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Hello From Heaven: The 12 Types Of After-Death Communication With Bill Guggenheim

BILL GUGGENHEIM: “Our loved ones in spirit communicate with us in many ways, and Bill Guggenheim teaches us the 12 most common categories of after-death communications (ADCs) in this video conversation. Bill is the co-author of Hello From Heaven with his former wife, Judy Guggenheim. Together they interviewed 2000 people and collected more than 3300 first-hand accounts of ADCs. In this conversation, Bill defines after-death communications, shares his incredible story of how he was led to do this research, and teaches us how to recognize when our deceased loved ones are contacting us. Bill & Judy Guggenheim are the leaders in the field of after-death communication.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


The co-author of Hello From Heaven, Bill Guggenheim, explains
the 12 most common types of after-death communications (ADCs). 


To Purchase Bill & Judy Guggenheim’s Book:
Hello From Heaven (Amazon affiliate): (link takes you to Bill’s book page).

Bill Guggenheim and his former wife, Judy Guggenheim, wrote Hello From Heaven: A new field of research – after-death communication – confirms that life and love are eternal. The book has been featured on 20/20 by ABC-TV and Coast To Coast with George Noory. First published in 1995, Hello From Heaven has become a classic on the subject of after-death communication (ADC), a term first coined by the authors.

Bill and Judy Guggenheim have been conducting after-death communication research since 1988. Bill serves on the Board of Advisors of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, is a member of the Association for Death Education & Counseling, and has presented workshops at conferences for The Compassionate Friends, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Association for Death Education & Counseling, In Loving Memory, the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Bereaved Parents of the USA, Parents of Murdered Children, as well as other support groups for the bereaved, hospices, churches and similar institutions devoted to personal and spiritual growth.

WEBSITE: Bill Guggenheim’s website:

TO CONTACT BILLTo contact Bill with questions, visit this page on his website:

Afterlife TV is presented by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson, who is the author of Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death.

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  1. Sharon Snyderburn says:

    Hi Bob,

    Such a fun subject!! I have had some of the 12 types of the after-death communication just within the past couple years. It really started after my grandmother passed in December of 2010. I absolutely love them, and always hope for more! It makes me feel so good and happy to know that my grandmother and dad can contact me ; ) I just laugh and cry with joy! I never would of imagined that they would happen for me! (I hope to someday have a OBE~~not an NDE)

    I don’t know if I would of fully believed people who told me these types of stories in the past, but as of a few years ago when I became interested (almost to an extreme!) in NDE’s and all about the after-life, and then having experiences of my own, I am absolutely a believer!

    Thank you for all of your wonderful interviews!! I am a faithful listener and share it with others who I think would be interested.


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hey Sharon,

      ADCs really are fun and exciting to get. It takes great awareness to recognize them, so good for you for noticing them. I too would love to have an OBE (not an NDE). Maybe someday. Thanks for watching Afterlife TV, sharing your story and sending your comment.


  2. janie manasco says:

    Hi Bob:
    I’m always excited when I get one of your emails that you have a new interview for me to see.! And this was another very good one! thanks, janie

  3. labelledominique says:

    Thanks so much Bob for finally securing an interview with Bill. It was definitely worth the wait. For me, “Hello From Heaven” real textbook on the subject matter of afterlife communication.
    All the best and keep up the wonderful, enlightening work!

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Labelle,

      You’re most welcome. I was beginning to think it was too much trouble for Bill to learn how to use Skype, but he came through and made it happen. I agree that his book is the number one reference on this subject. Thanks for your comment.


      • Masai says:

        Hi Bob! I do not know English well, sorry for possible mistakes.
        Tell me please, Bill’s books about communicating with the deceased, the truth? All the stories of people who are described there are true?
        Many thanks!

        • Bob Olson says:

          Hi Masai,

          Yes, communicating with the deceased is real. I don’t personally know if all the stories in the book are true, but I trust the author, Bill Guggenheim, as a man of great integrity — so I think it’s safe to assume they are true.


