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Woman Visits Spirit World Due To Bomb. Extraordinary Near-Death Experience!

Afterlife TV: In my 23 years of investigating life after death, I’ve interviewed a lot of people who have had amazing near-death experiences. Without question, Natalie Sudman wins the award for my favorite NDE interview. Hear her describe with extreme articulation the spirits who met her, the spiritual environment she found herself in after the bomb exploded, and what it felt like to be a spiritual being.

Since March of 2012, more than 75,000 people have seen or heard this interview on Afterlife TV, so I realize you might have viewed it before. Don’t let that stop you from revisiting this mind-blowing story. I just rewatched it myself with eye-popping enthusiasm. Even I forgot how rich and enlightening Natalie was in this show. Nobody articulates the spiritual realm quite like Natalie Sudman, so if this is your first time watching or listening to this interview, get ready for a whopper of a ride.

Like all my older interviews, the quality of the Skype audio and video was lacking back then. Yet I was careful to make sure you, my audience, heard everything that got muddled. And since I know that some of you will want to watch my second and third interviews with Natalie, I’ve placed those links below.

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PS, The publisher recently changed the book cover to Natalie’s book, Application Of Impossible Things, so it no longer matches what I show in the video.

2nd Interview with Natalie:

3rd Interview with Natalie:

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  1. Linda Methvin says:

    Excellent interview. Natalie is obviously an old soul and she is proficient at “applying impossible things” to help us understand and expand our world and experience on this plane. Her anecdote of her dream of her grandmother tells me she has been doing this for a long time and preparing for her (and our) growth in this life. I love the message she was given about not needing eyes to see. She could probably relate a lot of similar dreams and experiences that gave her insight into navigating through this existence. She is very shamanic. I connected to her spirit both consciously and unconsciously and I look forward to listening to her other interviews and reading her book. Once again, Bob thank you for finding her and sharing her with us!

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