

In this thought-provoking episode, I give you evidence from six spiritual experiences that will help you to make up your own mind about the first question. Then we tackle the second question on the best method of praying with the help of two prominent afterlife teachers. Finally, I leave you with a story about something you’d never expect on a show about prayer, yet I promise it’ll have you pondering the idea presented for a day or two. Enjoy the episode!

Photos on the video taken from my personal guru, also known as my wife, Melissa.

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  1. loreen says:

    Hi Bob,

    That was another amazing episode that you posted.
    I have a thought that might be alittle unusual but since you brought up prayer, I was thinking about you almost being hurt with those young guys surrounding your car and how you managed to escape.
    Perhaps someone in the afterlife was praying for you and looking out for you.That someone or many others would certainly have an advantage from where they are.
    Who says prayer can’t work both ways.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Loreen,

      Nice to see you here again. Well, that’s another possibility altogether, one which I really like. Imagine life believing that you have a guardian angel, of sorts, watching over you. Why not? It’s possible. I agree with you. Prayer should work on both sides.

      Thanks Loreen!

  2. John McHale says:

    Hi Bob I believe strongly that there is an afterlife. The words that I get from my deceased wife time and again are ” Life goes on” and “One Love” and that I am loved and forgiven no matter what I do wrong. I talk to my wife as if she were still sitting next to me.Yes In prayer God is listening to you. In meditation God is talking to you. You can’t hear the still small voice when your head is full of noise. I have had three OOB experiences. One was a premonition of my own death.In meditation

    • Bob Olson says:

      Wow John,

      I love that. Thank you for sharing, as always. That sounds like quite a meditation.


  3. Monique says:

    This is an amazing episode, revisiting one of my favorite guest Mavis! Thank you Bob for sharing your story about your With us!
    I do not know what would I have done! You had your gardian angels with you that evening! Yes, I do believe that prayers are heard, just because of events that happened between May 2005-December 2013. Long story! I know all my prayers had been answered, keep praying and keep believing!❤️

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Monique,

      My thoughts, too. Guardian angels watching over me for sure.
      I’d like to hear that story one day.

      Thank you,

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