  4. Diane Goble says:

    When someone who doesn’t believe in near-death experiences or after-life visitation experiences has one, they don’t rush out and tell everyone about their experience … especially those who use to think that people who said they had them were nuts so if they now had one they must be nuts and they don’t want other people to think they are nuts so they deny it even to themselves! Nuts or possessed by the devil, either one is enough to keep some people from acknowledging their experiences. If truth were told, I’ll bet most people have had some sort of experience that doesn’t fit in with this reality we think of as real.
    Keep up the good work. I always enjoy your interviews.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Thanks Diane,

      I’m sure many people remain silent about their stories for those exact reasons. In time, however, the public will be more and more open to these sorts of things and it might even be commonplace one day. It might take 20, 30 or 50 years, but that’s one of the things I’m working toward.


  5. nooshin says:

    Hi Bob,

    I love the way you ask your questions. AS AN INVESTIGATOR!………During the interview with Bill (or other people that you’ve interviewed),when any question pops in my mind ,there you are asking that question for me. and i love love this.
    please keep doing what you’re doing Bob.helping many people with their griefs including myself..thank you

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi again Nooshin,

      You and I must think alike. I’m glad you enjoyed this interview as well. And I appreciate your comments.

      Warm wishes,

  6. Hannah says:

    Hi Bob,

    The interview with Bill Guggenheim was awesome. I have experienced several of the ADC ‘S since Mom & Dad have passed. Quite frankly, I have never told anyone because I figured they would think I was nuts!! Mom loved coffee & a week after she passed I woke up smelling coffee. Then I realized it was 2:00 am. The week she passed I heard Dad’s voice say thank you. I took it that Dad was thanking me for taking care of Mom after he passed. Now after hearing Bill speak, It’s confirmed I’m not nuts!

    Thanks again Bob

  7. Anton says:

    Hi Bob. I am a scientist (physics and chemistry) and I think I would have never been inclined to believe in anything like the afterlife (and I still find impossible for me to believe in astrology, past lives and others). Nevertheles I inherited my mother’s diary where she describes some experiences that have moved me.
    Since her diary is not in English (it is in Romanian) and since she did not have any idea about these the situation in the the western society, it seems to me very interesting that there are similarities with the data, as described in the western world. I would even like to translate and publish at least parts of her journal.

    The problem is that even though I know she always said and wrote the truth, and she never lied, I still cannot believethat this can be true until I would have a convincing experience with a psychic.
    I live in Mentor, OH (close to Cleveland).

    My first question is: can you recommend me a real psychic? Because I heard about lots of impostors.
    I am a very inquisitive person and I want to be sure that this is true (especially since some parts of this field seems totally far from what I have encountered until now).

    As for my mom’s diary, it is extremely interesting in many ways. Would you reccomend for me a contact in order to help me publish it?

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Anton,

      Well, I’m happy for you that your mother’s diary has led you on this new and exciting journey. I have two websites for locating legitimate psychics and mediums. Be sure you know whether you want a psychic or a medium. (Mediums communicate with spirits.) Those sites are 1) (my personal recommend list) and (over 700 psychics and mediums listed by state or country where you can read public reviews about them).

      As for publishing your mother’s diary. I recommend that you read more about what is required to get published. That’s not my expertise. A good resource for writing a book proposal can be found here:

      Warmest regards,

  8. JoAndra says:

    Hi, Bob!

    How are you? As for myself, I’m enjoying the company of a loved one and I’m very happy when he comes through. I sometimes see him and hear him and other times just hear him in my head, very clearly. Unfortunately, some people (of the living) think I’m weird, but I really don’t care. The only thing that is unfortunate is the fact that they’re blocking out any communications that are trying to get through to them from the afterlife. Well, I continue talking with my loved one on a regular basis (mostly on his terms).
    When I’m in the kitchen at work, a spirit from the late 1880s likes to play with the light and the automated paper towel roll. I tell him (when I don’t see him, but I feel his presence) “A simple Hello will do!” His name is Sid and he passed when he was just 38. As from what I have gathered, he died in the house my mom and her sisters and parents would later live in. When Mom was 27, she married and moved into the house in which she and I now live in. Her childhood house was torn down and now there is a park. Apparently, Sid took it upon himself to move in with us and he kind of liked it. Now he’s at work with us (Mom and myself).
    Never once did my mom think it was all my imagination. She has experiences, too, which kind of helps the credibility.
    I want to give you, Bob, a big thank you for your interviews about the afterlife. It’s been a huge plus in my life as well as others.

