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Ask Bob a Question for Afterlife TV

Have a question for Bob Olson about the afterlife?

Bob is now taking questions to answer on Afterlife TV. It’s simple! When recording, leave your FIRST NAME ONLY. Keep your question brief & related to life after death including the following subjects:

  • Spirits or souls
  • The spirit world
  • After-death communication
  • Near-death experiences
  • Reincarnation (past lives)
  • Psychics & mediums (spirit communication)
  • Channeling spirits
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Animal communication
  • Energy healing
  • Crossing over & going home
  • Spirit guides

You have 60 seconds maximum to record, which might be edited.

  1. Smart phones & tablets record better than laptops (poor recordings won’t be chosen).
  2. Hit the “start recording” button below.
  3. “Allow” microphone access (it says camera access too but cameras are not accessed).
  4. The recording begins instantly (you’ll see how much time you have left out of 60 seconds).
  5. Hit “stop” when you’re done. You can listen & rerecord if necessary before submitting.

Due to time constraints, not all questions can be answered. Listen to upcoming episodes to hear if your question is answered (due to time constraints, you will not be notified). Your question might be used in any future show, not just the next episode. By recording, you are giving us permission to air your question on Afterlife TV.