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Accidental Discovery of New Spirit Communication Method

Afterlife TV: A doctor at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Chicago accidentally discovers a new method of communicating with spirits while experimenting with a trauma treatment known as EMDR. His story is fascinating and has resulted in a proven treatment for treating deep grief related to traumatic death, in his case that of soldiers who were often healed in a single treatment.

This story encouraged me to create my own hypnotic induction, which I was testing on family members and friends prior to the pandemic with incredible results. While, sadly, the Covid situation put a pause on my work, my own test results were amazing and everyone I induced connected with loved ones or angelic beings on the other side. I’ll tell that story in a separate episode, but it all started with this interview that inspired me to experiment on my own.

This is an interview taken from the vault. There’s a minor background noise that is either caused by Skype or my guest’s air conditioner or fan. However, the content of this interview is so extraordinary and entertaining, I chose to replay the episode in spite of this small annoyance.

I’d love to hear your reaction to my guest’s breakthrough story. Or if you’ve heard this interview before, let me know what you discover on your second listen.

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  1. Maga says:

    It is amazing, thank you

  2. Linda Methvin says:

    Re: Interview with Dr. Botkins regarding his discovery of induced after communications.

    This is one of the most exciting discoveries I’ve run across since EMDR and past life regressions.! I am a retired LCSW, I worked for the Veteran’s Hospital for twenty-five years and retired feeling frustrated and burned out. I mainly worked with PTSD veterans and I was tired of not being able to deliver any real relief to my veterans. Their treatment was deeply personal to me especially after my son was killed in action in Iraq in 2003. Many of his comrades are still suffering from their experiences while serving in Iraq. I was also tired of the bureaucracy that continually denied my requests for training in EMDR and past life regression calling them “fringe
    therapies” in spite of their proven effectiveness. I had the honor of meeting both Dr. Moody and Dr. Brian Wiess at seminars I attended on my own time.. I am so thankful for the groundbreaking work of these men and of Dr. Botkins and Bob Olsen and I hope that veterans and other trauma victims are finally getting the relief they deserve. Please keep us posted on new treatments and refinements. Thank you both so much!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Linda,

      I’m glad this episode relieved some of the frustrations you felt helping veterans during your career. It’s always a great relief to know there are new techniques being used that out-perform the old ones. Alternative methods do take time to be accepted, but it is people like you who planted the seed for these new methods to be used, even if they were not accepted right away. Like so many new ideas, at first they are introduced yet reject (as in your case), then someone else suggests it and is rejected, then years down the line and after many original thinkers chipping away at the bureaucracy and limited thinking, someone suggests it again–or someone of higher rank suggests it–and suddenly it is accepted and then proven to be effective. You should be proud, Linda, of the part you played in this.

      Thanks for your comment,
      Bob Olson

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