    Take care,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi JoAndra,

      That’s a cool story. Very nice that you have this relationship with Sid. Thanks for sharing with us.


  9. Joseph says:

    Dear Bob,

    I’ve visited the Guggenheim’s web site since its introduction to the internet back when I was still on dial up internet! A long time ago indeed! I came across your site on a link on the Guggenheim’s site.

    Bob, both you and the Guggenheim’s have done so much by shedding light on ADC’s and NDE’s, etc. Your professionalism, intelligence and relentless pursuit on this subject matter has offered a wealth of information while providing comfort and assurance that our loved one’s have really never left us. This is so important for most people to understand. And my personal experiences have permitted me to unlock my once closed mind and feast on a bigger, more complex realm of existence.

    I developed an inquisitive desire to better understand after death communication following the death of my father in 1996.
    The unique events that occurred shortly after my father’s passing all consisted of the manipulation of two television sets in our house and one occurrence that wasn’t device related. One television set was only a month old and the other television set was five years. The day after my father’s passing, while my family was watching the newer television set in the evening, unexpectedly the sound volume on the television set spiked to maximum volume on its own volition. We were all stunned by this since no one was near the television set to tough the volume and the remote control for the TV was on a coffee table and not touched. A possible fluke with the new TV I thought, perhaps? Two evenings later after my father’s passing the other TV set in our home, that was about five years old, in my brother’s bedroom, did the same exact thing with the volume spiking to a maximum volume in an instant. The TV set in my brother’s bedroom used to belong to my father when he had in in his room. I still have my father’s TV set and it works just fine to this day. We never had any problems with it, the same with our other set that lasted for thirteen years.

    The next occurrence that my brother and I witnessed after my father’s passing was pretty amazing, it happened around the fourth day of my father’s passing. It was a little after midnight and my brother and I were watching TV in our family room, and in a split second, a flash of golden white light lit up the dimly lit family room. The duration of the flash of light was similar to that of an electronic camera flash but much, much brighter. All of our window coverings were drawn so there is no way that light source could’ve come from outside. And our family room is in the back of the house, too.

    My family knew now that there was something unexplainable occurring since nothing like this ever happened in our home while my father was alive, nor did it ever occur again after the flash of light occurrence. I searched and searched attempting to find a rational answer for what occurred, but I ended up exhausting all rational possibilities and came to the conclusion that my family and I experienced a from of after death contact.

    My father passed on in his own bedroom in our home. He died from complications of kidney and brain cancer at the age of 70. My father’s death was the first death of a family member that I experienced. The emotional intensity of a family member’s death is beyond severe. My family and I (especially for me since I tended to be a nonbeliever in the past) are very fortunate to have experienced this form of after death contact.

    I’m pleased that the awareness of after death contact is growing and that more people are comfortable in discussing their experiences.

    Let me just extend my gratitude once again and thank you, Bob and Bill and Judy Guggenheim for all of your tireless efforts in bringing forth the validity of this intriguing and exciting subject of after death contact and related paranormal material.

    Most Graciously,


    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Your words warm my heart. Thank you for being so thoughtful to write and for sharing your personal experiences with me. They are amazing. I will email Bill with your message, and I’m sure he’ll pass it along to Judy, as well.

      My warmest wishes to you and your family,

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I read your book right after my mother passed away. I have had many many spirit communications, even with Mom,. Love your book it’s good to know i’m not going insane.

  11. Carrie says:

    Hi Bob! I have a great ACD story to share with you that occurred while I was getting ready to watch this video. The day before, I had had a reading with Bee Herz.. It was a general reading and not one involving mediumship. At one point, I did ask her if she could reach out to my mother in spirit but she explained we didn’t have time as she had to meditate about 15″ to be able to connect with the spirit world and I understood, so we continued on.

    The next morning, I was settling in to watch this video and I started hearing musical notes. As I listened, I realized it was coming from a music box that’s sitting inside a curio cabinet in another room that I had given my mother for Mother’s Day years ago. It had set silent for years. I have never wound and played it since Mom’s passing. It played for at least a minute on it’s own before it stopped.

    I guess my mother had wanted to come through with Bee and couldn’t, so she was bound and determined to come in that next day while I was watching a video called “Hello From Heaven”. And the music box playing was an absolute perfect sign and way to say hello from Heaven!

    Mom’s spirit has always been around me. In life, she had been a smoker and I hated her cigarette smoke and she knew it. So when she passed, for the first five years or so, I would get a supernatural sense of cigarette smoke around me in impossible places, like my office at work. I would always acknowledge her when I ‘smelled’ the smoke and it was a constant, daily event.

    Then over time, it stopped but was replaced by dreams of her. She started coming almost nightly in dreams. We were usually sitting at her kitchen table, chatting about everyday things, just like we did when she was living. Just casual conversation. In one dream, she was talking about a wonderful goat cheese she had recently tried and wanted me to try it too, but got frustrated because she couldn’t remember the name of it!

    Then one morning I awoke right after one of these nightly visits and said to her in my thoughts that she was starting to drive me crazy with all of these nightly chatting dreams. Well, the dreams stopped. Completely stopped. Maybe I hurt her feelings. So I invited her back and told her that I missed the dreams so she does come back occasionally but not often.

    I shall continue to ask for her presence to be made known in whatever way she can and I’m always aware, noticing the signs. It’s comforting and I so welcome them.

    Thanks for all of the great work that you do! I am a huge fan of yours. Please keep up the great work.

    Kindest regards,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Carrie,

      What a wonderful story, or should I say stories. Another guest of mine, Dave Kane, talked during his interview about a music box going off as a sign from his son in spirit. That’s pretty amazing that spirit can do that. And the dreams of your mother are pretty cool too, especially how they stopped after you spoke to her about it (then started again when you asked). So much good stuff here. Thank you for sharing this.

      My best wishes to you and your mother.


      • Sarah Freas says:

        Hi Bob,
        I received a message from my son Asher today through a snow globe music box that belonged to his sister. Just as I was texting my daughter, his sister, I heard a faint click from the living room and the snow globe music box, played 5 notes. The music box was stored in a box in a closet andhad not been wound in years. This was just 2 days after the family gathered to celebrate his 30th birthday on Dec 11 and 7 days before the 2nd anniversary of his passing.
        Warmest wishes,

        • Bob Olson says:

          Hi Sarah,

          That’s awesome. What a gift! Thank you for sharing. I love it.


  12. Melissa says:

    Hi Bob,
    I really appreciate all the work you have done here. I have been doing a lot of personal research on this subject since my 14 year old son passed away this past October and you have saved me a lot of time! I did have an ADC from my son, it was about 10 in the morning and I was on an airplane flying north for his funeral about a week after he had passed. His voice sounded like he was sitting next to me and in my son’s voice I heard “It’s okay Mom”, I was wide awake just staring blankly at the back of the airplane seat when it happened and I looked around to see if my family members had just heard what I heard and it did not appear they had, so I didn’t say anything until later. I also got this feeling of what I can only describe as euphoria/peacefulness that went down my spine and radiated across my shoulders and down my arms. The feeling lasted about 3 minutes then went away and I felt horrible and empty again.

    It was only after I got back from the trip and started reading about this type of “communication” that I found out that it has happened to other people… I have since taken up meditating and have tried to recreate the conditions of the day with no success. Do you have any suggestions on how to initiate this type of contact? I haven’t read “Hello from Heaven” yet, but I wonder if you or the author has a theory on why ADCs typically seem to happen only one time and not on a regular basis. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Thank you again for all of your research effort and hard work here! It is very helpful to those of us who want to have a true understanding and connection with the afterlife.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Melissa,

      So sorry to learn of your son’s passing. That was quite a wonderful gift to experience those ADCs–one, his voice saying “It’s okay Mom,” and two, the feeling of peace and euphoria he shared with you (I believe he was trying to show you how he feels where he is now).

      I agree that it would be wonderful if ACDs were more common. However, we (as souls) experience a physical life because life here isn’t that way. So much of our experience here is about learning to trust and to get in touch with our spiritual selves. That’s part of the human challenge–to recognize that there is so much more to life and death than what we perceive using our five senses.

      I do believe that what you’re doing is the best way to accomplish what you’re seeking. Although I’m guilty of not meditating regularly, I’ve seen the amazing results that a daily meditation practice can have on people. Many people have become mediums, psychics, and channels unintentionally simply because they committed to meditation. It trains our physical body (and mind) to link with the spiritual dimension, which isn’t some other place–it’s right here with us now. Most of us just can’t connect with it because we don’t really try. But if there is a way to train ourselves to link with the spiritual dimension, it’s through meditation. Keep it up and be patient (and persistent), and report back on your results in the future. I’d love to hear about your progress.

      My warmest regards,

  13. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for your reply! Have you ever visited any of the mediums at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida or would you consider doing so? I live close by and was considering visiting. Raymond Moody also has a method for after-death communication, do you know much about it? I will definitely report back to you on any progress I make. I just ordered some books, some endorsed by you. I am also attending a conference in April and some of the people you have interviewed will be there as speakers. Thank you again for all of your hard work here!
    Thank you,

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Melissa,

      I’ve been to Lily Dale, New York’s Spiritualist community (I’m told it’s similar to Cassadaga). And I’m familiar with Raymond Moody’s psychomanteum, but I’ve never experienced it. Thanks for checking in. I hope you enjoy your conference in April.


  14. Laurie says:

    Hello. I have been researching afterlife on my own since the passing of my beloved son in October of 2012. He was 28 and someone ran him on his own motorcycle in his own lane. We are still in the court process but it is at a halt because the girl who killed him never showed up.

    My question for you is if you have considered doing a show on premonitions on death? My son knew he was going to die. I was with him when he got his first “notice” of certainty. I have always felt protective over him though…perhaps a certain “knowing” at a soul level.

    He was exceptionally kind and generous to all he met. The week before he passed was full of oddities. The most prominent conversation being on the Saturday before the accident (Wednesday) when he told me directly, “His life was going to be short”. I even had a number pop into my head. Unfortunately this conversation was wiped from my memory for a time until after the accident occurred (I am mad about). When he told me this, the room we were in felt different…I cannot explain other to say like we were not quite “here”. I have also had experiences with clairaudience…I did not know what this was. I also felt for a time I was going to be the one to die and am devastated it was him instead.

    The only book I have found that touched on some of this was Mark Irelands, Where the Dead Go.

    I am still puzzling this out…too many experiences to write about..but NONE of this fit with the belief system I had…and I am still sorting through. And yes, at some level I feel responsible. Like I should have acted on this vague knowledge somehow…

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Laurie,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry to learn about your son’s passing. I talk about things in my new book that I think will benefit you a great deal, but not specifically about premonitions as you describe. I talk more about the timing of death and how that works. In brief, I don’t believe there was anything you could have done to prevent your son’s passing. I come from the belief that when it’s time to go, we go. Even if our free will changes one opportunity for our exit here to go home, there are many opportunities in the near future–especially if you drive a motorcycle. You don’t have to take my word for it, but I would let those thoughts of feeling responsible in some way go. Your son doesn’t want you to shoulder that weight, and I truly don’t believe you could have done anything.

      I’ll keep the idea in mind for a future show. My best wishes to you.

      & (my book)

  15. Gordon Johnson says:

    Hi Bob,

    I have just finished reading this book called ‘HEAVEN IS FOR REAL’. It’s about a four year old boy who claimed to have died and went to ‘heaven’ and met Jesus. Are you familiar with this book which was apparently written in 2010. It’s all Christian oriented and I have a hard time believing it since it is so focused on one particular religion.

    Any possibility of having these people interviewed?

    Otherwise, I am very much enjoying your website. Keep up the good work!

    All the best,
    Gord Johnson, NIB,CIS.

    • Bob Olson says:

      Hi Gordon,

      I’ve attempted to contact the author for an interview a few times but haven’t received a response. Thanks for your kind words.


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